Posted by: kidlatanvillage | August 12, 2009

The Way of Cha-cha (Akyat na sa Baguio)

Finally Cebu Congressman Pablo Garcia has realized that a strong public opposition against the passing of HR 1109 or Con-ass is dangerous to the Arroyo’s administration. Now he wants to Senate to kill it in as much as it is against constitutional assembly.  Garcia has a pending motion to transmit the HR 1109 to the Senate.

Earlier the Senate unanimously passed a resolution opposing Constituent assembly (Con-ass) as the mode to change the Philippine Constitution. House Resolution 1109 declares joint voting as a proper way to Convene a constitutional assembly and not separate voting as embodied in the law. Sponsors of the HR 11o9 are perceived to be coming up with a scheme to bypass Senate in amending the constitution.

And with Con-ass at limbo, members of the House of the Representatives who are advocating for Charter Change are looking for other ways and measures to implement it. House committee on constitutional amendments unanimously approve the motion of Camiquin Rep. Pedro to open other route to Charter change–Constitutional convention (Con-con).

Representative of Baguio City Mauricio Domogan and La Union representative Victor Ortega welcome the shift in the direction of Charter Change.  Both liken such move as looking for other routes going to Baguio where you can pass through Naguilian Road, Kennon Road, and Marcos Highway. What matters is that there is going to be an amendment/change in the constitution.

The question is, if this is going to be a Constitutional convention, when will they elect for the delegates? Congressmen who sponsored the Constitutional assembly is eying for the  possibility to coincide the election of con-con delegates during the 2010 presidential elections. But first they have to decide which route to follow?

That’s the reason why, as far as Congressman Pablo Garcia is concerned, they should transmit now the HR 1109 to the Senate and give the senators the honor to exterminate it.

No doubt charter change is necessary but the timing is questionable. Any rational law maker should know that any act to change the constitution before the 2010 can always be misinterpreted by the public as given concession for the term extension of President Arroyo. But these honorable congressmen, who are passionate about Charter change, are unmindful of  what the public may say. They insist of a joint-voting Constitutional assembly no matter how unlawful it may be to get they way done. They turn on deaf ears to the outcry of the people against a self-interest propelled amendment of  the constitution. 

And now weary that they lost their way to Con-ass they changed course hoping they could find their way through  Constitutional Convention (Con-con).

Keep on dancing  guys!



  1. Kap may kulang pa, sky way. Iyong sumasakay sa eroplano?

    What a shame! Election na nga hindi pa rin sila bumibitiw sa cha-cha.

  2. Kap,
    Ready na iyong special room mo sa malaking building ng CD. Puwedi kang magtayo doon ng extension ng iyong Barangay Hall.

    Ano pa ang hinihintay mo, tara na.

    Hahahaha, dahan dahan lang baka ka madapa.

  3. Kap

    Talagang baliw na itong mga nagsusulong ng cha-cha. Ayaw paawat.

    Ngayon Con-con naman pagkatapos pinapaassasinate nila sa Senado ang Con-ass.

    Naku ka Pablo dapat noon mo pa naisip iyang mga sinabi mo.

    Anyway laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi.

  4. Great blogs. When you have time, drop by for news talk.

  5. Jive na lang sila, walang mangyayari sa cha-cha!

  6. Gloria is a bitch talaga….

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