Posted by: kidlatanvillage | October 23, 2010

Don’t Expect P.Noy to Micro-Manage

As far as Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda is concerned his boss President Benigno Aquino III does not micromanage and is not expected to show up in every photo opportunity unlike his predecessor and perhaps even madam Imelda during the martial law days.

But don’t worry guys, according to Lacierda  Aquino will decide on a case-to-case basis when he will show up in the middle of a crisis. If we are to get him right, P.Noy’s absence during the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) meeting  hours before the super typhoon Juan  made landfall in Divilacan Peak, Isabela does not mean he is not doing anything about the situation. So come president  Noynoy Aquino’s critics it’s about time now to refrain from tagging P.Noy as a sleeping president in view of the tragic Luneta hostage crisis involving tourists from Hong Kong. Don’t even harbor the toughts he woke up late and failed to attend the NDRRMC meeting  because he had a date the night before.

By the way there is no point also of comparing P.Noy’s dedication to duty and function as a president with that of Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera who decided to oversee last week’s rescue of 33 workers who were trapped in an underground mine for more than 69 days for simply not attending the NDRRMC meeting where preparations were made to deal with the possible effect of the incoming super typhoon. The truth according to Lacierda, Aquino was already aware of the preparations for the typhoon that’s why he decided to preside over an important anti-poverty meeting in Malacañang.

But who believes Lacierda’s statement anyway in justifying the president’s inability to attend/preside and see to it that  every detail of the preparations for the coming of super typhoon Juan was in place.

Anyway, as a matter of consolation  according to the president’s spokesperson president Noynoy Aquino visited Isabela province Thursday to see the extent of the damage in the typhoon’s aftermath even if  Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin told him there is no need to go. At least those people in Isabela devastated by the super typhoon will get some hopes working in them after seeing the president around checking on their needs and situation.

Kahit pampalubag loob man lang di ba?


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