Posted by: kidlatanvillage | February 6, 2009

Obama’s skewer and the screwed up

A couple of days ago Obama was heard by billions of people all over the world saying, “I screwed up.” I was a little bit surprised why he used such a word or phrase. I know the phrase screwed up has a lot of meaning. To be sure that I understood him well on what he meant, I immediately consulted the on-line dictionary. My prefered understanding on what he said was he messed up. Yes he messed up or screwed in pushing ahead with Tom Daschle appointment as U.S. health care chief despite a controversy on unpaid taxes.

His slang admission of a mistake has drawn varied reactions all over the world. It’s a rare case for a president, specially in a very powerful country like the United States, to admit mistake. Not even George Bush could do it, but Obama has defiled all the misconceptions about admitting mistake as a sign of weakness. Probably we’ll be hearing more of Obama’s “I am sorry” statements in the White House in the coming days. This is a paradigm shift in the perspective for a strong leader; there’s a need for a built-in mechanism to correct executive actions, policies, and decision that may be detrimental to the nation, word peace and global economic order.

But how long is  Obama’s skewer and propensity to commit mistakes being a new comer to the White House with practically nothing or limited executive experience? How open will he screw up on himself and probably his domestic and foreign policies.

Political analysts  Stephen Hess believes that “It’s more important to admit mistakes than to make them.” To a president who is after change, admission of a mistake is a sign of healthy leadership. “That’s what people are looking for, and how you do it, and if you do it fast and honorably,” said Hess.

This is an eye opener to all leaders around the world. Most often global crisis and conflict, which has undermined world peace and economic stability, has their small beginning from flaws on executive decisions and policies. Instead to correcting the flaw conflict is sustained as political leadership is adamant to admit and correct mistakes.

Take the case of the MOA-AD between the government and the MILF which resulted in an armed confrontation between the government and the moro rebels. The government panel who negotiated with the MILF for the MOA-AD already knew before hand the impossibility of  formalizing such an agreement without breaking the provision of the Philippine Constitution as it is unlawful to subjugate any portion of the Philippine territory but this has never been corrected by the executive leadership.

This early, the Obama’s administration has been spared of serious criticism because of the president’s ability  and willingness to admit mistakes. Something which the Arroyo’s administration should emulate and may start doing to save whatever is left of itself from further damage. It’s barely two years more to go, with all the controversies surrounding the Arroyo’s administration, is it not about time to say “sorry, I screwed up” again and start reforming the executive branch? This is what the public may want to see, not “cha-cha” or charter change.



  1. This is my first post for this month after I instructed Banong to pitch in as I have been busy lately.

  2. Salamat po sa mga nagbasa at nagbigay ng kanilang mga comments sa mga sinulat ni Banong.
    Salamat Banong, maasahan ka talaga.

    Sabagay mas mahaba ng dalawang beses ang skewer in Obama kay sa iyo. Daanin mo na laang sa dila kapatid, hehehe.

  3. Maybe it is high time leaders start using informal language to a certain extent. Language is not static, and informal language tends to carry more weight. It takes a strength of character for a leader to admit mistakes.

  4. I agree with you Adekunie.People unnecessarily get into conflict because of hard language use. We need to tame down sometimes to bring about peace and sanityof mind in this world.

  5. Let’s talk about love. Gusong malaman ni Pacifico kung may nasusulat ba sa Banal na Aklat kung papaano isasagawa ang sex, hehehe.

    Anyway may bagong poste ako mga kapatid baka gusto ninyong basahin sa

  6. Kap may nasusulat, ang marahas na salita ay nakapagdudulot din ng karasahan. Ngunit ang mahinahon na pananalita ay nakapagdudulot din ng kapayapaan. Hindi kaya ganito ang prinsipyo ni president Obama?

  7. Kap,
    Diplomacy has its own limits. Let there be war that there may be peace. Ang pagako ng pagkakamali ay mabuti paminsan-minsan ngunit in the long run nakakasira ito sa image ng isang pangulo. Sino pa ang maniniwala sa kanyang kung laging ganon. Mali man siya dapat panindigan niya kung ano ang kanyang ginawa. This is where I admire George Bush.

  8. Kap,

    nagbiro na naman kayo. hayan pinagtatawanan na naman nila ang akin.

    paano mo ba mapapantayan ang pantuhog ni Obama e panglitsong baka yata, hahahayyyyy.

  9. Go, go, Girl…

    Yup, kung palagi namang inaamin ang pagkakamali, ang ibig sabihin lang ay tunay na walang experience at nag-aaral pa. Ano yan, trial and error?!

    Yan din ang hinahangaan ko kay Bush, kahit dehins ko gusto ang gera, meron paninindigan

  10. Girl,
    I agree with you that diplomacy has its own limits. But to resort to war to bring aboutr peace is a fallacy.

  11. Banong you miss the point here, we are talking of leadership style and norms of leadership. Better we should focus into the merits of Obama’s “matured approach” in dealing with flaws in executive decisions. We learn and grow from our mistakes, why don’t we acknowledge them in public.

  12. Forget the skewer muna, basahin ninyo ang aking pangbalentay espesyal. Ito ay tungkol sa pag-ibig ng babaeng gustong tumanda na yatang dalaga at naghihintay pa hanggang ngayon.

  13. Tama ka Segundina, kung may dapa i-restrain ngayon ni Obama sa US foreign policies ay iyong policy of war, hehe. Make love lang muna siya not war, di ba mareng chi?

  14. Banong may kuwento ako tungkol sa crush mo. Pasyal ka sa aking site.

  15. Kap,

    Ala, hate na hate ko ang war but in case of foreign invasion ay oks sa akin na ipagtanggol ang inang-bayan. At tsaka laban kay Goyang, heheh.

    The Iraq war which I believe is only gawa-gawa and misled by the findings of CIA ay kasuka-suka. Whatever Dubya’s reasons were, including baka ninirbyos ng husto or oil, the fact remains that during his last term, the bush made the US of A safer.

  16. Ate chi, kap,

    Kunting panahon na lang, fade away ni si goyang, hehehe.

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