Posted by: kidlatanvillage | June 11, 2012

The Pacquiao-Bradley Fight; A Different Perspective

Bradley may have won the welterweight championship belt against Manny Pacquiao in a split decision by the judges in what Bob Arum described as  “crazy” and “unfathomable” but millions of Pacquiao fans all over the world declared him the “real winner.”

Disappointed boxing fans all over the world suspect  the fight was rigged for “business sake.” The judges unfairly gave the championship belt to Timothy Bradley at the expense of the title holder Manny Pacquiao.

The automatic rematch by November was also perceived as intentional to enable boxing promoters to make more money (should Bradley be the winner?).

Were the outraged fans and boxing analyst right in their suspesaying so?

A few days before the most awaited championship bout in Las Vegas, boxing analysts had predicted and early round knock out by Pacquaiao (probably 3rd to 6th rounds at the most) against Bradley. But the challenger Timothy Bradley proved them wrong and the boxing match went 12 rounds.

And  how did the judges score the fight? Judge Jerry Roth (115-113) scored the fight in favor to Pacquiao while C.J. Ross (115-113) and Duane Ford (115-113) gave it to the American. The crowd however erupted in boos in disagreement to the decision in a contest which the Filipino boxer had been perceived to dominate.

Why did Bradley survived Pacquiao strong punches and even brawled most of the time with the champion? While some do not consider this as a factor, many believed the Pacman is no longer in his usual form when he fought Juan Manuel Marquez and the Timothy Bradley. His footwork slowed down a little bit and that his age is slowly coming up against his power, speed, and agility. He landed strong combinations on the face of Bradley but the younger boxer stood his ground and valiantly traded with punches round after round. Bradley came prepared for the fight, he was not an easy opponent, and even upgraded his skills, power, and speed. But above all that, Bradley remained focus and so courageous that he refused to be intimidated by the Pacman.

One boxing analyst interview in a radio-television network had a different view on the results of judging. He said the judges honestly scored the fight and no attempt to rob Manny Pacquiao of his belt. It is just that there were a lot of close fights where the judges have to carefully evaluate who really had the better shots from their vantage poin not necessarily on the television camera. It is here where they ruled Bradley had a slight edge against the pound for pound king.

Well, I personally do not know who is really telling the truth, but one thing is sure, Bradley is not and easy opponent as Pacquiao said in various interviews when they were promoting the fight. And Bradley just did what Manny Pacquiao said about him, not an easy opponent, and not so easy to knock out.

If Manny Pacquiao could only knock out Timothy Bradley in the earlier round which he aimed to do just to prove that he is still the ring master as he used to be. But let us also admit on the other hand, younger set of boxers are beginning to learn just how Pacquiao moves, punches, and to what extent his punches could sting. Perhaps this is the reason why Bradley learned how to adjust and work against the style and techniques of Manny Pacquiao. This may be the reason why he lasted in the fight and ultimately won the belt.

But even if Timothy Bradley was declared the new welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao still remains the better fighter, the most experienced one, and the real pound por pound king. And this I also believe while waiting for that November rematch.



  1. in a way kasalanan din ni manny pacquiao kung bakit siya natalol
    may pagkakataon nang ma-knock out niya si bradley di pa rin ginawa.

    pero baka totoo naman ang sabi ng iba nagkakaedad na si Manny at medyo humina na siya gayon din iyong dati niyang galaw at pagka-agresibo ay di naipamalas sa labanang ito.

    ano kaya ang dahilan?

    sabi ng iba kakaibang bradley daw itong nakalaban niya ngayon, handang-handa at may baon na lakas at isa pa basang-basa daw niya ang mga galaw ni manny. ako man din ay humanga sa tatag ng mukha nito na kahit nirarapido pa ni manny ng suntok ay di pa ring bumibigay. nahilo ng kauntin pero iyong lang. kung bakit kasi di pa siya tinuloyan ni manny.

    para makita na lang sa re-match kung totoo ngang may ibububuga si itim

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