Posted by: kidlatanvillage | October 3, 2010

When Unmarried Men Talk About Reproductive Health

What is the common between P.Noy and the Clerics when they talk about reproductive health? They are all single men who have no experience of rearing their own biological children and raising a family. The difference, they vary on their view and stand on reproductive health. P.Noy concessions on reproductive health bends more on the interest of the State, slowing down rapid population grown.  The clerics however are on the side of protecting the rights of the unborn. Unfortunately both are aware on the socio-demographic aspects of poverty and underdevelopment. President Aquino, like any other president who have served this country, knows by heart that the only way to fast track socio-economic growth is to deal with high fertility rate and rapid population growth. 

After the clerics started to make noise and threaten P.Noy’s administration with  civil disobedience  against the president’s stand and  expression of support on reproductive health and family planning, the Catholic bishops are now invited by no less than the president himself to a dialogue on the government’s policy on reproductive health. Is President Noynoy Aquino softening now on his stand?

Women’s rights activists however find it ridiculous for the president to explain his position to the Catholic leaders. According to Clara Rita Padilla of the EnGendeRights “good governance dictates that President Aquino should not dialogue with the Catholic bishops on the government’s policy on reproductive health.” The reason is simple, “meeting  with the bishops erodes the essence of the state and its purpose in upholding secular standards, public health, and human rights.”

We understand the president’s decision to meet and discuss the government policies on reproductive health, he want to secure the support of all to his policies on reproductive health. It is wrong however if the president shall subordinate the interest of the State to that of the demand of the Catholic Church. He should show firmness  as well as determination to bring  the size of our population to the level where our resources could adequately cope up with the needs of the entire  population. It is ironic however to hear people from the religious groups complain about poverty and inability of the government to deal with economic crisis in the country when the same tolerate overpopulation.

So let us give the president the leeway to explain his position to the Catholic leaders after all that’s P.Noy’s way of leadership. But as expected by millions of enlightened and reasonable Filipinos, what P.Noy said remains.

As they say it in Filipino, “ang sabi ng hari ay hindi mapapawi.”



  1. Kap kahit anong gawin pa ng mga pari hindi nila mapipigilan ang paggamit ng contraceptives. Hindi naman nanganganak ang mga pari at mga madre kaya anong malay nila sa reproductive health?

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