Posted by: kidlatanvillage | November 11, 2008

Binay for President (Siya kaya ang magugustuhan ni dating pangulong Erap?)

Inspired by the success of the Democrats in bringing to the White House Barack Obama, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay already signified his intention to run for the 2010 presidential race. If ever he makes good with his declaration on the occasion of his 66 birthday at the Makati City Hall and win, then  he will be the first “maitim” (dark complexion) president of the Philippines.

“Handa akong tanggapin ang hamon ng ating mga kasamahan (I’m ready to accept my party’s challenge). I’m available as a candidate for president,” he said. 

But what has really driven this president of the United Opposition who has been a Mayor of a premier district in the country for 19 years to run for the presidency?  First, Binay believes that the 2010 presidential elections will reflect the sentiments of the Filipinos for a change and good governance. And it is a clamor for change that made Barack Obama win in the recently concluded US presidential election. In fact some Filipino commentators call him ‘Jo-bama’ (Jojo and Obama) because of his dark complexion. However Binay’s said his decision was entirely based on words of encouragement he has been receiving all over the country. 

Among the names that already surfaced as possible contenders for the 2010  presidential election  it is only Binay, like US president-elect Barack Obama, who is perceived by some political observers as the dark horse.” However, does his declaration to run for president have the blessings of former president Joseph Estrada, the opposition’s titular head who now considers himself as a kingmaker? But this former Rambotito (name given him for protecting then President Corazon Aquino from various military attempts to overthrow her government) has this to say, “Tungkol kay Pangulong Erap, antabayanan na lang natin kung ano ang kanyang magugustuhan (Let’s just wait on what President Erap had to say).” But should he be chosen and push through with his candidacy, he would be running under the banner of the Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino-Laban (PDP-Laban).

Binay’s supporters like Jericho Bustamante  believes he can be a great president of this country. Whatever good things Binay had done to Makati  could also be duplicated on the other parts of the country if elected as the President of the Philippines. 

Siya na kaya ang susunod na maging president eng Pilipinas? Mukhang astig ang datin nitong si  Ka Jojo Binay bilang isa sa mga presidentiables ng 2010 presidential election. Siya na kaya ang tinatawag na Barack Obama ng Pilipinas? Pero bilang paghahambing talaga bang taglay din niya ang charisma nitong bagon halal na pangulo na Estados Unidos? Anong sey ninyo?




  1. Kapitan K

    There’s an article, Filipinos can do an Obama and in the last paragraph, it says: Obama was not entirely correct when he said it is only in the United States of America where someone can defy the odds and win.

    I think it’s only a sheer coincidence that Mayor Binay made the announcement of his running for the presidency and this article coming out.

    But who is really Jesus Jose Maria Binay, better known as Jejomar? Aside from being Makati Mayor for 19 years, can he do an Obama and make it to Malacanang?

  2. For the biography of Mayor Jojo Binay, here’s two links:

  3. I don’t know.

    But I think he is better than others who intend to run Pinas.

    Mar Roxas commented that Binay’s announcement further divides the opposition. Yeah, right, para namang may oposisyon!

    Buti yan, labu-labo kayo, tingnan kung magpaparaos si Gloria.

  4. Mas mabuti na maagang nagdeklara ng intensyon si Binay para ma-preempt kahit papaano ang cha-cha ni Gloria.

    Kapag meron ng ganyan ay alive and kicking ang mga tao at pwedeng maging daan ng pagkaunsyami ni pandakekak.

    Sige, yung mga nahihiya pa kunwari, atat na atat naman na mag-presidente ay magdeklara na rin kayo ng maaga para wala ng magawa si Gloria. Magaling na preemptive measure yang ginawa ni Binay. While others are pa coy-coy pa, una na si Binay.

    His is an excellent move to awaken the pinoys from slumber.

  5. Binay can be a good President. Suportado namin siya because of his pro-poor policy. Imagine Binay has been sending poor children to the school and poor families are assisted to be able to help themselves. Binay’s political rivals may disagree on this but what Rambotito is doing is great. Sharing the wealth of the rich to the poor that they become contributing units of the society too. I believe the rich may benefit from the development of the poor. If Binay can do this to the entire country, then the Philippines will be great again. I know some oppositions would give way to Binay if ever he will be the chosen one of President Erap.

  6. Kahit si Senador Lacson at si Senador Escudero ay walang tutol kung si Ka Jojo Binay ang tatakbo sa pagkapangulo. Anong malay natin baka siya ang magugustuhan ng mga tao at maging mabuting pangulo naman si ka Jojo kung sakaling manalo siya.

