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Destiny and Credibility, Looking for an Alternative Presidential Candidate

Tisay is an apolitical person, she is not interested with politicians and political parties. She is interested with performance. As an HR specialist and a management trainor she has her own yardstick of performance. I know she had been tapped before to conduct strategic planning and management audit for government offices. 

But I am glad she is no president of the Philippines, and never in my dream have I wanted her to be so, or else she should have appointed Britney as the Trade and Industry Secretary, and Banong as the Executive Secretary. I know this is next to impossible but for the sake of argument I asked her, “what is your basis on appointing this two ordinary village folks from holding sensitive government post?” But she gladly answered me, “at the rate we are going, even a janitor can serve as the president of the country.” What? No way, not in my own system I rest the future of my children to a Janitor. But knowing Tisay argumentative as she is, she explained to me why. Itong her cousin never finished high school and worked as a janitor for years all of a sudden became a millionaire. He put up his own business in janitorial services and made good at it. “But this is Philippines Tisay, not some kind of comfort rooms, hallways, and function rooms to be cleaned,” I told her. “Why, isn’t this country and government some needed cleaning as well?” She retorted back. 

My wife doesn’t give up easily on people. Not even those “pompous jesters” in the government. Being a trainor, she sees opportunities in everything including mediocrity. Her usual expression, “do not listen to the voice of judgment.” Probably this is the reason she selected me instead of Atty. de Kililing to be her hubby. I know there were so many discouragements she received from her friends when I was courting her. But I am glad with her creed, “not to listen to the voice of judgment.” To date I am still figuring it out why she married me, is it because of love or an opportunity to develop one nitwit like me for a life time?  But for my own sanity I’d rather think it was because of love not for anything else. 

Tisay’s framework for effective leadership goes outside the box, not the traditional line or boundaries of relegating to politicians political boundaries. She does not believe that the politicians have the monopoly knowledge and experience to lead this country. She goes for alternative leaders. Not the trapos or traditional politicians but men of great intellect, unblemished reputation in public service, people who could exercise sense of fairness and justice, transparent, sensitive to the needs of the people, have control of themselves and their environment, courageous, not easily dissuaded nor influenced by the pressure of peers, etc. 

“And what do you have in mind,” I asked her. But she did no categorically answer me. She just said many. “How about Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, is he one of those you have in mind?” Again she threw back to question to me, “did you not set a criteria? Does he pass those criteria?” I just smiled; Tisay is so witty enough to avoid being trapped. 

Even the chief justice himself had no categorical answer when asked if he would consider becoming the next president of the country during his private visit in Puerto Princesa. All he said, it’s a destiny to be president.   

But if you ask Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn, Chief Justice Puno has the credibility and a track record in the judiciary to run as an alternative candidate for the presidency. He will be retiring by 2010 and very much qualified to become the next president.  Hagedorn said, “I just could not see anyone with sufficient credibility. Not until the Chief Justice came, especially after deciding the corruption case against the Court of Appeals Justices.”




  1. Kap,
    I don’t know much about Chief Justice Reynato Puno, but you are correct we need alternative candidates for the 2010 election, the one with integrity, loyalty, credibility, and good track record in government service.

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  3. Doc.
    Salamat sa health drinks, papasyalan kita doon nang makainom nito bago ubusin ng taga Malacanang, hahaha.

  4. Kung hindi mo pa kilala si Justice Puno, magtanim ka ng puno para sa 2010 baka siya pa ang italaga ng kapalaran or destiny na maging pangulo.

  5. Kap,
    The reason most people fail in many of their endeavors (whatever is it) is lack of faith in their abilities. That’s the voice of judgement. If you give your ears to negative comments and will not do something to overcome it you will be eaten up by your fears of failures.

