Posted by: kidlatanvillage | February 19, 2010


No doubt he is a very intelligent person, he knows the issues very well as well as the details on the specific measures he intends to apply once elected into office. This is Gibo’s edge over the other candidates. That’s why he always ranks outstanding compared to other  presidential candidates during political debates and forums on all venues ranging from the academe to the business organizations. Sure, Gibo has a very sound platform of government.  Give him a chance to become president and he will pilot this nation to fly high and be great again.

But will the voters elect him to be the next president?

Gibo has a sound economic platform, he aims to raise the country’s annual economic growth by 8% on a sustained basis and raise the per capita income from $1,900 to $3,200 by 2016. By 2018 this will double again.

Here are some of Gibo’s business agenda:

  • Providing financial assistance farmers who will be affected by El Niño (extreme heat and little rain), mechanizing farming processes, and efficiently implementing land reform
  • rewarding business-friendly, environmentally-friendly and managerially-advanced national and local government agencies; and, reforming the civil service process to include non-degree expertise
  • institutionalizing the independence of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, simplifying the tax process and improving tax collection
  • using 100 days of goodwill to attract investors; and building a logical network of long-term infrastructure.


Among other presidential candidates it’s only Teodoro who wants to make public health insurance universal to all Filipinos through mandatory membership to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) according to MBC executive director Alberto Lim.

Basic education is also among Teodoro’s main priority particularly on the provision of some 3 to 5 billion pesos for the educational loan programs of students in the tertiary level. Aside from the provision of efficient schools facilities and learning materials in the public schools, Teodoro wants to increase the number of “bona fide Master’s and Doctorate degree holders” in the Philippines.

If we look only into the candidate’s platform of government he deserves to be elected as the president of this country. The problem, he is perceived as running for the presidency for Gloria and this is a disaster.

But Gibo is not Gloria. Gibo is not running for presidency not for the interest of one but for the entire Filipino Nation. Gibo will not dare sacrifice his position, as the highest elected official of the land, just to protect the interest of one perceived to be corrupt (if they could prove it) and most unpopular president this country ever had.

Gloria’s saya is too much to see on Gibo’s shadow. Gibo could stand alone without Gloria’; he stands taller than Gloria morally and politically. Why bother linking Gibo with Gloria when there is such a thing as Villaroyo this time. Better is Gibo seen as orphaned from Gloria, and better is he not seen holding on to his mama Gloria’s saya. Gibo has much to offer and it would be a great disservice to this land if people, particularly the electorate, keep on seeing Gloria at his face.

I am not a Gibo’s supporter since I am just a plain voter and not linked with any political party. I only look at platforms of government not necessarily personalities and parties. I have nothing against Nonoy, Erap, Manny, Eddie, Dick, and all the other presidential candidates. They all deserve to win as they also have something to offer to save and promote the interest of this nation.

But Gibo has more credible platform, he has the intellect, personality, and experience to lead this nation and redeem its long lost honor and dignity.



  1. Bakit ba ayaw ‘ata ninyong pag-usapan itong paksang ito?

    Hindi naman masagwa kung ‘yung anino ni Gibo habang nakapantalon ay makikita nating nakasaya siya’t kasingtangkad ni gloria, ah.

  2. I’m not losing hope on this guy. His wife has an attitude which can cost him lots of votes however.

    There is one local newspaper in Baguio who did a survey amongst the Prez candidates and he came second to Noy. And with Noy’s descending figures, who knows Gibo could win the Cordilleras and maybe the whole North. Being fluent in Ilocano is also a huge help for Gibo in that part of the islands, as well as some parts of Mindanao.

    Now, he just needs to convince the Visayas and the Bicol region with his platform (concrete or kawayan, hehe) and hope for a positive outcome.

    Furthermore, he slowly but quietly distance himself from Gluerilla Bukingking and be his own man. By doing this, am sure he can sway some dormant minds out there somewhere and prove that he’s the REAL DEAL. Just a thought.

