Posted by: kidlatanvillage | October 29, 2009

Loren, “Chiz me goodbye” (A Political Mystery?)

Yesterday  Chiz Escudero, the youthful presidentiable, already announced his resignation to his party NPC and ask his supporters to give him time to think on what to do next. Some speculate that this is going to be a kamikazi to the young senator; by bolting out his party he may not have the needed resources and political machinery to run for president. 

Malacanang already announced, now that Chiz Escudero is already free as an eagle, is open to any possibility of Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro teaming up with Chiz Escudero. Thanks but no thanks,  Chiz already said he is closed long ago of making  any political alliance with the Arroyo’s administration which is nearing its end. NPC however still keeps  Loren as their standard bearer for the  vice presidency because of his political platform and is also open to make alliances with other camps. It is not clear if NPC will be supporting Gibo Teodoro and most likely will join forces with the president’s Lakas-Kampi-CMD. Noynoy Aquino on the other hand said, he want’s to talk also with his uncle Danding if he is interested to join the LP. Everything goes in politics as this say which is a reality more than a mystery.

So, it’s Chiz bidding goodbye now to Loren. Chiz just made himself clear, all he did is just to make him free to think, move, and make decisions without pressure from anybody. He is not in no way bitter to anyone including Loren his supposed to be running mate. Well and good, because in politics there is no permanent enemy as well as permanent friends. What is not possible today may be a reality tomorrow or anytime soon.

And speaking of possibility, has anyone ever thought that there’s going to be a Jobama/Chiz tandem should the Highest Court of the land rules, Erap is not longer eligible to run! Why not, Chiz is with the opposition, his heart and mind is with the opposition and there is no reason he could not run with the opposition. What is not clear however if Chiz is interested to run with Manny Villar (another mystery?). But in most likelihood, if Chiz really made a calculated move in his bolting out the NPC, he could be Erap’s substitute to run for president or Jobama (Makati Mayor Binay) taking Erap’s place and Chiz will be his running mate. If everything is possible in politics, isn’t this going to happen too?

 But Loren is used to being alone now without a partner, in personal life and in politics, and she has no problem running alone for vice-president under the NPC should the party decide not to adopt any presidential candidate.

Sige, magpapicture na lang muna tayo… say Chezzzzzzzzz!



  1. Hindi yan political mystery, Kap…naglandi lang ng grabe si Loren sinta.

  2. There is always the saying that politics is all about interest and not permanent bedmate, politics is about wealth and power; how to make money at the expense of the masses.

    George Washington,first US president warned Americans about the dangers of putting any political party above the general interests of the country. It would do well for US Filipinos today to relearn this basic lesson. Our loyalty must first and foremost be to the fundamental principles upon which our nation was built, not to the finite interests of political partisanship.

    It is a fatal mistake to assume that any politicians is the harbinger of patriotism. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country.”

    My loyalty to a party or politician must be measured by his loyalty to the fundamental principles on which America was founded. When I remain loyal to a politician or party after they demonstrate an unwillingness to be faithful to those immutable principles I am guilty of disloyalty to my country.

  3. What did Escudero get for his trouble? Apparently a bunch of angry phone calls. We tend not to admire quitters. He can get up on his high horse and talk about his principles, but we suspect that he’s just another slacker looking for an easy way out.

    No matter how smart he is, the demand for him is limited. This is the hard lesson of adult life. He might be last person to write a novel in Esperanto or compose a 12-tone symphony, the last candidate trying to hand out literature to the working class as they go into Wal-Mart, or the last Christian Science person to believe in the efficacy of prayer after all your friends have slipped away to have surgery, or the consumer of the last contaminated tuna left on the grocery shelf—he don’t want that.

    This is the great divide, between the true believers and the skeptics, and we cross over it every day, back and forth. On the one hand, we admire persistence and the good workers who go at the job and get it done, but then we listen huff and puff and realize that the ship is becalmed and liable to be boarded by pirates. Time to look for other work.

  4. Kap, sorry him na lang. Maybe he needs to grow some more in attitude especially in concern to the one of the politics.

  5. kumosta na kayo, I am back after long vacation in Mindanao. Now I can blogger again. I miss you na madam Segundina, how is miss Mer?

  6. Ang hirap nito hanggang sa ngayon ay marami pa ring dapat malinawan ang pagiisip na si Erap ay biktima lamang ng political power grab. Na ginamit lamang nila ang issue ng Jueteng para siya kasuhan ng plunder.

    On the other hand may mga nalulungkot naman kagaya ni Benigno na hindi niya matanggap ang katotohanan na kung may nagawa mang kalokohan si Erap during his term ay isang minor abuse of power lang. Ano ang kanyang magagawa kung ito ang paniniwala ng marami.

    Sa isang banda sino nga ba sa mga pulitiko ngayon ang talagang malinis? Sabi nga ni Chiz Escudero, walang santo at anghel sa pulitika kahit pagtaasan pa siya ng kilay ng mga obispo. But this is the truth, the reality in Philippine politics and governance.

    May mga alternatibong candidato naman diyan pero aminin na rin natin na sa pulitika pera at makinarya sa pangalap ng boto ang kailangan. Tama nga si Chiz, sino ba diyan ang santo? Sino ba diyan ang may bitbit lagi kay Bro?

    Ngunit sa lagay ng ating bansa ngayon na talamak sa korapsiyon sa gobyerno kung saan karamihan sa mga mamayan ang mahirap pa sa daga, sino nga ba ang karapat-dapat na maging pangulo?

    Magsalita na kayo mga kandidato, kung maari ay maghubad kayo sa harapan ng publiko at ilantad ang tunay ninyong pagkatao. Kung may kasalanan aminin, humingi ng tawad, at mangako na kapag nahalal ay kailangang gantihan ito ng malinis, mapayapa, at matagumpay na pamumuno!

    Kaya lang sa lahat ng mga gustong maghubad ng sariling pagkatao sa publiko, laging tandaan: BAWAL DITO ANG SUPOT, AT BAWAL DITO ANG NAKA-AHIT!

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