Posted by: kidlatanvillage | November 18, 2008

Malacanang and a Change of Leadership in the Senate (Hindi kaya naisahan si senadora Mirriam?)

Banong could only sigh when he narrated to me the change of leadership in the Senate. Villar is out and Enrile is now the Senate president.  Senator Lacson, who endorsed Senator Enrile as a replacement Senator Villar, said that the change in Senate’s leadership was expected after 13 Senators supported a resolution declaring all seats vacant. “It was a collective effort of several senators to get the numbers to change the leader,” he said. 

Senator Jamby Madrigal who is not really a supporter of Enrile but voted just the same for his leadership in the Senate, said that change in the Senate’s leadership had something to do with the C-5 controversy. According to the Senator there’s nothing personal about the ouster of Senator Manny Villar but to protect the interest and integrity of leadership in the Senate. 

But this is not so insofar as Senator Alan Peter Cayetano  is concerned. The switching of support by some senators from Senator Manuel Villar to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile may have something to do with the 2010 presidential elections. In short, according to Banong, they don’t like Senator Manny Villar to be in the Senate’s leadership for as long as he has a political ambition. Political  analyst Manolo Quezon  believes that by ousting Villar from the Senate presidency, his status as front runner in the 2010 presidential polls could be  weakened. “The position [of Senate president] gave Villar a big advantage,” said Joel Rocamora of the Institute of Popular Democracy. 

Likewise for supporting Senator Enrile, Senator Jinggoy Estrada has only revealed that his father, former President Joseph Estrada, is not for Villar. Banong with his limited political views feel so disturbed on the moves of the Senators who ousted Manny Villar from the Senate’s presidential post. Since Villar is leading the polls, senators with presidential ambitions want him out even if Senate’s leadership will go to the administration. 

That’s why Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros  is not happy about the change of leadership in the Senate for it will be Malacanang alone that may benefit from it. Hontiveros fears that giving the leadership of the Senate and House of representatives to Malacañang allies on legislative priorities particularly the move to amend the Constitution. “ We hopethat his election as Senate President would not lead to a unilateral change in the Constitution at the expense of a democratic and broad process to pursue constitutional reform,” she said.

Like representative Risa Hontiveros, Bayan Muna representative Teddy Casiño  also fear that  leadership change in the Senate will also affect the ongoing probes by Congress. He shared the view that it was only Malacanang who may benefit from it. Similarly, other political analyst have also the idea that this untimely change in Senate’s leadership may undermine  the Senate’s independence and sabotaging ongoing investigations on the fertilizer fund scam and the ‘Euro’ generals.” 

On this particular issue, Lacson said Enrile dictating the Senate for the  political agenda of Malacanang may not happen. He assured the public that Senate still remains as an independent body. On his part senator Aquilino Pimentel also said that he will remain an opposition despite a change in leadership of the Senate. Malacanang already said earlier that they respect changes of leadership in the Senate and that it has no intention to undermine the autonomy and independence of the Senate as a co-equal branch of the government. What is important  is for the public to keep its eyes on the Senate and for the Senate to keep its integrity and independence from the executive branch according to Senate’s Blue Ribbon Committee chairman Senator Allan Peter Cayetano.  He is hoping however that the new Senate’s leadership will also respect their “roles as fiscalizers.” 

Another thing that concerns others is Enrile’s appointments in the committee chairmanships which may affect the judiciary and the ongoing Senate probes. Senators Francis Pangilinan and Alan Peter Cayetano have relinquished their posts as majority floor leader and blue ribbon committee chair, respectively as a matter of courtesy.  Pangilinan’s position in the Judicial Bar Council is crucial in screening candidates for the seven vacancies in the High Court next year. It is not clear if he retains his position or would be replaced by someone who is an ally of Malacanang. 

Naisahan ba si Senador Mirriam Defensor Santiago? 

Marami pang maaring mangyari sabi ni Banong na nalulungkot dahil sa pagpapalit ng liderato ng Senado. Maaring hindi rin magtatagal diyan si Enrile depende sa kanyang pakikitungo sa mga Senador. Ang nakapagtataka lang ay kung bakit wala si Senador Mirriam Santiago nang isagawa ang pagpapalit ng liderato. Sinadya kaya ito, napagusapan na sa hinaharap ay siya naman ang magiging pangulo, o naisahan lang siya? Ang isa pang katanungan kung interesado din siya sa posisyon ng pagiging president ng Senado. Kung bilang naisahan man siya, ano kaya ang mga magiging hakbang nito sa mga susunod na araw? Kung noon ay may Jamby-Johnny na asaran, ngayon kaya ay mapapalitanna ito ng Johnny-Mirriam asaran? Nagtatanong lang.