  6. I rather prefer Justice Puno than Bayani Fernando.I don’t agree with Bayani’s Vision of Metro Guapo.Mga guapo na ang mga pinoy.He said that along EDSA there is no speed limit.Motorist can go zoom-zoom and to solve the traffic congestion he is proposing to turn all the stop light to green light for the reason that every vehicle stop on the intersection when the light are red.Hehehehe

  7. Heheheheh, green light, tapos overspeeding, pagdating sa kanto biglang liko, ay delikado.

    Magtanim na lang ako ng puno sa Malacanang. Mas maganda ito clean and green. Masasalba ang ating mga kagubatan sa dami ng punong itatanim, hehehe.

  8. Saleslady, este secondlady hanggang dito ba naman dala mo pa ang seminar hall, hehehe. Team building iyang sinasabi mo ha. Biro lang ha, baka kurutin mo na naman ako, titiradorin kita.

    Anyway, I agree with Kap that we should consider not the trapos but credible people who have the vision and courage to lead this country to regain its lost glory in the past and secure the future of the Filipinos. It doesn’t matter who he is, huwag lang iyong peke.

  9. Can alternative presidential candidates consider and follow this development path?

    There are so many things to be corrected in our system. First the politicians and the leadership need to be reformed. The people too so that they can be partakers in the development efforts.
    Development planning should start from the grassroots not from the airconditioned offices of these government officials because they don’t see the reality of life in the field. If they have the genuine interest for reform and emancipate the poor from the degrading conditions of poverty, and if they have the courage and the will to sacrifice, then they shall meet with the people in the rural areas and among the urban poor in a regular basis, not just for publicity but serious effort to know and understand their problems and needs and discuss with them the measures/solutions on how to go about them. The thing is the government, in general, is planning for the development of the poor without prior consultation. A paradigm shift is needed to deal with poverty problems iin the country. Many NGO’s have experience some success on this method even if it is in the micro level only. I could attest on this being a community organizer myself. Again we go back to the fundamental issues of technocratic and bureaucratic system of development where economic growth is visible only to the rich and the capitalist leaving behind the poorest of the poor. This country needs a comprehensive development efforts where both the people and the government are partners. Not just the polticians and their cohorts in the system calling the shots.
    The government talks about people’s empowerment but it doesn’t show in their methods and efforts. Some years back we conducted an study on the involvement and engagement of the grassroots (particularly the indigenous people) in planning and decision making for rural based development projects. Most of them are unaware on this right. Many think it is the prerogative of the officials to define their problems and determine project which they think useful to them (the clientele or stakeholders). Why local officials alone, why selected Barangay officials alone, not the majority of these people? The answere is they are not yet prepared. If so why did the government not send field workers to train them? The analysis shows that the more the people are empowered to participate in development efforts the lesser are the chances for the politicians to have control on them and their resources. This is bungling with the goverment vision of a developed and impowered population from the central to the local government level. Bring the necessary efforts to empower the people, enhance their capacity to be productive and feed themselves, sustain this effort with manpower, technical, and capital resources if you will not see a progressive community of people all over the country. Better invest on the dreams of people rather than spending billions of pesos for bullets and bombs to quell armed conflicts. A progressive nation is tantamount to a secured population. The blueprint had been set before for long-term development plans. Corruption in the government has overtaken it anyway. And Vietnam, ravaged by war in the past, has already overtaken us.

  10. If Justice Puno be elected as president can he satisfy Jackass on this?

    This is how to change that picture Jackass. Restore people’s belief on themselves, link them and mobilize government resources (as the leadership has promised) for their social and economic transformation. Give them the necessarily livelihood projects and monitor their progress. Do not take advantage of them. Let the English speaking people learn the local dialect, send them to the remote villages to effect change, let their facility of communication and knowledge of law and governance be applied and used to promote and protect the interest of the people. This is the only way you can break the chain of ignorance, illiteracy, and you can have a productive, empowered, and functional Filipinos who you can be proud of.

  11. Si Puno ba ang tatakbong presidente baka kapag nanalo iyan ay mapupuno na naman ang tao.Reject na si Bayani Fernando sa akin.Kinotongan ng MMDA traffic enforcer ang boyfriend ko dahil nag zoom zoom sa EDSA tapos sasabihin pala niya na walang speed limit doon.Pwedi ko ng turuan ang lola ko na magmaneho doon kahit 15mph pala ay pwedi na ang takbo niya dahil walang speed limit.

