Posted by: kidlatanvillage | November 15, 2010

Congratulations Pacman but…

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao for winning your 8th boxing belt for the welterweight crown. Once again you brought honor to our country, our beloved land the Philippines. While the nation is in full jubilation of your latest achievemen, a lot of people too are asking why you did not knock out Margarito despite seeing him he was about to fall? I remember Muhammed Ali who used to knock out his opponents on the earlier rounds suddenly changed his strategy to prolong the fight and give more rounds for his opponent to get even before he would sentence him to kiss the canvass. Is Manny Pacquiao doing a Muhammed Ali now by becoming so frugal in knocking out his opponents in the ring? Is he deliberately doing this for the entertainment value after all he and Arum will be raking much money for the pay per view television?

Enterviewed by Dyan Castillejos of ABS-CBN several hours after his bout with Margarito, Congressman Pacquiao admitted he was also hurt by the barrages of punches unleased by the Tornado. Margarito cornered him twice and he sustained several punches, the Tornado’s combination however failed to send the Pacman to the canvass. As a consequence Margarito’s face was pulverized by the enormous punches landed their by Pacman. See what happaned to his eyes, I hope this stout hearted Mexican shall be free from permanent eye depect so he will still have a chance to get even with Pacman later. He is too big to knock out said Pacman. But nevertheless he wanted the referee to stop the fight for the sake of Margarito. Margarito needed to fight up to the last round if only to redeem himself. Who wants to be on the long list of  Pacman’s knock out victims? Surviving Pacman’s knock out in effect is already an achievement. Why don’t you ask Joshua Clottey about it?

But,  is Margarito a worthy opponent for the Pacman?  Since the day they signed the contract to break each other’s face in Texas everybody knows Margarito will be a battered kid at the end of the fight. Thanks to the media and Bob Arum, the 5 feet and eleven inches in height Margarito suddenly emerged a Goliath. Manny Pacquiao however is always perceived a David by his speed, tactics, rapid punches, and the entire people of the Philippines behind him to fell him (the Tornado) down before a crowd of 70 thousand expectators in a Dallas Texas stadium. Unfortunately among the prime boxing analysts all over the world, never gave Margarito any chance to win except one wild  lucky (unluckily it wasn’t the case) punch. Margarito  is too slow for the speedy Manny despite the height advantage. Boxing is no basketball anyway where  height is might. But to this blogger, in my humble opinion only, Margarito did not really train hard for the fight or simply not given the right kind of training or strategy for the fight. But Margarito knows too well from the early beginning, he could do nothing to stop Pacman’s lightning strike.

Again, who will be the next best man to beat? The Gayweather will always have an alibi to avoid the Pacman; but the people’s C hamp is quick to say he does not need Mayweather. Who needs Mayweather anyway if there are still hungry and much younger but also talented boxers waiting for their chance? After all the Pacman is not that invincible. Age is fast catching on him, soon those lightning punches will be gone, a new hero will emerge and the Pacman will just be legend and a history.



  1. How much did Pacman win in his last fight with Margarito?
    Several more fights before retirement will bring him more millions of dollars enough to finance himself to run for the next presidential election.
    If there is such a thing as president P.Noy, what about a Pangulong Pacman for the Philippines?

  2. By the way among those who are against having a Pacman for president is Manong Juan Ponce Enrile. A boxer like Pacquiao according to him is not ready for a more complex task like running a nation.

  3. Sorry na lang sa mga pulitiko na nagsusulsol diyan kay Pacman para tumakbong presidente ng Pilipinas. Hoy gising baka naman kayo ay binabangongot na niyan.

    Hindi yata magandang biro na magkaroon tayo ng isang presidente kagaya ni Pacman. He might be sincere to serve the nation but he is not that credible to run a country like the Philippines.

    Boxing is not enough to bring progress to our nation. We need more experienced, sincere, credible, and well educated leaders to lead this nation.

  4. conspiracy theorists are floating stuffs like: most in margarito’s corner bet the fight to go the distance (Antonio the idiot didn’t know this; he was just a proud mehicano not to quit), the referee also had his dough for the fight to go the distance. I agree with preceding statements.

    Floyd the woman/children beater is going to jail where he belongs. Hope he gets convicted.

    Mani’s next opponent could be Shane Mosley.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and cheers as well.

    • Ngayon Marquez wants to make bawi with the Pacman, will he be successful? He just won a bout recently by TKO. Can he make TKO to the Pacman? Hopefully he will go a distance like Margarina, este Margarito. But who cares to lose to the Pacman if it makes your bank account fatter by the millions. Sige bugbogin ninyo si Pacman hanggang kaya ninyo.

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