  1. Kap,
    How I wish it could have been the other way around, it’s Mirriam getting Senate’s presidency instead of lolo Johnny. I am more confident Senate could do well in investigating Joc-joc Bolante’s fertilizer scam, and the Euro general’s contingency fund scam.

  2. What kind of drama is this, Ping Lacson endorsing Lolo Johnny for the Senate Presidency, and when voted by 13 senators, he was sworn in by Gringo Honasan. What is this a game of a general?

  3. Remember 13 Senators voted for lolo Johnny, is this a sign of bad luck, hehehe.

  4. Banong,
    I am not pro-Villar but all I could see in his ouster is politics, dirty politics. The C-5 controvery as a reason for his ouster is a big lie. Some senators who voted for the ouster of Villar are presidential aspirants for the 2010 presidential race. Never mind if Malacang shall be the sole beneficiary of Lolo Jhonny being the Senate president for as long as the popularity and momentum of Manny Villar in the race shall slow down.

  5. I am sensing a William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

    The character who was in charge of the assassination was, ironically, Marcus Brutus, a servant and close friend to Julius Caesar. But what would cause a person to kill a close friend?

    Like Brutus, Enrile a close allies to Gloria as administration senator, has a strong political relationship with Malacanang but stronger relationship with Honasan,Lacson and maybe in the military.

    In Roman times, the only way for someone to get close to a person of high rank is if he/she is close to him/her.Brutus also loves Caesar but fears his power.In other words Enrile like Brutus loves Caesar, but would not allow him to rise to power and then turn his back onto the people of Rome.

    I hope this play will end the suffering of Filipino people and the “truth will set us all free.”

    I can smell what Lacson is cooking.He is the one who nominated Enrile, Honasan swear Enrile as the Senate President.Can we see a clearer picture on the crytal ball?

  6. We have yet to hear the reaction from Miriam on the sudden wind of change in the upper chamber. Would it become a chamber of horror if talagang naisahan si Miriam? I could imagine her mouthing frothing with profanities in anger dahil she may claim na nauna siyang lumipat sa poder ni da gloria, very ahead kay Enrile, that stuff.

    Sa isang banda, ito palang si Lito Lapid was really not for Enrile. Akala pala nya, wala nang botohan at yung pagtaas niya ng kamay was to say he’s present at the session hall. He just realized he voted for Enrile nang mabasa nya sa diaryo.

  7. Maganda kung itong haka-haka ni PareCoy ang siyang maging eksena sa pag-upo ni Enrile bilang senate president.

    Katulad nang naiposte ko sa CD, because of the waning age and waning popularity of Enrile, he might just make a bold move to the other side and lead his fellow senators another coup d ‘tat this time against da gloria. Wishful thinking ika nga, but could happen reminiscence of the EDSA ! where he and Honasan could make a reprise.

  8. Medyo naghalungkat ako ng lumang baul to retrieve some news of the same dimension as the Senate reorganization and relevant to the topic.

    In July of 2006, when Manny Villar was elected as Senate President, Miriam said: The Senate is now dominated by a mutant majority.

    The core group of 13 who elected Villar as senate president is composed of both administration and opposition senators. Thus, the new Senate majority is an aberration at birth. If it were a car, it would be a hybrid. If it were a horse, it would be a piebald. Wonders never cease in politics. What we are seeing is the art of the political deal.

    To repeat, that was in 2006.

  9. Na-Wow Mali daw si Senador Lito Lapid sa pagboto kay lolo Juan kaya binabawi na niya ang kanyang boto. From 13 it is reduced to 12 na lang ang supporters ni Apo Enrile. Possible scenario, magkakaroon ng Kudeta na naman sa Senado. If successful this makes lolo Juan’s presidency in Senate the shortest. Meanwhile Tita Mirriam and lolo Aquilino may decide who among them shall be Enrile’s replacement. If Tita Mirriam be the lucky one, she will have more fun playing with the Generals and Malacanang. If lolo Aquilino will be the chosen one, nanganganib si Zubiri sa protesta ng kanyang ijo sa pagka-senador.

  10. Can anyone say that Lito Lapid has displayed any sense of knowing how to respond adversity? Nope! All I know that in Pampanga, the entire village are missing their idiot.

    You gotta wonder what’s going through Lapid’s mind right now.He got to enjoy thinking he made a good decision and he never thought that he really voted for Enrile and he was finally going to reach for a pen to sign his name on the roll call sheet.Maybe he would have won that majority of the senators who’d actually voted for Enrile.