  3. Korek ka diyan TrueBlue. Ako rin, bilib sa kakayahan ni Gibo. I hope people will see more on the merits of his competence rather than his previous association with the Lola.

    The way I look at Gibo hindi siya basta-bastang umuurong sa laban at nagpapatalo. Maraming supporters iyan na tahimik lang ngayon, not necessarily from his party.
    Philippines will fly high with you Gibo.

    Pasakay naman sa iyong eroplano. Inggit lang kayo? Hehehe

  4. Kap, kumosta na kayo ni misis mo?

    Nagtatanong lang kasi sabi ni Mer nakita ka niyang may plaster pa raw sa iyon ilong na tinamaan ng kanyang sapatos, hehehehe.

  5. “Gibo has more credible platform, he has the intellect, personality, and experience to lead this nation…”.

    BUT Gibo also has Gloria! Hahaha!!!

  6. Ako, hindi bilib sa kakayahan ni Gibo na magdesisyon ng tama. Proof? The Maguindanao massacre which if only he took the road less traveled as Defense chief, hindi ganyan na butchered ang nangyari sa civilians. Don’t you ever forget that!

  7. Maaga pa naman Chi. He is working for someone who dictates what he needs to do/or not to do, uto-utosan lang gaya ng mga iba dyan na Generals pa kuno. Gaya ni Ermita na vietnam veteran daw, think he just saw action infront of the post exchanges and commissaries as a PhilCAG, hehe….baka nga di pa marunong bumaril ang lintik na tu.

    Gibo, however, should show more guts in his campaign and slowly move away from Bukingking.
    Agree, he should have shown more of his hard huevos in that Maguindanao incident.

    I still think, at this point he is the legitimate one comparing him with Villar, Noy, Erap, and Flash.

  8. Ako bilang LaSalista naniniwala pa rin sa direksiyon ng plataporma de gobiyerno ni Gibo.

    Sabihin lang niya na break na sila ng lola niya all those “high” popularity ratings of Noynoy ang Villar will dramatically drop.

    Am I asking too much from Gibo?

  9. As SND, Gibo should have put responsibility on himself in managing the defense affairs than receiving orders from the pootah.

    True that the pootah is regarded as the commander-in-chief (daw) of the AFP, but being the one always in front of the soldiers, Gibo should have shown more muscles in implementing orders that would more be beneficial to the interest of the people which the AFP is sworn to protect than the interest of the lying cheat.

    There were times I was about to consider Gibo thinking he might come up as the right one to lead us, but sorry, I can’t really stomach the likes of him who puts his own ambition above the country’s security by associating himself with the most unpopular and unwanted usurper.

    Thanks Chi, for the reminder.

    Anybody but Gibo!

  10. Ako naman I am looking of the future than now. Marahil in the past walang magawa si Gibo having been part of the lola’s cabinet. What lola says lola gets. And Gibo knows pretty well that’s the prize of being on Gloria’s cabinet.

    Now that the lola’s term is about to end, it will be Gibo’s term that shall be followed. Gibo may have realized how difficult it is to gain the confidence of the people being identified with one who is alleged by the public to be corrupt. And Gibo if given the chance will not tolerate being undermined by his previous bossing. He is now the bossing and Gloria can do nothing without Gibo’s approval.
    Gibo will not dare to sacrifice whatever trust the people accorded him once elected. He will remain loyal to the people not Gloria.
    But so far it will be difficult for Gibo to really win in the race, the lola’s saya drags him down, his stumbling block to success.
    If not now probably in some other time Gibo would make it the presidency. He is not yet 70 and he has more years to come to run like Erap and probably be the president in his 70’s. Hehe.

  11. Kaps,

    Bata pa naman si Gibo at tama ka, maaari pa siyang maghintay ng anim na taon. Hindi siya dapat nakipagsabayan ngayon dahil nariyan ang kanyang pinsang si Noynoy na hindi man niya suportahan ay isang masamang pagkilala sa kanilang angkan ang hindi niya pagbibigay daan. Pamilya nga nila hindi sila magkaisa, ano pa kaya ang halos daang milyong Pilipino pa?

