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Running Beyond Rules

Former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada is running again for president. He was dethroned barely two years in office. His vice-president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo succeeded him and up to now she is still the president of the Philippines. Erap, the former president’s nickname, was accused of plundering the government and had been detained for six years in his own house in Tanay Rizal. Just after he was found guilty of the crime he was accused president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo granted him absolute pardon after making Erap promise not to run for any elective position again. Now Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is about to complete her term as elected president and no longer eligible to run for a second term as provided too by the Philippine Constitution. Instead she is running as a congressional representative of her district in Pampanga.

The question is, are they eligible to run? It all depends on who is looking at the case. Those close to the former president will say he is eligible for he has not completed his six years in office. He is not the incumbent president at the time of election by 2010. But as far as the Estrada critics and Malacanang folks are concerned the former president will violate provisions of the Philippines Constitutions if he runs again. It does not matter if he is the incumbent president or not, he was elected once as the president and he can no longer run for the second time on the same position.

That’s why madam Arroyo is running for Congress in her district in Pampanga where she thinks she is legally allowed to run for an elective position and probably becomes the first woman speaker of the house. Madam Gloria expressed her readiness to vacate the presidency but not completely abandoning public service. And she is about to set a precedent, the first president in the history of the Philippines who becomes a congressional representative after completing her term of office. In fact most of the presidentiables who have just filed their certificate of candidacy are begging to Her Excellency to abandon her plan and give chance also to others. But what chance are they talking about? With so many criminal cases waiting for her after her term of office she could not afford to be at the mercy of her accusers. She needs some kind of immunity to preserve her freedom and protect her interests as well. Why? She is not only eligible to become the speaker of the house, but with charter change she may become the Prime Minister of the Philippines for life! wild thinking but it’s possible.

But I heard also Dean Amado Valdez of the College of Law at the University of the East saying madam Arroyo needs to vacate her position if she wants to run for Congress since  here term of office will only end on July 2010. Why? There is going to be a conflict of interest here. She has to take a leave of absence and let the vice-president continue to perform presidential duties she will leave behind. But her lawyers are also saying there is no legal impediment for her to run even if she continues to hold her office as president.

It is a different case however with Erap (president Estrada). With his popularity as an actor (his recent movie was a box office hit again) and a film hero of the poor masses expect other presidential contenders to question the legality of his candidacy for president and file a disqualification case against him at the COMELEC. The legal battle does not end there, there will always be that option to elevate the case to the Supreme Court. And whether or not he could run, that’s up to the justices to decide.

Incidentally most the Supreme Court justices have been appointed by president Arroyo during her incumbency as the president. Some theorize that whatever issue will be hurled against her it will always be decided on her favor. Probably, as others theorize too, Erap would be allowed to run upon the instruction of the president. Is it?

The thing is that Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro’s bid for presidency is weakened by the popularity of Senators Noynoy Aquino (LP) and Manny Villar (NP) whose probability of winning is much much higher than the administration anointed candidate. Erap can solve that problem.

Much earlier some wise guys in Malacanang said that Erap is not a threat to Gibo’s candidacy when the former president already made in public his intentions to run but the opposition. Nobody could question Erap’s command of popularity and support from the masses even when he was still detained for the plunder case filed against him. Today he has still that same popularity and support to a number that would be a threat to the highly divided opposition. Erap can run, he will we allowed to run if only to weaken the chances of any candidate from the opposition to win. Erap  may not win in the 2010 presidential election but Gibo will.

Yes, Gibo Teodoro might be the lucky successor to the throne of madam Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and it’s good to her health!



  1. I don’t understand, Gibo seems to be distancing himself from the president’s bid to run for Congress. He did not give categorical answer when asked about his opinion on this.

    Is Gibo trying to save himself by projecting an image of a highly principled and independent person different from what other people think of him as a mere puppet of president Arroyo.

    Can Gibo dispel the notion that he was annointed as the administration candidate to protect Gloria after her term?

  2. If Gibo wins, revolution is not far behind.

    Gibo has a mere 2% approval rating against Noynoy’s 44%. Dadaan pa s’ya kay Villar at Erap. Even with a 10 Garci, no way he’d win.

    Gibo is just Gloria’s decoy. Si Villar talagang suportado ng mag-asawang korap.

  3. Ito lang po ang masasabi ko, kapag si Gibo ang manalo tiyak na sasabihin kaagad ng madlang people of this Philippine Republic, cheating by the computer. Win is program long time ago.

    Baka naman totoo?

  4. Masakit mang sabihin, it is lack of shamefulness already of the winning of the president to the Congressman of the district.

    Give chance to the other people also, correct?

  5. Sabi ni Heneral tabako, resign muna. That is the way to be happy and gay.


    The declaration of martial law by President Arroyo Saturday, December 5, 2009, through Proclamation 1959, confirms that the November 23, 2009 Maguindanao massacre poses a national threat that in reality endangers the whole Philippines, not just Mindanao.

    It would indicate that, contrary to earlier belief, the killing of 57 people in the province in broad daylight, carried out principally to prevent a political foe of the Ampatuans from submitting his certificate of candidacy for the governorship of Maguindanao, now has serious and urgent repercussions on national security.

    I will not therefore be surprised if, in the next several days, more and more areas not just in Mindanao but in the entire Philippines as well will be placed, first, under a state of emergency, and, later, under martial law or some other emergency rule, invoking the same gruesome murder.

    Indeed, the Maguindanao massacre could even escalate as an international problem involving other Muslim nations and their supporters, unless authorities of the Arroyo government manage to solve this problem real soon, which, unfortunately, it is not perceived to achieve.

  7. Pasali nga rito. Matagal na akong hindi nakatambay dine sa Barangay Hall ni Kapitan K.

    Itong question at kaguluhan sa kandidatura ni GMA at Erap ay hindi sana mangyayari kung ang mga framers ng constitution ay hindi masyadong marunong. Palibhasa, mga dalubhasa sila, puro generalization lang ang kanilang pinaguusapan, hindi na nagpatuunan ng pansin ang mga maliit na bagay na mangyayari katulad halimbawa nitong kina GMA at Erap.

  8. Halimbawang nagkaroon ng cha-cha at tayo ay natanong kung ano ang ating panukala para hindi na maulit ang kaso nina Erap at GMA, ito ang aking maiiambag:

    1. Kapag nahatulan sa anumang krimen at nakulong kahit isang araw lang sa loob ng rehas na bakal, hindi na pwedeng kumandidato bilang presidente kahit binigyan ng absolute pardon.

    Kung mayroon ganyan, klaro ang tungkol sa kalagayan ni Erap. Ngayon, katakot takot na debate pa at buhat sa umpukan sa kanto, makakarating pa sa Korte Suprema.

    Para kay GMA naman, maikli lang o bansot na suhestiyon:

    1. Ang nakaupong presidente, peke man o hindi, hindi pwedeng kumandidato sa mas mababang posisyon kahit pa mag-resign. (Kung pandak ka na, lalo pang pinababa ang iyong pagkatao).

  9. Sa akin naman kagalang-galang na kapitan ay kapag ang presidente peke man o hindi, matangkad man o bansot sa haba ng panunungkolan ay dapat di na siya kakandidato muli.

    If ever para namang makasali muli si FVR ay maghintay ng sampong taon bago payagang kumandidato o tumakbo muli sa ano mang posisyon ng gobyerno.

    Dalawang bagay lang, to give chance to others at pangalawa ay kung buhay pa sila, hehehe.

    May charter change ba?

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