Posted by: kidlatanvillage | February 13, 2011

Angelo Reyes is no Saint but Senate Just Made him a Hero

I was talking to a friend about the tragic death of former defense secretary Angelo Reyes. My friend has never been satisfied with the Gloria’s administration nor the Erap’s aborted administration. But when it comes to Angie Reyes, walang masamang tinapay (no rotten bread). He is not even an admirer of the good general. My good friend only knows  what is a  fair play and good justice.

“Angelo Reyes is no saint but the Senate just made him a hero,” he said?


“Come on pare (my friend), can’t you see the influx of support and sympathy going to the bereaved family every hour of the day? Why? He died trying to save the very institution he served as a soldier, his honor and dignity as a warrior, and foremost his beloved family.”

There is a little sadness in his eyes.

“You admire the guy,” I asked him.

“You know the answer my friend,” his answer.

He briefly looked at me and wipe his tears.

“If I were in his shoes, I would do the same. It could have been me. Too bad we only learn our lessons when we lose somebody. Sabihin man sa iyo na “you have no honor.” I hope this will be an eye opener to all our politicians and legislators.”

“Tama ka diyan pare (you are right my friend). Hindi bale binigyan naman siya ng full military honors sa kanyang burol at libing (it’s okay he was given a full military honor in his wake and burial) Not only that he will be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (heroes graveyard).

He just left me without saying a word.




  1. kap,
    A portion of Angie Reyes’ final words as quoted from the Philippine Investigative Journalism posted at

    “Honor, truth, justice. Honor above all else. Pride goes with it, self-respect, sense of legacy. This is very, very important to me. Sometimes, I am accused of being arrogant. I like to have plenty – a healthy sense – of self-esteem. I react to affronts on this.

    There are two options available: to stonewall/fight the legal battle, or to come clean and make my own contribution to cleanse the system.

    Stonewalling, I am told, would result in a long, protracted legal battle. However, past cases are not being resolved either way, kept in state of limbo. People’s memories are short and all this will eventually fade into public disinterest, and eventually oblivion. So, not to worry.

    Coming clean, on the other hand, cannot be done without giving up something. I have decided to come clean, bare my heart and speak the truth. The truth can cut two ways: 1. If you are guiltless, you can embrace the truth and hope that it will protect you; 2. If you are not guiltless, speak the truth and it shall set you free.

    I speak the truth not to whistle-blow or to seek neither immunity nor protection nor to escape from any form of liability. As a matter of fact, I speak the truth to accept responsibility for whatever liability I may have.

    Honor is above all else. More valuable than freedom or even life itself. Therefore, honor must be guarded/defended with your life.

    Living life without honor is a tragedy bigger than death itself.”

    Yes Kap, Angie Reyes is no saint as there are people who dislike him and perhaps even hated him. But as he is laid to rest now like a hero, there one lesson he left; there is no substitute for honor and dignity. Telling him he has no honor in the Senate… see what he has done.

  2. the philippines is a country of many great pretenders. be wise not to be mislead. that is why this nation has been overtaken by its neighbor countries. happy valentines to all. i agree with you make love when you are really hot.

  3. Kap, nakatapak ka na ba sa White House? Talo ka nina Pacman at Jinky, hehehe

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