    Mayroon mang kasaysayan ng salungatan sa pulitika ang kanilang angkang nagmula pa sa kanilang mga ninuno, hindi ba’t bilang mga edukadong naghahangad maging lider ay magbigay daan sa kanila ang isa upang ang pangit na nakaraang ito ay mabura?

  12. Ako naman, bilang isang mahilig naman sa lista, ang maipapayo ko kay Gibo, sa 2016 ka na lang kumandidato.

    Pramis ko sa iyo, dahil siguradong wala na sa panahong ‘yun si gloria (SLN na, RIP pa), dobleng boto ang matatanggap mo sa akin.

    Ngayon? Teka muna.

  13. I won’t waste my precious vote for Gibo no matter how intellectual he seems to be.

    If he can’t even distance himself from the pootah, what can I expect from him? Too late, if he only had the balls to break-up with Gloria baka sakali pa. Aba, e begging for her endorsement pa e! No proof of beefs, no vote from me.

    At least yung walang alam ay hayagan na sinasabing he’ll go after Gloria’s sins. That’s more important to me because that is the future that will define the business of plunder and corruption in Pinas. Walang justice, walang bansa!

    Gibo presented his plata-porma well and good, no surprise…he’s a Harvardian. And it’s also no surprise for me if students and academician go with him. Ganyang din ang nangyari kay Glolria, PhD daw, hala at sipain natin si Erap, artista lang yan at babaero. The rest is history.

    Tell me who your associates are and I tell you who you are. I go deeper than the impressions made from the stage.

  14. Oh, and with Nikki “presidency or nothing” as first lady… visualize and judge yourselves .

    Under de saya si Gibo, trust me. Dun na lang ako sa may kapatid na ‘sinner at crying-crying’. Madaling patahimikin si Kris. As to Nikki, my niece at Congress tells me so much about the attitude and traits of Gibo’s first lady.

    In short. rejected ko si Gibo at Nikki as the next occupants of the Enchanted kingdom.

  15. Hati din kaming LaSalista sa pagtakbo ni Gibo. Kami na lang nii Segundina nandiyan na daw iyan ipagpatuloy na lang ni Gibo. Pero sa akin naman para saan pa? There is always a next time sana sa next presidential election na siya tumakbo. Everytime na nababanggit iyang si Gloria ay lalo siyang inaayawan ng mga tao.

    Tama si Kap at tito Mags. Sa 2016 na lang.

  16. Tita bagong version iyan a, “sinner and crying-crying.”

    Hala ka Tita ibinuking mo na. Under-standing pala si Gibo. Sabagay iyan daw ang pinakamasarap na posisyon iyong laging nasa loob ng saya dahil nandoon daw nakatago iyong hinating bibingka, hahahaha.

    Ayaw ko na baka saan na naman mapunta, bibingka lang ang sinabi mamaya pagdating ni Segundina may dala na siyang dalawang itlogs at longganiza.

  17. Mer,

    Kaya pala hinahanap ni Kaps ‘yung kanyang miryenda ay merong kumuha at tinago sa loob ng saya.

    Hindi kaya langgamin ‘yung bibingka?

    Matamis ‘yun, eh.

  18. Setting all our biases and prejudices aside, I think the preference is Gibo. Why? All the legitimate presidential candidates have proven track records of graft and corruption to the max and other sinister acts.

    That said; at ET’s blog sometime last year or earlier, most if not all the bloggers and commenters were yelling “kahit baboy o kalabaw na lang ang ipalit ke Gluerilla”, okay na sa akin. That was the prevailing wailing at that time. Di naman baboy or carabao si Gibs – so, Bigo na tayo, errr Gibo na tayo, hehe…..

    At this point though, IF I was Gibs, I’ll do my best darnest acting and “bubulyawan” ko si wifey infront of the media, and tell the whole country that if he wins; kalabuso si Bukingking. Madali namang lituhin ang mga noypis just for Gibs to kiss his Holy Grail.

