Posted by: kidlatanvillage | May 4, 2011

Did Pakistan Hide Osama Bin Laden?

Osama Bin Laden is gone, now buried under the sea. US finally achieved its goal to get the terrorist and make him answer for his crime and to thousands of people that perished during the 9-11 bombing.

But Pakistan, a US ally and partner in hunting Bin Laden, had been unaware of the presence of the terrorist and criminal in its back yard.

This one from the Associated Press and I quote:

“U.S. legislators along with the leaders of Britain and France questioned how the Pakistani government could not have known the al-Qaida leader was living in a garrison town less than a two-hour drive from the capital and had apparently lived there for years.

“I find it hard to believe that the presence of a person or individual such as bin Laden in a large compound in a relatively small town … could go completely unnoticed,” French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told reporters in Paris.

“British Prime Minister David Cameron also demanded that Pakistani leaders explain how bin Laden had lived undetected in Abbottabad. But in a nod to the complexities of dealing with a nuclear-armed, unstable country that is crucial to success in the war in Afghanistan, Cameron said having “a massive row” with Islamabad over the issue would not be in Britain’s interest.”

U.S. officials have suggested Pakistani officials may have known where bin Laden was living and members of Congress have seized on those suspicions to call for the U.S. to consider cutting billions of aid to Pakistan if it turns out to be true.”

BUT as far as the Pakistanis are concerned there completely unaware Bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad. Instead of making and explanation, Pakistan criticizes the US for breaching the country’s sovereignty.

Pakistan denied the allegation it is harboring a terrorist and  number fugitive in the world like Bin Laden. “President Asif Ali Zardari denied suggestions his country’s security forces may have sheltered bin Laden, and said their cooperation with the United States helped pinpoint him.”

The US however bows to continue cooperating with Pakistan in its war against terrorism despite such issue. Pakistan needs  US for its arms, and US needs also Pakistan to get rid of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.



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