Posted by: kidlatanvillage | August 20, 2009

Mike Velarde’s 50-50 Vision on his way to Malacanang

If brother Mike Velarde of El Shaddai gets a 50-50 chance of winning in the 2010 presidential race, he will run for president. Upon consultation with his followers the response (approval?) “is 50-50.” Does this give him enough  reason to compete in the presidential race?

Should his plan materialize, brother Mike this time may no longer be a mere endorser of a presidential candidate ( as in the case of Erap and Gloria) but a candidate himself. A formidable foe to beat in the forth coming presidential election. But as of now  he is still waiting for spiritual discernment (perhaps) from Heaven before he could finally declare and say with a loud voice “I am running!”

Oh yes,  he could run any time if he likes. He could run early in the morning at the Rizal Park and pray for Divine intervention. What the heck do you care, he has three million strong El Shaddai members to rely on. But will all vote for him? That’s why he needs more prayers and guidance from above; and if he has a prayer brigade let them pray for him with inverted umbrellas to get all the possible indications that their spiritual leader is sure to win.

But isn’t he a dreamer? And dreams if you put life (faith) in them you’ll get they will come true. Yes brother Mike had a dream to become president. “Noong bata ako napanaginip kong maging president, but today I cannot just jump into that because there are millions of people who put their trust in me. There are others who don’t want me to enter politics,” the spiritual leader said. Amen for that; but if he is not yet sure of running does he have anybody in mind to recommend/endorse to vote? Like the INC, brother Mike Velarde waits for the last minute to announce his annointed one. But as of now one thing is sure, presidential candidates are swarming around him. Hoping probably that their names shall be included in his daily prayers; and to be shortlisted for the blessed anointment.

So it is clear he has not chosen/ or has any candidate in mind (but himself?)  Suppose let’s be mystical about it, an angel will appear in his dream and said, “Mike you are the chosen one,” do you can’t expect him to say NO? Being a man of faith himself  all he could say is “YES Lord Thy will be done!”

And granting it is so, doesn’t he need a political machinery to campaign for him? But being a boy scout who is always be prepared that’s no big deal to him. He has already figured out  a “multi-level marketing-like campaign” that will assure him of some 10 to 15 million votes. Aren’t you scared of that Mar Roxas and Manny Villar?

But how will this scheme work?

“There is now a signature paper. May 25 blanks doon because 25 is silver jubilee. Ang tanong is: kaya ko bang umakay ng 24 na botante. Example ikaw, kaya mo? So (for example), kung ikaw ang number 1, then you get 24 sa mga kilala mo,” he said.  

Now we know  how he intends to campaign and win votes that will send him to Malacanang and become the successor of President Arroyo. His dedicated members, the servants of Yahweh, will do the job of ushering precious souls to the precints to vote for brother Mike.

Will they be successful in laying the foundation of success for their spiritual leader? Only God knows.



  1. Sabi ni Archbishop Cruz: “Don’t vote for those who say that they have a direct line to God.”

    Oo nga naman, tingnan natin ang nangyari sa Pinas dahil si Panduck ay nakakausap daw ng direkto ang diyos niya.

    Tumakbo na lang sa Luneta si Mike Velarde pero siguraduhin niya na maganda ang araw dahil kung umuulan ay mababasa siya dahil ang kanilang payong ay baligtad ang bukas na nakasahod sa langit.

    Ay, ano ba yan?!

  2. Grabbed from my favorite website is this conversation:

    BADANG: Pinagtatalunan sa radio yung vox populi, vox dei. Dapat bang bumilib dun?

    TWINKLE: Latin: “Nec audiesto sunt qui solet docere, ‘Vox populi, vox Dei,’ cum tumultousitas vulgi simper insanitas proxima est.”

    Espanol: ¡No escuche a aquellos que son acostumbrados a afirmar que ’la voz de la gente es la voz de Dios’ porque el tumulto de las masas está cerca de la locura!”

    German: Hören Sie denjenigen nicht zu, die gewöhnt werden zu behaupten, dass ‘die Stimme der Leute die Stimme des Gottes ist’, weil die Aufregung der Massen Wahnsinn nah ist!”

    English: “Do not listen to those who are accustomed to claim ’the voice of the people is the voice of God’ because the tumult of the masses is close to insanity!”

  3. Nabasa ko sa site mo, joe. Nakakatawa!

  4. Kap
    Hindi sa pagmamaliit ng kakayahan ni brother Mike, hindi si papayagan ni Bro na maging presidente.

    Malaking leksiyon iyong nangyari kay brother Eddie. It is not the will of God.

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