  19. Just so curious,hindi na pepenetrate ni chameleon Artsee ang blog na tu…..

  20. Ang gusto ay si ET, obsessed sya dun. Read between the lines ng mga bago at present sya dun…nagbibihis nga lang.

    Dito, hindi nya crush si kapitan. Kay Cocoy naman ay patay na patay din sya dahil kambal daw sila ni Cocoy hanggang i-kaput sya sa PI.

    • Si Pareng Cocks kasi parang nagsusuklay palagi, kaya ayun lab na lab sya ni chameleon. Kagaya ko ata si KK, di masyadong nag-bibisngay, hehe…

  21. May katuwaan survey sa internet noong Valentine’s Day. “Sino sa mga presidential candidates ang gusto mong maka-date.?” Ang karamihan ng pinili ng mga girls (at perhaps bading?) ay si Gibo.

    Napa-gentleman at good looking daw siya, and above all ay matalino. He is the type na gusto mong maka-date for intellectual discussion.

    If ever namaging pangulo ito tiyak na marami na namang matsitismis sa kanya tungkol sa mga naging kaugnayan niya sa mga ibang tsikas before and present.

    Learning a lesson from Martial Law, siguro naman hindi maging isang Imelda itong si misis Gibo.

    Having said this, I am not certain if this is the right time for Gibo, our kapwa LaSalista, to run. I mean I am just being practical at the survey results.

    Pero may survey naman na nagsasabi ngayon na umaangat ang credibility rating ni Gibo. But there are only 74 days more to go before election. Can he double time his effort to sell his credibility as a president to the people?

    Sana naman, sayang lang ang pinagpaguran niya. Di ba Segundina dear?

  22. Speaking of presidential candidate’s characters and personalities, kung hindi lang matanda ay si Erap ang pinaka-pogi sa kanilang lahat.

    Sabi ng mga practicum students ko, dapat ang pahabain daw ni Noynoy Aquino ay iyong kanyang balbas. Magpakalbo na lang daw siya at magpatubo ng mahabang balbas. He will look sexy and more macho daw?

    Did Kris and her parlor brigade ever consider this in projecting the image/personality of Noynoy as a graft-busting president?

  23. Panakot sa mga korap, “halaka nandiyan na si Balbas Sarado” referring to Noynoy, hehehe.

    • Kahit anung gawin ni Noy sa mukha, I still laugh by myself gaya nung idol kong si Chiquito. Tingnan mo lang ang litrato, matatawa ka na.

  24. Sorry Mer, malayong-malayo si Gibo sa kanyang pinsan na si Noynoy. Alin kung hindi lang sa mga magulang niya, sino ba naman ang papansin sa kanya?

    Pero huwag na nating pag-usapan pa ang kanyang pagiging panot, iyong kakayahan para maging isang leader ng bansa. HIndi sa porma nakukuha iyan, hindi sa publicity, hindi sa endorsement ng mga artista kundi sa talino, experience, at integridad. All of the above nandiyan na kay Gibo.

  25. GMA is Gibo’s liability to people who only looks at GMA as the alleged corrupt leader. But take away GMA from Gibo and you will see a completely different person. He served GMA as a Defense Secretary but it does not mean that he is corrupt as well. What is tragic here is that we have a penchant of judging people because of their association with other people.

    As we learned from our Human Behavior classes aren’t we aware that every person has his own autonomy? As a person will Gibo be that stupid not to exercise his autonomy from his previous boss, GMA? As a president he has his own duties and responsibilities from the State and the People to fulfill. This time it is Gibo who is in control of everything not Nunaliza. The queen is no longer in her throne to squeeze everyone’s eggs if they don’t listen to her.
    Gibo as a president being undermined by GMA? She must be dreaming. That will not happen.

  26. Posible pa kay Manny Villar. He must be lenient to her if ever he becomes president after all they have something in common, public perception/suspicion of corruption.

    Kay Noynoy naman, who is not aware of the influence of the Kamag-anak Incorporated from the local to the national government level? What assurance can Noynoy give to the voting public that history will not repeat itself (the Kamag-anak Inc.) if ever elected as president of the country?

