Posted by: kidlatanvillage | April 6, 2009

The Pride of Her Mom (Anak ng…)

Unlike other mothers, this mom does not carry her cross everyday having been blessed with a good husband, obedient daughter, and responsible sons. This is not a holy family, but politicians revere and love so much this family for the favor and blessings they’ve got from them. Hallelujah this is the first family of more than 80 millions who are praying hard for a change of leadership that their country could move on to progress.

But this mom has a lovely daughter every mother could be proud of. She’s simple, no make-up, walks alone without escort, and drives her own car. If there is something people should emulate from her, this daughter is no spoiled brat.

And mother “f”… (I mean fortunate) has all reasons to celebrate on her 62nd birthday last April 5. Daughter lovely said her mom had “it ups and downs” but “overall her mother did quite well.” As a good daughter she’s ” proud of that.” On the other hand, mother “fortunate” have two sons who do everything to make their mom stay in power beyond 2010. Of course, as concerned citizens, they want the best for their people and country to achieve in progress which (as they believe) only their mom had the political leadership and commitment to fulfill.

It doesn’t matter what their political foes may say. They need charter change to bring about the necessary amendment in the  constitution to save this republic from global economic crisis. It is not prolonging her stay in power, that’s an irresponsible assessment from her political critics according to daughter lovely and beautiful. They should instead pour all their energy to constructive legislative acts to make this nation great again. Not wasting their precious time in congress criticizing charter change; unjustly accusing mother “f “(fortunate) of perpetuating herself in power.

Unfortunately mother’s “f” political adviser came out in the open with an “indecent proposal” that the 2010 election should only elect a transition president to oversee the transformation of our presidential form of government to parliamentary. But mother “f”s” cabinet is quick to dismiss  Mr. Pasaway’s statement as something not to be serious about; prompting Belinda Olivares Cunananto ask the question ” transition president what kind of animal is that.”

One of the seven last words of Jesus on the cross:

“Jesus saw his own mother, and the disciple standing near whom he loved, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold your son”. Then he said to the disciple, “Behold your mother”.  And from that hour, he took his mother into his family (John 19: 26-27).

Every child is beholden to his/her mother. Mother “fortunate” likewise is also beholden to mother land having been entrusted the power and reign of governance. She has to exercise prudence, sincerity, and truthfulness of leadership occupying the highest position of the land. But as children we have to behold on our mother of her accountability as a parent and leader.



  1. With our economic situation deepening on a daily basis I would advise the daughter to re-consider how many $$$$ she spends on her clothes. The people struggling to keep their homes, tuitions, and to put food on the table are put off by such brash “greediness” of projection is down right ludicrous in these trying times.

  2. wee. napadaan dito.
    this is a nice post!


  3. Si president’s daughter ba iyan kap? She’s a very simple one. Simply makananay.

    Siempre sisiaraan mo ba naman ang iyong nanay hehehe.

  4. Iyong dalawang anak sa Congress, siempre they’re for the interest of their nanay.

    Ang sarap naman maging nanay kung ang mga anak mo ay suportado ka nila kahit anong puna pa sa iyo ng mga taong iyong pinamumunoan.

    Blessed “F” mother talaga.

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