Posted by: kidlatanvillage | March 27, 2009

Charter Change Again? (Pasaway Talaga!)

This is one for the Guinness book of records, the issue of charter change is alive again as the clock is fast moving the hands of time  to the 2010 presidential election. President Arroyo’s political allies led by her two congressman sons, according to former House speaker Jose de Venecia, have started a concentrated effort to solicit support for Charter change (cha-cha). The purpose of which is to extend Mrs. Arroyo’s term beyond  2010. According to JDV, political leaders who are supporters of president Arroyo are going around soliciting support for charter change as (allegedly) upon president Arroyo’s instructions.

ABS-CBN News quoted him as saying this:

“Ang nagtutulak ng Charter ay ang president ng Kampi (2nd District Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Villafuerte), partido ni President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Ang nagtutulak ng Charter change asy ang Lakas CMD, si [Speaker Prospero] Nograles, ang dalawang anak niya na congressman na kumukuha ng signature ng mga congressman. Mga political leader nila sa Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao,” de Venecia told ABS-CBN’s morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda. (The president of Kampi, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s party, is pushing for Charter change. Speaker Nograles is pushing for Charter change, her two congressman sons, who are gathering signatures of congressmen. Their political leaders from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.)

According to de Venecia,  Nograles’s proposal for the amendment of the  economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution is only a “a smoke screen.” The real intent for Charter change is to replace the existing system of the government from presidential to parliamentary in order for  president Arroyo to “stay in power beyond 2010 as  aprime minister.” The former house speaker  said that “They will inject the lifting of term limits and they will [amend] the transitory provision so President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo can remain as president of the Philippines or run as member of the parliament and become a prime minister.”

Of Course Malacanang denied it had a hand on this move. As if the initiative only came from the president Arroyo’s political allies and she has nothing to do about it.

But who cares? In so far as extending the Arroyo’s term beyond 2010 is already an old issue? Who would support her? Everybody has an ambition to run for the presidency, and the most unsacred thing the Arroyo’s administration can do is supporting any move to stall the 2010 election. This does not only create political turbulence but paves way for the much earlier ejection of president Arroyo from office.

Is De Venecia singing out of tune these days? Knowing the mindset of his former ally, anything can happen from now on up to 2010. He is afraid his former friend may extend again her term of office for some more years to come at the detriment of the Filipino people and her political foes. On the other hand,  isn’t De Venecia going far and paranoid only on his suspicion on the probability of Arroyo extending term?

But who is listening to De Venecia now a days? If there’s something people do not want to hear (broken record) is the issue on charter change. But for as long the the president’s sons (mga pasaway?) and her political allies keep on trying to solicit support for charter change, de Venecia will always be heard singing the anti cha-cha song.



  1. Pasaway talaga. Galit na nga ang mga tao sa cha-cha ay ipinagpipilitan pa. Ano ba ang gustong palabasin ng mga ito?
    Na indispensable ang ating pangulo? Na kapag nawala siya sa poder ay mawawalan na rin ng pagasa ang ating bansa?

    Kap, itong kumpare mo ay nangiinis lang iyan. Alam niyang walang mabuting patutunguhan ang cha-cha. Siguro gusto lang nilang asarin si JDV, hehehe.

  2. Kagabi may napanood akong dalawang sipsip na hosts sa isang government television na panay panay ang pasakalye tungkol sa kabutihan ng charter change. Hindi raw ito masama at nakakabuti pa nga para sa kaunlaran ng bansa. At hindi naman daw nangangahulugan na kapag may charter change ay extended na sa trono si pangulong Arroyo. Nangingiti na lang ako doon sa babaeng guest nila na nagpapaliwanang kung bakit kailangan nang mag-charter change tayo. At ito daw ang panawagan ng mga tao.
    Ano ba iyan, an dami na ngang galit sa cha-cha ay ipinagpipilitan pa. Mga presidentiables lang daw naman ang ayaw dito.
    Kung gusto ninyong magcha-cha kayo na lang. Ako sa tango na lang kapartner ko si Francis Escudero, hehehehe.

  3. Let’s Begin the Countdown

    March 28, 2009 by cocoy826

    President Arroyo’s term of office ends exactly at noontime on June 30, 2010. She need to post bail for all her crimes to Filipino people.These people are not going without a fight and they fight very,very dirty. Her lapdogs and bunch of neocons are turning every stones and working overtime to ammend the country’s 1987 Constitution. If this plan don’t work,there is a greater chance that Arroyo will simply cancel the elections this time around.Gloria Arroyo doesn’t have the luxury of stealing the election; her name will not be on the ballot. The Filipinos is caught in the circular logic by which the Congress/right wing justifies a panoply of atrocities. Having left the nation no peaceful means by which it might express the popular will, Arroyo will cite ‘violence’ as justification for even more extreme measures. This is the death cycle of Democracy.

    Arroyo will need a ‘riot’ in order to declare martial law and will require martial law to justify her crackdowns on dissent and ‘civil disturbance’. The right wing’s relationship to dissent mirrors that ofArroyo’’s relationship to ‘terrorism’. Arroyio, in fact, is nothing without terrorism and her policies can be shown to be the cause of it. Thus –she will and does manufacture it!

    A ‘national emergency’ will provideArroyo the raw power she needs to cancel the elections and hold on to even greater executive power. Over the course of her criminal and illegitimate regime; Gloria Arroyo has assumed powers that in cases of a ‘national emergency’ make of her an absolute ruler beyond the powers of the Congress or the Courts. It has all been locked up rather neatly and planned well in advance. A ‘decider’ by self-proclamation, Arroyo conveniently ‘decides’ what is and what is not a ‘national emergency. She is the sole arbiter.

  4. Wala na, hindi na dapat pang manatili siya sa puwesto.
    Ang panawagan ng bayan, tama na. Pagdating ng 2010 ay bababa na siya.
    If ever na gusto niyang manatili pa sa puwesto, magisip-isip siya. Hindi sa lahat ng panahon ay panalo siya.
    Iisa lang ang tanging makapangyarihan sa daigdig, ang Diyos na lumikha nang lahat.
    Hindi lahat nang taong naging makapangyarihan sa daigdig ay nanatili nang walang katapusan.
    Sa 2010, wa na siya. Evaporate na!

  5. Huwag nilang subokan ang pasensiya ng mga tao baka mahanay pa sila sa mga diktador na pinatalsik ng taong bayan.
    Sana hindi, sana maging makatuwiran sila!

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