  12. Kimuchi,
    Si Banong ito, wala si Kap kaya ako naman ngayon ang magwawala, hahahayyy.
    Pawedi na rin natin siguro patakbohin doon ang mga pagong at pawikan tutal wala namang speed limit doon, hehehe.

  13. Kimuchi, binasted ako ni Colegiala. Kala ko kasi naghahanap siya ng one-woman man, ako iyon, pero iba pala ang gusto niya. Akala ko kasi ako ang hinahanap niyang residente, residente din naman ako noon sa klinika ng beterenaryo, taga punas ng puwet ng mga pasyenteng pusa at aso hehehe.
    Binigyan ako ng pag-asa iyong pala maghihintay pa ng isang daang taon. Ano ang tingin niya sa pag-ibig ko centennial love?
    Napakasakit ate kimuchi.

  14. Colegiala,
    Your basic argument about people’s empowerment as a catalyst for change may be one good “plataporma” for those who want to run as an alternative candidate for the 2010 election. But we have to be realistic that there are candidates who may “promise the moon and the stars” and people may just fall victim again on these promises plus the party’s effort to win their votes. We have to be realistic, it would be difficult for an alternative candidate to run under a political party lest he will compromise with the party on policies.

    Kap, I am for alternative candidates but I am also aware how difficult for them to compete with party supported candidates.

  15. Buti nga sa iyo Banong, you are always out of place. Marunong ka ba talagang manligaw?

  16. isang matatag at matayog ba na puno ang kailangan ng ating bansa?

    hindi ko rin alam, pero mahalaga parin sa akin ang pinunong may takot sa diyos.

    hindi pinunong gagamitin ang diyos ha? iba po iyon. hehe

  17. Sana naman ay magkakaroon tayo ng pinuno na makatao at tunay na may takot sa Diyos.

  18. If there’s someone who can set aside his/herself for the good of the country, I’m for this person.

    Nakakulong si Gen/ Lim at Trillanes, sila lang ang tumutugon sa gusto kong profile.

  19. Kap,

    Dalawang bagay lang ang tiyak ko ay dala ng karma/destiny: ang maging pangulo ng isang bansa, at ang panalo sa lotto/sweepstakes. heheh!

  20. In case of Gloria, the influencial few hammered a nail on that possibility…naging collective karma tuloy. I remember the late Max Soliven, he often wrote along this line.

    Pero yung panalo sa lotto ang gusto ko, marami akong matuturuan na mahihirap. Ang sabi nga: turuan mong mangisda ang isang tao at hindi siya manghihingi at magiging kawawa.

  21. Nang umpisahan nang makipagtalik ni Congressman Banong kay Merly ang sabi niya dito, “dadalhin kita sa glorya.” Ang sagot naman ng starlet “huwag sa Malacanang,” hehehe.

  22. Banong,
    Ikaw ha salawahan ka pala. Pinakyaw mo na si yhen at Colegiala, hahaha. Paano iyan you are basted na naman, LOL.

  23. Ate Chi,
    Karma pala ang maging presidente ng Pilipinas, haha. But I like the second one, to win the lotto.
    But seriously speaking, Trillianes has the bearing of a good president. I am with you on this. Lim can be a good vice-president too if given a chance to serve the country. Both holding the highest position of the land may effect the needed change to catapult this country into progress. What do you think Kap?

  24. Kapitan K

    This is a good topic. There’s a another blog I read few weeks ago where the bloggers were asked to list down the names of their perceived personalities who qualify as an alternative candidate in 2010 kung magkaka-election. Unfortunately for Justice Puno, wala siya sa listahan sa mga nabasa ko and it’s only when Mayor Hagedorn pinpointed Puno as one better alternative (aside from Hagedorn, of course) nagkaroon ng usapan at interes tungkol sa kanya.