    Ang hindi ko lang gusto ay iyong pagtatawa at komento ni Sen. Mirriam Defensor Santiago sa pagpapahayag ni Ka Jojo Binay ng kanyang kandidatura. Sa basa ko lang sa kanya, walang pinag-iba ang isang Jojo Binay sa isang Bayani Fernando na kumakandidato rin sa pagkapangulo.

  7. Jojo Binay has credibility to run as president and will make mincemeat of Bayani Fernando kung sila lang dalawa ang maglalaban.

    Sa obserbasyon ko kay Jo-Bama, kaya siya nag-announce nang maaga is for his group to start nationwide campaign thru launching grassroots organization to support him. To be able to reach the masa, it should be early because as all of us know, all other wannabes are already rounding the provinces long before. Bayani Fernando was an early bird whose posters were already seen in many places, even in the cemeteries. Ganun talaga, the dead have been voting since time immemorial.

  8. Hey a lot of people now are talking about the Jo-Bama in 2010. I heard some bulung-bulungang that Erap is now thinking hard on Jo-Bama as a candidate to win in the 2010. Many administration leaning politicians are now studying Binay. Many of them jump ship should they learn Binay has a large edge against the other presidentiables.

  9. By the way Captain Brochador and Hillary alyas Sarah Palin have already met. Brochahan na naman ito ng katakot-takot, hehehe.

  10. This is a good news.–The Birth of pinoy Jesus Christ.
    I hope he’ll win so that my eldest brother will buy me a round trip ticket for his inauguration ball.Binay is my brother classmate and buddy during their time in UP aspiring to become a lawyer and they both passed the bar exam in 1968.Although they parted ways when my brother decided to live in America.They remain close.

  11. Binay is consistent in his stand. I like that.

  12. Saka head-on kung supalpalin niya si Gloria at mga hinayupaks sa EK. I like that too.

  13. Manay Chi

    Hindi ko maintidihan ang statement ni Mar Roxas that Binay’s candidacy is dividing the opposition. Hindi ba he also consider himself as an opposition? Eh ano ang masasabi nya sa kanyang sarili for having announced his similar quest for presidency long time ago? Kung ganun, siya ang unang sumisira sa opposition o baka naman siya ang kandidato ng administrasyon after all.

    The internet is already being bombarded with things about Mr. Palengke like this one:

  14. Kapag nagkatotoo at tuluyang kumandidato at nanalo si Jejomar Binay bilang presidente, aba eh tayo na ang magiging pinagpala sa buong mundo at unang matutuwa ang Papa sa Roma. Mantakin nyo, swak na swak sa topic na ito ni Kapitan K at ni PareCoy sa kabila-

    Jejomar: Jesus, Jose, Maria …

  15. Manong Joe,
    Kay Binay ako, mas may tiwala ako kay Binay ke kay Fernando, hehehe.

  16. Kilala namin iyang si Binay bilang isang taga Makati, saludo kami sa kanyang mga programa. May puso siya para sa mga mahihirap. At saka si Binay nagsisilbing tulay iyan nang magka-isa ang mga mahihirap at mayayaman. Nakikinabang ang mga mahihirap sa buis ng mga mayayaman,nakikinabang din ang mga mayayaman sa serbisyo ng mga mahihirap. Through education and social services Binay could bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Social mobility is for all. Binay is a pragmatic leader, he is always on the practical side of governance. Naglilibot na iyan sa buong bansa at marami nang sumusuporta sa kanya. Binay is not a man who says something na walang basehan. May basehan ang pagsasabi niya na nais niyang sumali sa 2010 election bilang kandidato sa pagkapangulo. If given a chance with his pragmatic approach to governance, he can unite the entire country.
    Sabi nga ni Captain Brochador–I only have one foot but I still have two hands to serve. Si Binay kumpleto ang paa at kamay, kayang-kaya niyang pag-isahin ang bansa para sa isang maunlad na kinabukasan.

  17. Haharap na sa Senado si Bolante ngayon. Dapat ay magsabi siya ng totoo dahil ito lang ang daan na mabibigyan ng katarungan ang pagwaldas ng pera ng bayan.
    Kapag nanalo iyang si “Jobama Binay” ng pagka-presidente, lagot ka Bolante dahil isa di umano ang Makati sa mga tumanggap ng fertilizer fund e wala namang sakahan dito.
    Gusto kitang ipagtanggol laban sa mga kumukutya sa iyo. Ayaw kung sabihin nila na isa kang “testicular coward.”

