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Nonito Donaire and the EDSA People Power Celebration

The Filipino Flash

Nonito Donaire Jr. is  not called the Filipino Flash for nothing. After stopping Montiel with a devastating left hook to the temple he is now both a World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) bantamweight title holder. Not only that, this 28-year old Filipino champion now ranks No. 3 in the Ring Magazine’s pound-for-pound list of which the Pacman is in the number 1. Thanks to that sensational knockout win over Montiel.

By the way, Floyd Mayweather Jr. who remains immaculate on his boxing record up to this time (not losing to anybody because he doesn’t want to face Manny Pacquiao) is in the number 2. To people who think wild like me, the possibility for a Mayweather-Donaire bout is not a remote possibility. I am of the belief also that the Filipino Flash (Donaire) is that courageous enough to face Mayweather. I hope he may not be the coward to avoid the Flash as he avoided the Pacman.

As many boxing analysts believe, Donaire is on his way to become the next Manny Pacquiao. He speaks better English and perhaps he will also be the next Filipino boxer to have a Dinner with a US President in the White House. He has a long way to go and a very bright future in boxing as Bob Arum believes. My only wish (a selfish one?) is that he should not mix boxing and politics once he reached that level where Pacman is now. I hope he will be an educator or a motivational speaker to inspire young people to go and work hard to reach the summit of their dreams.

EDSA People Power 1 (the original)

This is now the 25th anniversary of  People Power 1 (the original) but what is there to celebrate with our sinking economy, widespread poverty of the majority of the Filipinos, and the unabated magnitude of graft and corruption in the country. But while others entertain such perspective, I personally find it too that it’s cruel to say there’s nothing we gained from the People Power 1. First, our freedom and democracy and second, the world’s admiration to the Filipinos’ will to get rid of a system that curtails press freedom and emboldens violation of human rights.

But since then we have never gain the dreams of millions of people who rallied behind the original EDSA People Power revolution. We still experience human rights violations today, graft and corruption in the government stills continues (of greater magnitude as well), and poverty and unemployment problems have  become worst ever since. The economy could hardly take of as we are now left by our neighboring countries in Asia and the Pacific.

That is probably the reason why Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos (son of the former President Marcos) is saying that had it not been of the EDSA People Power revolution we could have been another Singapore (one of the highly developed countries in Asia). While I do not completely agree with the good Senator, it is undeniably that there were so many developments and economic gains too achieved during the Marcos years in power.

Nevertheless there is still a strong reason to celebrate people power. Look what is going on now in the middle East? Two overstaying leaders went down from power because of people’s peaceful revolt similar to that of EDSA People Power 1. It’s the Filipino’s legacy to quest for freedom and pursue their democratic ideals.

So, as Nonito Donaire has been congratulated as the undisputed bantamweight boxing champion of the world, let us also say Mabuhay to the Filipinos who are the Champion of Democracy and People Power in the World.



  1. People power? Viva for Egypt. A job well done.

  2. 25 years after the first EDSA people power nothing has changed. Same old banana.
    No wonder some people call RP Banana Republic. I love bananas, they are good for health. But a banana republic that is laden with corruption and human right abuses is a dreaded disease that is a nightmare to every living Filipino today. EDSA celebration? Go ahead, prepare for the 26th’s celebration. But as years go by, the poor are getting poorer as the rich are getting richer.

  3. BTW one of the Filipino’s way to fame and riches is boxing. Why not incorporate in our curriculum (from primary to tertiary level) boxing as a subject or a course? LOL

  4. Ay, may issue daw yata kay Nonito tungkol sa hinihinging pera ng kanyang erpats. Dapat daw ay suportahan naman niya ang kanyang dad. Pero, ayun sa balita ayaw nanam daw ni Nonito dahil ibibigay lang daw nito sa kanyang (erpat’s) girlfriend. Talaga nga naman kapa sumisikat na ang tao, may kaakibat na intriga sa personal na buhay. Hehehehe

  5. Ano na naman itong pangugulo ng erpats ni Nonito, kinasuhan daw niya ang pobreng boksingerong anak ng libel?
    Bad, bad, thing a father can do to a boxing champion son.

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