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Two Aquino Officials Linked to Jueteng, Is the Priest Telling the Truth?

When retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz disclosed that two officials of the Aquino administration have allegedly been receiving a minimum of P2 million monthly payola from jueteng lords nobody is taking him seriously about it. Many of P.Noy’s supporters dared the good Bishop to name names.

The Bishop however challenged President Benigno Aquino III to stop jueteng in line with his campaign promise of a clean government. But the president is quick to respond too by challenging also the priest  to name the officials involved and provide concrete evidence to back his claims.

Now comes the question, if ever Bishop Cruz revealed the names of these two officials (as he said he will in due time) what will the president do? Will he immediately summon these two officials, form an investigating body to determine if there is truth on what the priest had disclosed before the public. Or will this be one of the  items to be tackled by “his Truth Commission?”

The status of Jueteng now in the country is much “worse than before” according to Cruz. But wait, what is the basis of comparison, GMA’s administration and that of P.Noy’s which is still at the infancy period?

Now people in Congress in the likes of Rep. Casino and   Isabela 1st District Rep. Rodolfo Albano have sounded their interest for the investigation and charging of said officials and their cohorts if there is any strong evidence that warrants it.

As far as Davao City 1st District Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles is concerned, a Congressional inquiry into matter is not a remote possibility. He urged Bishop Cruz however to continue his vigilance on the issue and provide the necessary evidence to be used for any future investigation. So this early, P.Noy’s administration is being probed for montly  Jueteng payola involving his very own officials? If ever it will be a reversal of fortune, it’s Gloria’s time also to join Congressional investigation on the issue of illegal numbers game called Jueteng.

So this early, as the hostage taking issue that put a big black eye on the administration of P.Noy is not yet over, Malacanang came out with a statement again asking retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz to reveal the names of the officials supposedly receiving monthly payola from jueteng lords reminding him that they are all allies against the illegal number game (Jueteng).

But Oscar Cruz stand, as glimpsed from his statements, he would rather see the president act (on the issue) rather than react.

Pero pulitika lang daw ito ayon sa mga taga suporta ng Pangulong Aquino. Posibling pinoprotektahan lang daw ng pari si Sec. Robredo ng DILG  sa maaring pagkakasibak nito sa kanyang posisyon o tungkulin.

Ibig bang sabihin ay gumagawa lamang ng alingasngas ang pari at siya’y nagsisinungaling lamang sa kanyang mga ipinahayag?

Pari nagsisinungaling? Mahirap yatang tanggapin ang ganitong kaisipan.

Pero kailan pa tumigil ang paglaganap ng Illegal na sugal sa ating bansa kagaya ng Jueteng? Kung si Erap ang paniniwalaan ay mahirap daw itong masugpo, pero masusulosyonan sa ibang paraan. Legalize Jueteng ika nga, and the problem is over.

Teka, payag ba dito si Bishop Cruz?

For as long as there is Jueteng, isa lang ang malinaw. Laging sisingilin ng mga tao si P. Noy sa kanyang mga pangako.



  1. There is no other solution to Jueteng but to legalize it. Gambling however is not a morally, spiritually, and socially sound source of income and revenues for the government.

  2. I believe P.Noy is already conducting his own investigation with regards to father Cruz’s expose. In his own word P.Noy said in the TV “pasensiyahan na lang” kapag may nahuli siya?

    Ang hirap nito hangga’t hindi binabanggit ni bishop Cruz kung sino ang mga officials na iyon lahat ng mga cabinet members ni president Aquino ay maaaring pagsuspetsahan.

  3. The priest is sinungaling, no do not judge him like the books.

    I know what the bishop wanted is for the good of the country.

    The problem our public officials have no good manners and right conduct. Many ay pera pera lang kasi puwera the good ones. Good ones not good once ha.

  4. Kapitan sir, hindi pa ako nagpapantalon ay may Jueteng na.

    This gambling is a history from spanish time to President Aquino’s time. How can you controlled it if the people are the ones to patronized it.If the government is really serious to it, then let’s doh it. Start from the above to the the bottom line.

    Ay Apo, Inang berhin, hindi na magkasya ang mga bilanggoan natin sa dami ng mga mahuhuli because it’s many many of our population is huetingize already. Saan kadi? Wen ngarudd manong.

  5. Apo Kapitan major major at general problem dayta. Kayam apo presidente na ipatigil?

    Sana, tapno agbilib kami sa inyo.

