Posted by: kidlatanvillage | May 11, 2009

So What if President Arroyo Anoints a Presidential Bet?

She was told not to anoint a presidential bet for 2010 for “she may end up reaping the whirlwind.” Senator Edgardo Angara, a staunch administration ally, said the president should not take sides nor support any candidate because she “is not in the race” and this would lessen “intense politicking.” Being an official of official of both the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats and the Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (Kampi), Mrs. Arroyo was told to “let the parties do their thing.”

Angara may have been thinking on what critics of the Arroyo’s administration had said that an Arroyo’s support for any presidential standard bearer (for Lakas and Kampi) would be like “a kiss of death.”  But Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez of Kampi disagreed saying it’s president Arroyo alone who could give the final word on who would be the standard bearer for both KAMPI and LAKAS-CMD on the 2010 presidential election. 

So what if president Arroyo anoints a presidential bet? She is in power anyway and in control of the resources of the government. Why restricts her if she could give any presidential candidate an overwhelming edge against opponents from divided opposition? 

But what may be the real motive behind restricting the president to decide on who will be the standard bearer? Is it because the president has someone else in mind other than Vice-President Noli de Castro? Speculation that de Castro may run in another party if not chosen had been dismissed by Speaker Prospero Nograles and presidential political adviser Gabriel Claudio as “highly speculative.”  Why not, de Castro is “still on top of the shortlist of presidential materials by the administration” according to Claudio. 

On the other hand the administration is giving him the “latitude to calibrate his own response” based on his “political intuition and sense of timing” Claudio said.  According to Claudio, de Castro may be a possible choice because of his “clean record as a public official and mass appeal are clearly established.” 

De Castro is not immune, however, with what Dinky Soliman calls as the “sins” of the Arroyo’s administration he served. This may be his greatest obstacle in winning public support and votes to catapult him to the presidency. While Arroyo’s political allies have other people in mind to become the next president, it is not also a remote possibility that the Vice-President may change camp to insure credibility and public acceptability to become the next Philippine president. 

It is not the president alone that matters here in the choice of a standard bearer anyway. What about the first gentleman? Does he have somebody in mind other than Kabayan Noli de Castro? Will he be for Bayani Fernando or Gilbert Teodoro? Speaker Prospero Nograles is not bad either to become the next president.

Who can restrict the president to anoint a presidential bet? No body probably; perhaps not with the first gentleman around and with the conjugal political partnership intact.



  1. Balik barangay tayo uli. Sorry for being absent. Salamat kay Mareng Chi at Segundina sa pagbisita.

    Malakas na ang dagundong ng pulitika para sa 2010 presidential election. May say ba si madam president Arroyo kung sino ang magiging stadard bearer para sa pagka-presidente ng administrasyon?

  2. Salamat din kay dok bobonyo. Miss ko na ang sermon ninyo pastor hehehe.

  3. Kap,

    Ano kaya ang mangyari kung si Mani Pakyaw ang i-annoint ng bff niyang Gloria? Manalo kaya o mapahiya dahil sa kiss of death.

    Sabagay, kahit hindi annointed ni Gloria si Pakpakman ay hindi rin mananalo dahil hindi tanga ang majority ng pinoy ngayon para gawin s’yang presidente.

    OK lang kung lumaban s’ya kahit na anumang posisyon sa pampublikong eleksyon, ‘wag lang buhat sa senador, vice at president. Babatuhin ko s’ya ng itlog!

    Sa tanong kung tama bang mag-endorso ng kanyang presidente ang pekeng pangulo…e di hala… karapatan niya yun. Tingnan kung mananalo ang manok n’ya!

    Sino ba ang takot sa endorso ni Gloria? Yung ia-annoint niya o si Angara?

  4. May minamanok yata si Angara tita. Kung sino man iyon I am sure na hindi si Kabayan, hehehe.

    Kung si Pakyo ang i-annoint in tita Glue, hehe baka magtampo ang lahat ng mga nasa KAMPI at LAKAS-CMD.

    Ang lagay ay mauuahan pa sila ng pinagpalang si Pakyo?

  5. Na-shoot mo, girl.

    Ay naku, Loren-loren sinta!

  6. Kung sino man ang i a noynt ni Nunalisa siguradong talo.Bakit nga hindi na lang si Pakyo ang ilalaban nilang Presidente?

  7. Sandali lang baka hindi pa huli, puweding puwedi naman itong aking manok manokan na si Willie Wowowee. Panay ang build up sa kanya ng ABS-CBN.

    On the other hand nandiyan din si Igan at ang kanyang puppet. Kapag nanalo siya sikat ang GMA pati na si PGMA, hehehe.

    So i-shortlist na lang natin, what about Willie VS Igan (Arnold Clavio?) for the 2010 presidential election.

    Kahit sino sa kanila ang mananalo, tapos na ang Pilipinas, hehehe.

  8. Puwedi din si Willie at saka si Bayani Agbayani hehehe.

  9. hi kapitan kidlat, very well said

    padaan lang po…

  10. May election ba tayong aasahan sa 2010? Is the clock ticking for the exit of PGMA sa Malacanang?

    Or baka nananaginip lang tayo?

  11. At least some bloggers can write. My thanks for this piece of writing..

  12. This post couldnt be more precise…

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