Posted by: kidlatanvillage | February 4, 2011

Lacson is Free; Back to Senate Soon?

What Lacson’s warrant of arrest has been lifted and now a free man again? Yes Virginia, Senator Panfilo Lacson has been cleared of a 2 murder cases by the  Court of Appeals (CA)  in connection with the Dacer-Corbito double murder case. Thanks to an 80-page  resolution penned by Justice Ramon Bato, Jr. of the special 6th Division granting the petition for certiorari (review) and prohibition filed by Lacson to annul and set aside the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Manila Branch 18’s orders dated February 4, 2010 and July 23, 2010 finding probable for the issuance of warrant of arrest against the senator.

The court did not find former police officer Cezar Mancao  as a “credible and trusthworthy witness.” The decision cited inconsistencies and material contradiction which tainted the credibility of Cezar Mancao and the veracity of his statements.

“Under oath, he contradicted himself on material poiznts. Inconsistencies and material contradiction affect the credibility of Cezar Mancao and the veracity of his statements,” the decision read.

“There are facts and circumstances admitted by Cezar Mancao showing beyond a penumbra of doubt that extraneous factors or other persons may have influenced him in the preparation of his affidavit dated February 13, 2009 thereby diluting the veracity and trustworthiness of his statements implicating petitioner as a co-conspirator in the Dacer-Corbito murder,” said in the decision.

The CA’s decision is not final and executory yet as this could still be appealed too within 15 days after the promulgation. Lacson camp however is confident that the ruling is already executory not unless the CA reverses its own decision.

With this development there is no reason for the former PNP Chief to continue go into hiding. Pretty soon he will come out from his lair and finish his term as a senator.

Lacson is no non-sense senator and it is expected that he could contribute much to the on-going investigation of corruption in the AFP by the Senate. Lacson has always been known of his exposes on corruption by the previous administration.

But whether Ping Lacson will come out soon is still vague at this point in time. A guy like Ping Lacson is cautious in his every move and does not usually rush on everything. But as many observers believe Lacson will certainly come out when the weather is clear.

When can we see you again in the Senate Ping?



  1. Lacson is a very cautious man. He knows the DOJ is out to get him. Just wait and see. One thing is sure Lacson is now itching to participate in Senate investigations.

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