  11. Mayroon akong isang tula na nakulimbat sa dyaryo. Sinulat ng isang kulamnista. Ang pamagat:


  12. Hahahahaha, ang isa pang tawag diyan the “only strike land General.” I need not elaborate.

  13. Congressional hearing on Bolante’s scam is nothing but comedy. The Liar KIng made every congressman a clown. Biro ng aming maid, ano kaya kung puro mga labandera na may dalang palo-palo ang magtatanong kay Bolante tungkol sa fertilizer scam, tiyak daw na sasagot iyan ng matino. Kung hindi gagawin siyang labada, hehehe.

  14. Kap,
    Hindi ka pa nagpaparamdam pero may magandang balita ako sa iyo.
    Pasyal ka muna sa bahay ko at may nangyayaring milagro sa isang Hotel sa Baguio City. Huwag na kayong magtanong pa kung ano iyon basta mabibigla na lang kayong, hehehe.

  15. Siya nga pala Kap, talo na raw ang Reproductive Health Bill sa Congress dahil may number daw ang mga pari at obispo.

  16. hehe…ayos to ah. mukha ngang sinadya yung kudeta sa senado habang wala si miriam. mahirap na baka makihati pa siya sa boto ni manong johnny at di pa mapaalis ng mga “presidentiables” si villar sa puwesto

  17. Tama ka diyan ginoray. Pero sa mga naririnig kung haka-haka baka raw magkagulo itong bagong mayorya sa Senado dahil may mga buwaya daw di umano sa pamumuno ng mga komite. Sabi nga ni mang Aguilino Pimentel, parang halo-halo daw na madaling malusaw at hindi magtatagal ang ganitong uri ng mayorya sa Senado. Ano kaya naman ang pananaw dito nina pareng Cocoy at pareng Joeseg.

  18. oo nga e. natawa na lang ako kanina nung napanuod ko yung interview ni manong johnny with arnold clavio, kampante na ata sa halu-halong mayorya nila. kung ako sa kanya namnamin na niya yung pagkakaupo sa puwesto at baka ilang linggo lang e napalitan na siya ng mga di niya napagbigyan sa hatian.

  19. Ginoray,
    May pananggalang na si Mang Juan para di ma-kudeta sa Senado, iyong pag-ayaw niya sa cha-cha at extension ng termino ni manang Glow. Mukhang nagkakasundo sila dito nina Ping, Mar Roxas, at kay ka Kiko Pangilinan.
    Siya nga pala iyong mga sons of the…, I mean the president, ay nag-deny na sila daw ang nagsusulong at nagpapapirma sa mga Kongresista ng Cha-cha. Sabi naman nitong sikretaryo ng Barangay Kidlatan–maniwala ka diyan. Nadulas na nga si Dureza sa kanyang panalangin kay Lord… Jueting Lord o Drug Lord ba yan ng puwedi ang joking joking, hehehe.

  20. My third eye tells me…ayos lahat ang plano ni Lolo Johnny, Ping at Hudasan. I mean, inayos talaga ang Senate coup at malamang ay aayaw si Lolo J ngayon sa cha-cha. Timbangin…sino ang mas malapit sa puso ni lolo, si Glue o si Ping? Malalim na laro yan, game of the generals.

  21. Kap,

    You mean…Mikey and Dado, the sons of the bitch and the pig, are the ones na nagbebenta ng cha-cha. Sino pa ba ang may pinakamalaking interes sa kapangyarihan kundi sila. SOBs!

  22. Kapitan K

    Kung baga sa mga tsismoso, nagmamanman pa tayo ng mga kaganapan kung ano ang susunod na kabanata dito sa Senado. Nabanggit nga ni Pareng Cocoy na baka biglang magkudeta sa pamumuno uli ni One Ponce Enrile (One) dahil kasangga nya ngayon si Lacson at Honasan. Sabi ko nga, due to waning age and waning popularity, baka nga gustong gumawa uli ng name si One para mapalagay sa history book na kung kasama nyang napatumba si Macoy na kakampi nya noon, siya rin ang magpapatumba kay gloria para siya ang tanghaling da One and only One.