  27. True Blue mahirap magkaroon ng isang (PPP) Payasong Presidente ng Pilipinas.
    Bring the clowns to the carnival but not in Malacanang.

    Mer, may dala akong isang mahaba at matabang longganiza with magkakambal na itlog. Nasaan ang iyong bibingka? Ipalaman natin. hehehe.

  28. Let me post here a prediction of one of our barkadas. I just omitted his name dahil baka daw siya’y kuyugin ng mga gustong magpahula:

    Ang aking predikyon sa darating na hangalan 2010. Ito yun.

    Una, mas gusto ko si Gordon kaso nga laang, hindi umaangat pero umaasa katulad din ng kanyang pampangkin na si JC.

    Noynoy is it! Sa palagay ko, si Noynoy ang mananalo kahit maraming pintas. Ilan sa nakausap ko, parang walang arrive si Noynoy bilang presidente. Malamya. Ang perception, dahil given naman na kulang pa sa executive skills at management experience, kayang kayang rendahan ng mga naka paligid sa kanya lalo ng mga Yellow people. Mas OK pa nga raw si Roxas. Problema lang ni Roxas, sa kalakaran ng pulitika sa atin, hindi mananalo like Gordon.

    Ayaw ko kay Villar kahit ibigay ko na lang sa kanya ang mansion na umiikot ngayon sa internet. Sa true lang, hindi ko tinitingnan ang ibang issue kay Villar, ang hindi maganda sa kanya ay ang pagtatapon nya ng pera sa kanyang kandidatura na actually he’s buying the presidency. In a country na nakasubasub sa lusak ng paghihirap, isang malaking iskandalo ang gumastos ng bilyones para sa isang pwesto na hindi ka sasahod ng isang milyon isang taon. Kaya nga ang nakatatak sa isipan ko at marahil ng iba na rin, dahil isa syang magaling na negosyante, hindi sya magaatubili na bawiin yun. Ano, palulugi?

    Si Erap, outlet na lang nya ang pagtakbo dahil nasaktan sya noong pagka-sipa bilang presidente. Sa atin, once a politician is always a politician. Basta naging pulitiko ka, basta may pagkakataong lumaban, sasabak. Lalo pa si Erap na matagal na nanungkulan. But Noynoy will be kind to him and of course, to Binay. One year after the election, bibigyan yan ng pwesto. Kung ako si Noynoy, ibigay ko kay Erap ang DND at si Binay ang DILG.

    Si Gibo, kawawa namang at talagang bigo at hindi pa man, giba na agad dahil ang nakikita sa kanya ay larawan ni glorya na walang glory.
    Ang kanyang TV ad bilang isang piloto at niyaya ang mga tao na lumipad sila sakay sa eroplano tungo sa isang pagbabago. hindi maintindihan ng masa. Pang elite kasi. Eh 20% lang ang nakakasakay sa eroplano, karamihan ay bus, jeep, tricycle, trisikad, skits, bangka at yung alaws, kadilakad. Napansin na rin ito ni Pechay na once upon a time, pinulot sa kangkungan. Paki-pindot lang:

    Another reason kung bakit bigo talagang umangat si Gibo:

  29. Gibo has the qualities of a president-in-the making. Kaya lang ay nasira siya sa kanyang pagiging aso-siyeyted kay bruha kaya lubog na lubog siya kahit lutang sa mga intellectual discussions ng mga presidentiables.

    Ang isa pang dahilan ng hindi niya pag-angat ay ang napakalambot na posisyon niya sa mga katiwalian ni gloria na nangangahulugan lamang na nagbubulagbulagan siya.

    Sa aming mga pobre, sapat na ‘yung pangakong marangal na ipapo-prosekyut niya ang nagnakaw ng mga dapat ay para sa amin. At ‘yun ang hindi namin makita kay Gibo kaya mabibigo siyang makuha ang aming boto. Gayundin si Mr. MaC-5 Tumaga.

  30. Si Gibo may have good material to president mahirap naman umangat in survey from time to time. Why, hindi siya pang masa like Erap.