  6. Lahat daw ng mga whistle blowers na nagpunta sa Senado ay pinulot sa Kangkongan sabi ni Sandra Cam.

    Nagiingay lang ang ating butihing obispo para umaksiyon naman si Pinoy.

    Saludo po ako kay bishop Cruz kagaya ng iba pang naniniwala sa katapatan ng pari sa kanyang advocacy kontra illegal gambling.

    Ang hirap lang nito maraming tao ang nauumay na rin sa kanya. Pero isang tanong lang, hindi ba natin dapat dakilain ang mga taong may pagmamalasakit sa ating bansa?

  7. Any form of gambling is evil.

    Huwag na nating pahirapan pa ang mga mamayan na iyasa na lang sa sugal ang kanilang kinabukasan.

    Anak ng jueteng talaga.

  8. Ako hinding hindi ako magsusugal sumpa man. Pustahan pa tayo. Hahahaha

  9. People of the world look at the Philippines, the country of beautiful and wonderful people.

    Now our government is trying to solve illegal gambling called Jueteng by reinforcing the Small Town Lottery.

    What is the government trying to achieve here?

    I am afraid in gambling, legal or illegal, the ultimate losers are the people.

    Stop gambling now!!!!

  10. It’s not achievable to eliminate jueteng nor legalize it. Just like smoking and drinking or maybe womanizing. It’s up to the individual to ponder where his life is heading to.

    Gambling is already a culture; but each gambler should learn where to dump his hard earned money. If I have to profess, I’ll admit it in this blog, yes I’ve been a gambler since first year high school. But I’m not addicted to it and certainly I know when or not I can afford it.

    For you and your dedicated disciples and random readers/visitors; here’s some that you need to be aware of and stay away from:

    Jueteng – it’s a fixed game, stay away; a miracle if you win

    Bingo – don’t waste your money here. Another numbers game which is fixed…they have their aso-aso sitting next to you who have the winning cards

    Lucky Nine – cards are marked; face down or up. They might let you win once in a blue moon

    Pusoy/Russian Poker – If you are the banker; ensure no one is looking at your cards regardless if he has money with you, usually small amount. These people have their own signals to communicate your made up cards

    Sabong – this is not quite a clean sport but you are only betting on two avian combatants. It’s your choice which one to pick…you only of course win big by betting big IF you win.

    Jai Alai – it’s mostly fixed but again, there are only two gladiators here….so bet your heart out

    Horse/Greyhound racing – not a clean sports either but you can win big here by just picking numbers, jockeys…who knows you might even pick the horse that was drugged to win

    UFC/Boxing – It’s your choice here again…lots of people made lots of money betting on Pakyaw

    Baseball/Basketball/Football – problems on these sports is point shaving, therefore the logical thing to bet on is money line…i.e. if you like the Lakers to win on any given game, they might be favored to win at odds of -220; meaning you have to bet your $220 to win $100

    Poker – It’s a good game, you need a good capital in this game…or a financier if high stakes game is your forte. I stopped playing this since 2001; reason: I had four queens but got beat by four aces….so unbelievable.

    Gambling is like marriage….you think you hit the jackpot but you married a dyke.

  11. People invent games to bet and win. Jueteng exists because people patronize it. As long as there are willing victims (those playing/betting on this illegal number game) the show goes on. You can stop them in a day or two but they will come back again another day. Gerilya daw ang stayl todits mga tsong mga tsang. Legalize it???? Why not moralize it too so that the Church will be happy to support Jueteng?

    Sabi nga nila, ketchup toyo na lang daw (it’s up to the person) kung tataya siya o magpakatalo-talo sa Jueteng.

  12. Mer what do you mean by evil?

    People don’t see evil for as long as the benefit from evil. In Jueteng manay, wa na iyang isyu ng moralidad for as long as the people are making money to support their families.

    Don’t you know that there are teachers (anywhere in Pinas) who even ask their students to bring their bets to the Jueteng agent/bet collector?

    Ask KapitanKidlat if he ever received Jueteng Payola in his village? If ever did he ever thing evil about it even during the first time he did?

    You know many local officials could easily justify Jueteng operations in their area these days. Many of them deny it. Some are aware but they don’t lift a finger to stop it. They always wash hands like Ponso Pilatos. Like Judas, they always have bags full of golds and silver in their hands.

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