Posted by: kidlatanvillage | December 9, 2010

Noynoy’s Dilemma, the Truth of the Matter

After the Supreme Court nullified P.Noy’s much heralded Truth Commission, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima could not help but expressed disappointment to the decision of the highest court of the land (SC) which she tagged as “shows characteristics of a political decision.” Whether she is expressing a fact or her own perception of the matter, the truth is the Supreme Court did not just nullify without a solid constitutional basis.

Among president’s Aquino’r deliverables during his term is to bring his predecessor, now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and her cohort before the bar of justice for perceived corruption and abuse of power. The vehicle concieved for such objective is the creation of the Truth Commission to run after the perceived crime of the Arroyo’s administration.  But then the  high court, voting 10-5,  blocked P.Noy’s way by nullifying Executive Order 1 (EO 1) that created the Truth Commission.

The co-equal branch of the government has spoken for Gloria’s delight and Noynoy’s disappointment. Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of Pampanga has all the reasons to be happy celebrating  Christmas. So is Justice Secretary Leila de Lima correct in saying that  former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo packed the Supreme Court with appointees who will help her get off the hook for alleged anomalies during the 9 years she held the highest position of the land?

But as far as the Supreme Court is concerned there is nothing irregular with the decision,  holding EO 1 as unconstitutional. According to SC spokesman Jose Midas Marquez (as reported),  “the court is not ruling in favor or against any party, but is merely applying the provisions and principles of the Constitution, which is in accordance with the Court’s mandate and responsibility and the rule of law.”

Even if the highest court nullified Executive Order 1, PNoy however vows to continue pursuing probe on Gloria’s scandals and alleged crimes despite congressman Diosdado “Dato”  Arroyo’s plea to respect the Supreme Court decision and to move on. But how could PNoy succeed if the Supreme Court is not on his side on this particular objective.

No one is above the law; not even the Truth Commission. True or False?



  1. Now, PNoy’s supporters and the leftist groups want all the SC justices to resign or else face impeachment in Congress.

    Ito naman si Davide panay na panay ang banat sa mga taga SC kesyo naaayon din daw sa batas iyong pagbuo ng (Davide’s?) Truth Commission.

    At ano naman ang sinasabi ng iba, pang-PR lang daw ni Noynoy iyang truth commissionl.

    Haaayy talagang magiging malamig ang Pasko ni Noynoy. Unti-unti pa man ding nalalagas na ang kanyang buhok. Delikado iyan madali siyang sipunin.


  2. Completely agree! President Panot, este Noynoy’s christmas doesn’t bode well with all these irritants behind him. But wait; baka meron naman siyang kasiping nitong taglamig….

    No one is above the law; not even the Truth Commission. True or False?

    My answer is: Truelse!

    OT: Cocoy’s Delight blog is still breathing helplessly…I made a comment there you might want to discuss or opine about.

  3. Apo Kapitan sir,

    Ngayon lang tayo nakalaya sa rayuma kasabay ng paglayas este paglaya ni Sen Trillanes. I typing with two hands not one hand only already. Aroy ko apo nasakit.

    Sir TruBlue hindi ako naniniwala na malamig ang Pasko ni PNoy. Sabi ni Kris may ka-date na naman siyang bebot, isang mayamang business woman ba?

    Ito lang ha, baka sa kadaldalan nitong celebrity sista ni PNoy baka maudlot na naman iyan kagaya ang nangyari kay miss Uy.

    Biro mo sabihin mo sa isang bebot na payat na payat siya kagaya ni Kim Chui, what do you thinks of her lady skeleton. Panot at Payat, bagay ba?

    Malamig kaya ang pasko niya or may human blanket din siya which we do know not, di ba?

    Truth Commission, now no more. If ever just hopeful and waiting na lang for any any motion for reconsideration to be accepted.

    Ay isa pa, ma’am Mer suporter pala kayo ni Sen Trillanes. Di ngayon pa lang Trillanes for president na kayo?

  4. Manong Haydeenkoi bakit ka ba nagkarayuma, siguro panay kain mo ng litsong kawali at jumping salad. Ingat ka lang ngayong Pasko dahil usong-uso ngayon ang hypertension sabi ni doc.bobonyo. Merry Christmas and a happy new dear lakay, haha.

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