  18. Headline sa Abante Tonite: PALASYO, NAGPISTA

    Nagpista ang buong Malacañang sa ginawang pag-absuwelto ni dating Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante kay Pangulong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sa P728 milyong fertilizer fund scam sa pagharap nito sa Senado kahapon.

    Kapwa sinabi nina Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Gabriel Claudio at Deputy Presidential Spokeswoman Lorelei Fajardo na malugod nilang tinatanggap ang klaripikasyon ni Bolante at iginiit na ito ay totoo.
    Tiniyak naman ni Fajardo na bago ang testimonya ni Bolante ay wala itong naging komunikasyon sa Malacañang.
    Hahaha!!! Katotohanan o guniguni?!!

  19. i’m searching the archives for other presidentiables and how media and the bloggers treated it. It seems the announcement of Jojo Binay occupied more space as could be gleaned from newspapers accounts and blogsites I went into. This could mean only one thing. Some quarters are not taking Binay’s entry into the presidential derby for granted.

  20. Kap,
    Nakakapika itong si Joc-joc Bolante sa pagsisinungaling. Tumaas ang presyon ng dugo ko nang sabihin niyang siya lang ang may pakana ng lahat at walang kinalaman dito ang presidente. Mabuti na lang kinampihan ako ni Banong sa pagsasabi niya sa ginawa ni Bolante na “Liar, liar, liar!”

  21. Ay naghigh-blood na naman itong si paraluman dahil hindi raw niya ma-take iyong pagsisinungaling ni Bolante. Sabi naman ni Tita Mirriam ginawa niya iyon out of necessity, hehehe. Puntahan ninyo itong site ni Colegiala girl at lomolobo na ang ilong niya sa galit

  22. Hoy Banong hindi ako nagha-high blood, naiinis lang dahil well rehearsed itong lolo mo sa pagsisinungaling. Imagine nang tinanong siya ni Senator Pimentel kung kilala niya si Jose de Venecia Jr. ay hindi pa niya ito nakilala. Expected na iyan Banong kagaya ng panliligaw mo na naman kay Segundina.

  23. Kap,
    Malakas ang alingawngaw ni Binay sa mga blog.

  24. Kung seryoso si Binay, dapat ay magsimula na silang mag-barangay style discussion sa mga kanayunan kung saan ang karamihan sa mga voters ay hawak ni mayor.

    It’s time to transcend their voting consciousness to the level where they can benefit from it.

  25. Manay Chi

    Jojo Binay is now in its recruitment activities in the grassroots level and bloggers are fast and furious on their different opinion on why or why not Binay should run. Which means, his candidacy has quite an impact to the extend that this early, his detractors are commenting on sins of ommission and commission. Kung ating susuriin, mMas pinaguusapan si Binay sa mga kapehan at internet kesa sa mga alipores ni gloria.

  26. In the meantime, medyo nagkakatotoo ang aking nauna nang comment na mahihirapan ang Senado na pigain si jocjoc. Sa isang dyaryo, naka-headline na JOCJOC wins the First Round!

    SENATE probers of the P728-million fertilizer scam failed to pin down mastermind suspect Jocelyn “Joc-joc” Bolante at last Thursday’s hearing and have had to release him under close surveillance.

    Unable to get straight answers from Joc-joc, Senate finance committee chair Sen. Miriam Santiago said she came close to having “a heart attack.”

    Assailed by Bolante’s revelation of alleged poderoso and kurakoted (power and plunder) in the handling of the fertilizer fund, Sen. Mar Roxas could but mutter mahirap tanggapin (it was difficult to accept).

    Santiago, on the brink of a cardiac failure, gasped at Joc-joc’s “unparalleled authority… (that) not even I as senator does not have.”

  27. From Lito Banayo, Malaya:

    “Even the bombastic Miriam was no match to the bolantic liar. He was simply unflappable. Tony Zulueta coached him well. The atmosphere at St. Luke’s was conducive to non-conversion. The Holy Spirit could not move Joc Joc from his bolantic obfuscations and prevarications….”

    Please read the whole column:

  28. Kahit nga po iyong madre na nagsa-shower sa kanya ng positive viration ay siya ang na-vibrator ng kasinungalingan ng pak-hinayu na Bolanteng iyan.
    Pisilin ang yag-ba ni Bolante nang di na makapagsinungaling!!!!
    Nagkaregla tuloy ako nang wala sa oras dahil sa pagsisinungaling nga gagong iyan.