  25. Like many others, we really wanted to have a leader that will have the honest to goodness objective for good governance na matagal nating hinahanap. And it’s something that we should really try doing, search for a better man or woman even how futile that search will become.

    Who knows, Puno might be the ONE pagdating ng election or anybody we did not thought of before. Some people to say na wala nang pwede is pure nega. And as Manay Chi said, Gen. Danilo Lim and Sen. Trillanes (if he’s qualified) fit the profile of her choice. Marami pang iba. Huwag tayong mawalan ng pag-asa. It happened in Pampanga where a priest in the person of Among Ed, defying all ods, made it.

  26. Pareng Joe,
    Tama ka sa sinabi mo na marami pa diyan, si Justice Puno ay isa lang sa mga maaring pagpipilian.Ako ay naniniwala na bawat isa sa atin ay may kakayahan na mamuno, dangan nga lamang may mga natatangi talaga ang kanilang dunong, tapang, kakayahan, at karanasan para mamuno. Dito ako umaasa, na habang may buhay pa diyan na Pilipino, laging may magmamalasakit at inaasahang mamumuno para sa ating bansa.

  27. Napasabak ‘ata kayo sa sa CD nina Ka Chi, artsee, at Colegiala kina Sumulong, hehehe. Naglabas na ng kanyang artilirya si Mer. Mayamaya nandiyan na diyan si Segundina. Wala sa dami ng mga matitinik sa CD, hindi uubra ang mga bara-barang pag-iisip.

  28. Tindi talaga ng birada ni Colegiala Girl, aywan ko kung hindi makahalata si Sumulong na kung sa baril, paltik lang ang gamit nya sa artilirya kamo ni Mer. Iisa ang linya noong taong yun, at paurong pa. Biro mo, ang poste nya, ginugulpe pa ang mga mishaving children sa school. Sabi ko nga, panahon pa siguro ni Rizal (pasintabi sa mga kagalang galang na Rizalista) yong sinasabi nya. Ngayon natin gawin sa mga pupils, demanda ang abot natin. Yon ay kung hindi sya resbakan ng erpat ng ginulping bata.

  29. Natulog na tuloy si Sumulong sa takot sa pedagogy ni Mer Pints, heheh!

  30. Grabe ang gagaling ng mga banat ninyo, hahaha.

  31. Ano klaseng Puno ang itatanim natin sa Malakanyang?

    Puno ng Balimbing o puno ng mangga katulad ng itinatanim ni Cocoy.

    Baka mamaya maging petsay na lang.HIHIHIHIHI>

  32. Kimuch,
    Puno ng balimbing, hahahahaha!

  33. Anyway Kimuch I want any presidentiable to consider this perspective in their “plataporma of government.”

    There are two directions of development “down ward” and “upward” processes. Downward when social and economic development assessment and planning is left alone on the hands of those in the government. Upward, when the grassroots are involved (participatory) in the assessment of community needs and problems, planning solutions, resource mobilization, and implementing solutions. NGOs and some government services have gone into it. Example is the Kalahi Cidds program of the DSWD. What is more realistic here in terms of devlopment approach is a combination efforts/partnership between the govenment and the people. This may take sometime to realize it but it is effective. The government cannot solve all the problems of the country, not the promises made by the politicians, it needs to enlist and harness people’s participation (granting the goverment leadership is not corrupt).

    Too much of these myths on causes of poverty, they have been busted. There is no such thing as lazy people, we need a system that motivates people to work hard, productive, socially aware and capabale. Remember development is not economic alone, it is social so people need to learn good values and express them in terms of performance. In many of the comments in this blog such observatio/idea had been sufficiently discussed and illucidated.

    We don’t rest all responsibility in the hands of the government to effect change and progress for the general welfare and interest of the people and this country. Although it is primarily of this reason that we need a state and a functional system of governance. It is the government that plays a pivotal role in people’s development. One should understand that the government’s attention is always called upon when it remisses with this responsibility. This should not be mis-interpreted as hoping everything to the government such as food, shelter, employment, etc. Much of the efforts for these thing are people’s responsibility.

