Posted by: kidlatanvillage | March 16, 2011

Is Gaddafi Winning Against the Rebels?

He calls the rebels as rats and dogs and his loyalist troops have gained the momentum to retake various territories formerly on the hands of the rebels since the revolution started February 17. Now Gaddafi and his loyalists are celebrating after retaking Zuwarah, Zawiya, Brega, and probably Ajdabiya as of this time.

Using airpower, tanks, rockets, and even boats that pounded rebel positions for hours and and hours without let up are now about to lose the last major line of resistance before zeroing in to Benghazi.

Rebels put up a vigorous defence of Ajdabiya only to lose control of large parts of the town which includes the strategically important coastal road.  With the Pro-Gaddafi Forces advance ,  the road now is open to Benghazi which is 90 miles away. Although  as reported there are still pockets of resistance  and intenes fighting was going on.

Now that Muammar Gaddafi’s forces apparently demolished the last major line of resistance before zeroing in to Benghazi which is the heart of the uprising, is the Libyan revolution  facing collapse? “The battle is lost. Gaddafi is throwing everything against us,” said a rebel officer only known as General Suleiman when interviewed by an international media covering the  uprising.

Is there a way to reverse the possible defeat of the revolution?

Turning the tide of victory is now on the side the Gaddafi’s side. This used to be on the hands of the rebels on the early days of the uprising. As the rebels where within the striking distance to Tripoli, Gaddafi had chosen to fight instead of fleeing away Libya. He re-planned his battle and strategy and found the vulnerability of the rebels who lacked military training and discipline through land and areal bombardment. As reported, he is winning grounds and probably wins against the uprising.

That’s the reason why the Libyan Revolutionary Council is asking the International Community for an air cover. But even if France has already recognized the Council as a representative of the Libyan people and cut his diplomatic ties with the Gaddafi’s regime, there is no-fly zone that has been put into effect. Even if the US, UK, and NATO are vocal about kicking out Gaddafi from power, no military action nor arms support extended. This in itself emboldened Gaddafi to hold on to power and bury the rebellion.

But as thousands of people have been killed and massacred by the regime at the start of the uprising, and as thousands of people flee into Egypt for fear of their lives once Gaddafi has succeeded in quelling the rebellion, the UN would finally give in to the request for a no-fly zone that could be preceded by the re-arming and resupplying of the rebels of war materials by sympathetic Arab Nations through Egypt.

Meanwhile the rebel has to regroup and re-think of their battle strategies. With limited weapons and a rag-tag of battle inexperience army of youth and people who have nothing else but faith and the will to fight to gain freedom, a convention warfare and confrontation is impossible with the more armed and well-trained forces of Gaddafi. As suggested by some Arab military experts,  the rebel should go more on guerilla warfare tactics ambushing thinly spread Gaddafi’s troops as they resupply loyalist troops already positioned on former rebel  held territories.

There is no assurance the rebels could reverse imminent defeat, neither Gaddafi’s forces could win against the rebel. There is one thing for sure, a stalemate that could drag on for some period of time till one prevails over the other. But whoever wins, there is nothing but being on the side of the majority of the people.



  1. If rebellion in Egypt is hurt, Egypt democracy could also be hurt? There is reason to believe on this.

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