    I am poor also but I can identified with Erap our idol for the mahirap. I donno you pero mas gusto namin si Erap kasi kung may erap may ginhawa.

    Di ba progres for the all Filipinos kung si Erap is the president again.

    Kapitan how come you did not candidate for counselor, you can be the hope of the motherland by you winning in the election.

  31. Mang Haydeen kung tatakbo sa susunod na erection, I mean election si Vicky Belo ay tatapatan ko siya. Tatakbo din ako sa Quezon City bilang konsehal. Kukunin ko si HK na aking campaign manager.
    Iyong progress of the nation na sinasabi mo is “what you are holding now” kapag nasa CR ka at humaharap sa urinal.
    Ang tamang statement ay hindi progress of the nation, moving on to progress dahil sa dami ng iniwan ni problema ni Nunaliza sa kanyang administrasyon ay tiyak na aabutin tayo ng isang daan na taon bago makamtan ang kaunlaran.
    Kaya huwag daw magpapaniwala kay C-5 at tiyaga dahil mabubuwiset ka lang bilang araw kung hindi niya maideliver ang kanyang pangako.
    Kay Erap, masarap lang ang mangarap. I will not say my bias with Gibo anymore.
    Tama si Segundina huwag nating hayaan na bumangon muli ang Kamag-anak incorporated dahil sila hindi si Noynoy ang salot kung saka-sakaling mananalo siya.
    So far ang faith ni brother Eddie still has to move mountain. Pagkakaisahan siya ng mga pari at obispo para hindi Manalo, hehehe.

  32. Kunin mo na rin Kap si lolo Haydeen pantapat sa mga goons ng kalaban mo. Hehehe.

  33. Ngayon ko lang napagtuunan ng pansin ito:

    “…..Gibo has a sound economic platform, he aims to raise the country’s annual economic growth by 8% on a sustained basis and raise the per capita income from $1,900 to $3,200 by 2016. By 2018 this will double again.”

    gloriang gloria. Nangangarap ng panibagong kasinungalingan.

    Dami ngang hindi kumikita kahit $10 isang araw, paano niya nasabing magkakaroon ng per capita income na ganoong kataas?

    Kunsabagay, libre daw ang mangarap!

  34. Pareang Mags kay Gloria puro pangarap at laging nakatingala sa may itaas dahil sa kaliitan.
    Kay Gibo baka naman, baka sakali lang naman, may mangyayaring maganda para sa kapakanan ng bansa. Ibig kong sabihin kung anong pinapangarap ay tinutupad para sa lahat. Wish ko lang naman pareng Mags, hehe.

  35. Kaps,

    I doubt kung magagawa nga ni Gibo na itaas ang income ng mga katulad naming namamasukan dahil ang mga kapitalista ay nag-aalisan na sa Pilipinas at humahanap ng bansang pagtatayuan ng kanilang mga negosyo kung saan mas mababa ang cost of manufacture at walang sobrang red tape katulad sa Pilipinas.

    Maaari pang sabihin niyang patataasin ang kita ng mga negosyo ng kanilang mga kapanalig, hindi ‘yung sa karaniwang mamamayan.

    Para maniwala akong magagawa nga niya, at upang magkaroon ng kung hindi man sapat ay maipagpapaunang puhunan ng Pilipinas sa pagtatayo ng mga negosyong maaaring pagkakitaan ng mamamayan, BAWIIN niya ang mga ninakaw ng pamilya ni gloria at mga kaalyadong walang habas na nagpasasa sa paghuthot sa kaban.

  36. Pero bago niya nga pala mabawi ‘yun, kung gagawin niya ay kailangang manalo muna siyang presidente.

    Problema lang ang nakikita kasi sa kanya ay larawan ni gloria at kapag nagsasalita siya (Gibo) ay gloriang gloria ang kanyang mga sinasabi.

    Paano nga ba siya iboboto kung kakabit ng kanyang katauhan ang anino ng pinakagahamang babaeng nabubuhay sa mundong hinugot mula sa impiyerno?

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