Posted by: kidlatanvillage | June 22, 2009

Pacman the Troubled Ambassador

As an ambassador of peace, the Pacman has all the reasons to worry after the twin blasts in the town of Maasim, Saranggani Province. He was having a attending a meeting in Malungon town of the tourism council being the chairman when  informed of the blast.  He immediately rushed to St. Elizabeth Hospital to see the injured and to give them comfort as well as financial assistance. He handed 39,000 to local welfare officials to assist the victims of the blasts.

He said he was so shocked and saddened to what happened being an ambassador of peace. One was killed and 32 others were wounded after two grenade explosions took place at the plaza and town hall of Maasim. Unfortunately the blasts occurred at the eve of Kestebeng festival of Maasim.

Pacquiao now is asking for dialogues after the blasts to prevent repeat of similar incident again. He promised to make the necessary step to bring about peace and order in the country through dialogues and peace talks. He believed that there is always a solution to any problem and that dialogues are necessary to arrive at this.

Now the Pacman is talking like an expert. As a boxer he probably has some insights on how to attack a problem. It is not use of force all the time to secure peace, there is also a need to think and prepare for your next move. That’s how he knocks out his opponent. But does his boxing ring tactics really work in securing peace for the country. Probably he measures and looks at things in simple ways but there are things beyond the comprehension of an ordinary boxer to clearly analyze like power play, politics and ideology. He already asked the rebels to lay down their arms fr the sake of national unity.

But who is taking the Pacman seriously on the peace process? He already signified his intention to run for Congress representing the Saranggani Province. Erap endorsed and pledged support already for his candidacy. So anything that the Pacman does now in line with his function as an ambassador of peace can be perceived a politicking. But he has a quick response to such an accusation, there is nothing new on what he’s doing. He is used already of helping people. He did it to victims of typhoon Frank and there’s no reason he wouldn’t do it to people of Sarangani whose votes are important to give him a seat in Congress.



  1. a boxer will be for the ring. a legislator s 4 the congress. an ambassador must be knowledgeable with laws and issues.
    manny pacquiao should be busy with sports not on politics.
    kc he can serve naman even if he does not run for congress.
    baka may mga nagttake advantage lang sa knya.

  2. Pacman is already a very popular person in all parts of the globe. He needs not enter politics to become a great man. We have a struggling sports and athletics programs in this country. What about concentrating in this area.

    Being a politician gives him more power and influence. Whatever be his noble intentions to serve his own people politics may also ruin his good image and bring misfortune to his life.

    If Pacman brave and determined as he is to enter politics who can stop him anyway. Let him go but he should be careful at least to people around him advising him of his political moves.

  3. Your blog is very nice. I passby twice but did not comment. But Now that I come back I decided to write something.

    I am new in blog and new also about the computer. For the information of the public I am a retired janitor who is now working as carpenter and painter sometimes. I go around the neighborhood to fix their houses for example the electricity connection and the water systems.

    I know there are many very high education people here to write comments and I like you ideas.

    So sir if you like may I also participate to you. Thank you so much nice people over here.

  4. HaydeenKoi welcome. You must be handsome and sexually active hahaha. Kidding only but I am already looking forward to see you here always.

  5. Thank you very much mr. Barangay Captain. I am not hiding camera to video about sex. My name Haydeen is adoptation to the beautiful name of my former crush Haydee Magandahin.

    Now captain lightnig I want reaction to Pacman. Let him serve this country. Everybody has to right to become congress people. If they believe him, they will vote him, if not he will just boxin for money in the ring. Of course this country is very popular now because of him. Is this not great one to hear about it.

  6. You know just this morning I reading the news on the oust of Honduras President Manuel Zelaya by the military before elections in his country.

    Ay Apo, if that will happen in the Philippines I do not know already. How come that is the Honduras people of the country can kick out the president with abuse in his authority. Is that not we can do in the Philippines?

    But you see many people are expect something already for the election. Now the constitution limitation the term of the president to six years and no continuity that is. To chacha now to the accomodation of the plan of action of the president for house extension, she is hoping to become a representative that is below already her capacity.

    What I mean if president Arroyo aim to be president once more the poeple object the plan of action to sitting down her once more. You expect military action that is to stop the ambition. I don’t know how capable are they.

  7. I have a new post, Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan. Gaano kaya kadalas na naiisip ni Pacman ang kalagayan ng kanyang bansa?

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