    We need all sectors of the society to work as one cohesive mechanism for change. We need to bridge the gap and animosities between the rich and the poor so the progress of one will be the progress of all. The Government in its visions and goals should address this pressing issue according to its mandates not on the hidden agenda/objectives of the politicians. It is the evil of too much corruption and politicking in the government that retarted this important mechanism for our social stability and progress.

    It is a parody that political leadership alone could save this country nor the people themselves could be heroes to save this country. We all need to work together as a unified system of change and development. Change emanates from the people specially those who run the government.

  34. Kararating ko lang dahil may praktis si JR ko.Ang gagaling ng banat ninyo talaga.Halos naubos ang stock kong kapeng barako dahil maraming customer.

    Hehehehe.Puno ng Balimbing ba Kimuchi.

  35. Kapitan K

    Tindi rin nitong iyong banat. Natameme ako dun sa CD upon reading it. One time, I heard Dr. Onofre Corpuz when he was UP and concurently president of the Development Academy of the Philippines speaking on similar terms.

    Ito namang si Sumulong, pinuri si Jackass pero sinupalpal siya. I don’t know kung susulong pa si Sumulong sa ganung sitwasyon.

  36. Pareng Joe,
    Salamat. Product din tayo ng DAP technology, iyong dating Junior Executive Training. Later sa Capacity Enhancement Program at Team Building. Si Kapitana ay dating DAP project officer at management trainor. Nagkaroon din ako ng pagkakataon na naging writer para sa isang project ng DAP sa DAR. Nabanggit mo kasi ang DAP at ito ang aking munting ala-ala with the agency.

  37. Advancement in technology has its own merits and demerits. What you mention is a problem when manpower resources have been overtaken by machines. The advancement of Information technology has restructured but undermined our organizational system such as operational procedures, staffing pattern, communication, physical facilities, etc. What used to be an organizational task performed by man is now relegated to machines. Of course there is an advantage of this system in terms of reducing operational cost but then it denies a number of theiremployment and sources of livelihood. But this is not only the problem of a developing country but even the most developed economy in the world. Solution, going back to the basic. It is high time to refocus the direction of our economic productivity from industrialization to agricultural production. This has been neglected for years. We need to be practical and flexible, we need to be industrialized but we must also realize that we will be competing with the first world economy where their technology and state of industrialization is far superior than ours. But in terms of food production and other spheres of economic activity we have the advantage. But we need machines, we need capital, and we need fertilizers, etc. as well as technical assistance. If our government is not only ladened with corruption, this will be an area where goverment resources and assistance should be channeled.

    Since Marcos time to the present we have been talking about the redistribution of development to the countryside. The primary objective is to bring social equity and transformation by equipping the poor the capacitiy to grow and develop socially and economically so as to narrow down or bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in terms of opportunities. But counter productive political interplays/ interventions have debased all the efforts and resource applied to realize such goals and objectives.

    You mentioned about capital loans, grants, and training programs that have never met its objectives/goals because simply registered for the attendance and then receive the certificates witout learning anything. These are flaws in the implementations of development programs, these are evils in the system that need to be corrected, this is greed and lack of moral servitude by unpatriotic public servants/officials who have been entrusted such duties and responsibilities. This is a tragedy in public servie and governace that need to be rectified.

    Again your doubts whether or not micro-developments are feasible and that each number of success when combined together may may also translate iat the macro level may not necessarily be urealistic when you don’t observe massive and widespread results. What goes wrong with it is not the intent to engage on such endeavor but on the process of implementation that need to be corrected. The problem, it is for us to spot failure that looking at the process and know what went wrong. Development works in this perspective on expressions of dismay when you experience failure. I know micro development works because I have experience it with people. This is where we apply problem-solving approach such as fact finding, interpreting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions and recommendations, planning solutions, and monitoring. Many of these development projects failed in the past because of mis-management, lack of preparation for the stakeholders, lack of commitment on the part of the implementors, flaw of procedures and relevance of projects, political patronage and dirty politics, flawed and uncorrected values of the people, and Corruption.

