This blog is for people who love humor, and humor is for people who need to laugh at themselves. We don’t cry with our pains, we laugh at them. We don’t lament with our miseries, we smile loudly at them… Serious people are candidate to stress, heart attacks, and a prospective resident to mental hospital. You may not agree with me, you may be angry with me but I don’t. I just laugh at you instead and the whole world will follow.Why don’t you laugh with me instead? 

Hey guys let me take your picture with my digital camera. Okey smile, one-two-three… lightning! Yes, lightning in Filipino is Kidlat, so the name Barangay Kidlatan, the one and only Lightning Village in the world. Get hit with our humor but please don’t get hit by a lightning. Welcome your “excellencies” all over the world.

(Notice: This blog is not related in anyway to a superhero with similar name. Kapitan Kidlat is not the super hero, he is only a barangay captain of a village somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.)

Waiver: We are not responsible for any reaction posted here in any of the pages and posting. They are only the opinions of our blog visitors but not necessarily our own stand.



  1. hello, kidlatan!
    salamat po sa pagbisita sa crumb trails

  2. you are welcome po. sana palagi kayo dito sa aming village. may green card na kayo kaya anytime na gusto ninyong pumunta dito libreng-libre kayo. thanks.

  3. Halo.
    Thanks for making it all the way to my site. :’)

  4. Thank you too for coming over meltarisa. I hope you will always find time to come here and share some of your thoughts with us.

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