  23. Ito ang nahagilap kong latest pero baka hindi na latest dahil minu-minuto mayroong pagbabago. May party raw sa Forbes Park kung saan nandoon ang mga poor people at may sayawan siempre. Sinimulan na raw ang yugyugan at ang unang tugtug, aba’y dapat isayaw ang ang cha-cha. Ibig sabihin, inilunsad na ang cha-cha. Hindi jokening ang prayer ni Dureza, true yun, Basahin natin:

  24. Nabasa ko ang kolum ni Arnold Clavio at mayroon pala siyang ginawang interview kay Sen. Enrile na One on One with Igan. Tingnan mo nga naman, pareho pa kami ni Arnold sa pagtawag ng One, di ba?

    Anyway, mukhang may dapat tayong abangan kay One kung talagang totoo ang sinasabi nyang magiging independent minded siya.

  25. Maigting na taga pagtanggol ni gloria si Sec. Ermita at mariin nyang pinabulaanan ang kumakalat na chismis na ang cha-cha ay isasayaw na sa Bastusang Pambansa. Ang sabi pa niya, ang binitiwang salita ni gloria na bababa siya sa 2010 ay totoo, it’s good as gold,

    Ang komentaryo naman ni Ninez Olivares sa Tribune ay ganito:

    Her chief aide, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, even had he gumption to say that Gloria’s word is as good as gold. Perhaps so, but only when she starts distributing the gold to her congressional allies to get what she wants from them, which is to ensure for her and her kin and cronies power and position for years and years to come.

  26. For moderation ang comments ko sa CD, lipat ko na lang dito in the meantime:

    There’s an article entitled: CHA-CHA? There will be blood!

    A reader’s comment is posted below the artcle-

    We will mark these bloody statements:

    Sen. Joker Arroyo: “There will be blood. They can pursue it over our dead body. I will oppose it. I am against it. It’s not proper at this time. It’s dead in the water.”

    Sen. Aquilino Pimentel, Jr.: To amend the Constitution “will be bloody, figuratively speaking. They’ll have to overrun two barriers: Tirad Pass of Constitution and Thermophylae defense line of the opposition”.

  27. From Alejandro Lichauco, Daily Tribune, comes this opinion:

    If this regime had even a fraction of the political intelligence attributed to it, it should realize that to proceed with Cha-cha, or announce that it would proceed with Cha-cha, could invite a full-scale rebellion from the AFP and the consequent arrest of the entire government for treason.

    That rebellion already happened twice: The first in Edsa l and the second in Edsa ll. And the question is: What suicidal lunacy drives this regime to invite another full-scale military rebellion? It is weird. For it is a lunacy which can only be explained by the intoxication of power. And if so, it is an intoxication so intoxicating as to drive the regime to nothing less than suicide

  28. si ermita, bilib pa ko dyan dati e. kala ko mahusay, inang yan mahusay lang pala sumunod sa mga utos ni arroyo. si dureza talaga unang tingin ko pa lang dati masagwa na. hehe…

    tanong lang, kung sakaling matigok si gma ngayon (di natin masabi) ganun din si noli boy, ang next in line ba sa trono e si manong johnny?

  29. Ginoray

    Tumpak ang sinabi mo, next in line si One Ponce Enrile. Sa linya ng succession in our political landscape, after the Prexy & VP comes the Senate President, followed by the Speaker of the House and 5th in line is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

  30. Ganun ba, i-coup sana ni Lolo J si Gloria at Noli!

  31. The Freedom of Speech, although a beautiful law that protects citizen to express concern against government corruption and allows us to state our opinion without fear,We as the citizen of our beloved country Philippines have the right to oppose the on going signature drive in Congress to amend the constitution.We the Filipino people is the fourth branches of government and our voices must be heard.

    Start up your computer and start writing your opposition on this Charter Change. Web logging and blogging has long been praised and employed by members of the Arroyo opposition. Most would be surprised and should be concerned that many web log contributors are silent army armed only with computers and laptops dispatched to people in our country. We does not carry badges identifying us as such. Its main mission is to voice our concern for our people and to our government.

    Unfortunately for Filipinos living outside the Philippines, although highly educated, they rely heavily on Google and other search engines for information.The internet is wonderful tools exchanging information.

    I am inviting you to visit my site and sign-in.

    Courtesy of
    Composed by the Cha-Cha Plotters (with apologies to the real Platters)

    When the Senate is gone and my House reps are singing,
    When the Supreme Court is mine, joy comes into my heart.
    And in my Palace I will stay … while I pray.

    My prayer is to stay in power
    At the end of my term, and beyond 2010…

    My prayer is a new ten-year term
    As your Prime Minister, and for life if I can.

    Tonight while the nation’s asleep,
    Oh tell me the words that I’m longing to know

    My prayer, and the answer you give
    May I always be Prez, for as long as I live…

    That I will still be here at the end of ma..haayy… term.

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