  29. si binay ay may laban… nadadama ko na…

    thou mas maingay ang existence ni BF…

    do we have another choice pa ba ang tanong?

  30. Bolante’s dishonesty is a reflection of political leadership depth of corruption in the country.
    I have also written a related article on this,

  31. Another scam sa PNP ang ibinulgar ni Senador Mirriam Santiago, iyong recruitment scam. Aba more or less na 600M pesos din ang involved dito, hehehe.
    Problema natin ngayon, nagresign na si Senador Villar. Paano iyan matutuloy pa ba ang mga imbestigasyon ng Senado ngayon na nagsisiresign na ang mga senador natin sa kanilang mga chairmanship. Heavy talaga, ang galing naman ang timing nila.
    Bayan, sino ang may pakana nito?

  32. With Enrile as senate president who was a virulent critic but strangely has transformed to be an staunch ally of the gloria, the case of bolante will now be relegated to the dustbin of history as the fertilizer scam that never was. The hearing will be concluded with Bolante as a free man because he was never involve in any of those being charged against him. It’s all the media that created it at pinalaki ng mga bloggers ang kaso. And it will include the case of the euro generals. Wala nang lahat yan.

    I hope I’m wrong in my prognosis.

  33. Siguradong sandamakmak na high fives ang mga maka-Binay sa makakabasa nitong kolum ni Rod Kapunan @Daily Tribune :

    Sa punto kasi ng kung sino ang tunay na oposisyon na umaarangkadang magpalaot para sa pagka pangulo sa 2010, si Jojo Binay lamang ang matatawag na ganun simula sa panahon ni Erap magpahanggang ngayon.

  34. Isa-isahin natin ang nagsasabing oposisyon sila.

    1. Villar, dating kaalyado ni Erap, bumaligtad.
    2. Roxas, dating DTI secretary ni Erap, bumaligtad.
    3. Loren, dating kakampi ni gloria vs. Erap, kumampi lang kay FPJ para maging VP candidate.
    4. Lacson, kaalyado ni Erap, nagpilit lumaban kay FPJ, winasak ang oposisyon, malaking bagay sa pagka bawas ng boto ni FPJ.
    5. Escudero, hindi nga lumipat ng partido pero ang NPC where he is affiliated is presently in coalition with gloria’s Kampi.
    6. Pangilinan, noted for his “noted” during gloria vs. FPJ canvassing and belonging to the Wednesday group ni Noli de Castro.

    Mabuti pa si Elly Pamatong, hindi nagpapalipat lipat and consistently clinging to his party, the Christmas Party.

  35. Si Binay, hindi natinag sa pagiging oposisyon.

    Sa ating pagka-alam, sya lamang ang buong tinding binabanatan ng administrasyon at ilang attempts na gustong ikulong. Nanatiling nasa unahan o sumusuporta sa mga rallies at demos vs. gloria. Ang mga nabanggit sa itaas, puro praise release at press release lang vs. gloria. Hindi sila naulanan o naiinitan sa paglakad sa kalsada. Si Binay, lalong nangitim kaya siya ngayon ang tinatawag na dark horse.

    Kinikilatis pa lang natin dahil malayo pa naman ang laban. Siguro naman, magkakaroon pa ng realignment ito at makikita naitn kung sino ang pinaka sa kanila sa takdang panahon.

  36. Kung magiging oposisyon na si Enrile, malaking sagabal ito kay Binay dahil hindi sila nagkakasundo politically because of Martial law. Rember anti-Marcos si Binay? Nang si President Cory ang pangulo, si Enrile naman ang itinuturong may pakana ng mga Kudeta. Kaya nga hindi bumoto sina Noynoy at Pimentel kay Enrile sa paghirang sa kanya bilang Senate President. Sigurado ako suportado ni Tita Cory si Binay at siguro pati na rin si dating pangulong Erap. Magkawatak-watak nga lang ang oposisyon sa 2010 dahil sa pagkakaiba ng prinsipyo at political agenda itong mga presidentiables.
    Sa pagiging oposisyon solido talaga si Binay because of his connection with Cory and Erap. Si Villar naman ay may posibilidad ding bumaliktad at umanib sa administrasyon. Noli- Manny tandem baka lyamado pa dito si tita Glue.

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