    In determining the relevance and success of development projects and any endeavor for that matter we have to consider the interplay of the following elements in the social system, technology, economic system, religous system, political system, family, and the educational system. Each has a significant contribution to the success or failure of a program. In the case of the Philippines most of the flaw and failures of our development projects and efforts are traced to the poltical environment.

    You touched about culture, values, traditions, and practices. These elements in the social system and sub systems have both conjunctive and disjunctive influences in our social interraction, economic and social development activities. Social planners have a keen eye on this. As agent of change this is where you apply honest to goodness community education to correct such stumbling block of social change. It is on this dimension of underdevelopment where you experience what you call the negative attitudes of the Filipinos like ningas cogon, the palakasan system, utang na loob, smooth interpersonal relations, kumpadre system, tayo-tayo, crab mentality which has eroded the capacity of the country to grown and develop. Again, there are interventive measure that can be applied to correct it. That is if you believe you can. I know one lady blogger who have training and experience on this method of intervention. These elements may also undermine reform objectives and development processes.

    Development planning needs to fully define the conditions and realities of the environment to set up priority, methods and models of interventions, determining resources needed, determing action, understanding the legal environment of activities, development of linkages and partnership, etc. It is in the light of these perspectives that we shall react on issues and problems that affect our people and our country. There are so many issues and concerns of development, but we have a system to look at it, devise the necessary intervention to address these issues.
    It is a long and complex issue to talk of development and undervelopment of the country and the method we apply in defining development priorities and methods of intervention.

  38. Mer, Segundina,
    Matutulog na ako, kayo naman. Babawiin ko ang grades ninyo sa akin sa social planning kung hindi kayo sasabak sa talakayan, hehehe.

  39. Kapitan K

    What a small world. Actually I was with DAP before at the time when Boy Morales was second fiddle to OD Corpuz. Let’s talk on this when I visit Barangay Kidlatan over a cup of kapeng barako. Who knows, we might have met before especially at the DAP Training Center @Tagaytay.

    Pero unahan ko na ikaw, I was just a small fry then compared to the technocrats during that time. I happened to have worked closely with Mahar Mangahas and Philip Medalla, former NEDA boss. Just a typist for them.

  40. Kapitan K

    Allow me to make hatak here yong poste ko sa CD because it’s addressed to you.

    You discussed the need to motivate people and provide economic for the poor. It is best exemplified by the spirit for which the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh came into being. We have tried this in the Philippines by other nomenclature but while in some areas its implementation were successful, in others areas it failed and it is somehow related to the recent discussion on the regional biases. Whatever it is, we are not wanting on plans to alleviate poverty, to help the poor. There are multifarious reasons why it failed and it maybe be touched when an appropriate topic is posted here at CD. I’m sure, sans the negative posturing, it will generate an spirited discussion as we have now.

    Anyway, “Grameen credit is based on the premise that the poor have skills which remain unutilised or under-utilised. It is definitely not the lack of skills which make poor people poor. Grameen believes that the poverty is not created by the poor, it is created by the institutions and policies which surround them. In order to eliminate poverty all we need to do is to make appropriate changes in the institutions and policies, and/or create new ones. Grameen believes that charity is not an answer to poverty. It only helps poverty to continue. It creates dependency and takes away individual’s initiative to break through the wall of poverty. Unleashing of energy and creativity in each human being is the answer to poverty.”

  41. There are many features of the Grameen credit but I will only cite the more important ones which we are looking for for as an ideal setting for our marginalized sector:

    a)It promotes credit as a human right.

    b) Its mission is to help the poor families to help themselves to overcome poverty. It is targeted to the poor, particularly poor women.

    c) Most distinctive feature of Grameencredit is that it is not based on any collateral, or legally enforceable contracts. It is based on “trust”, not on legal procedures and system.

    d) It is offered for creating self-employment for income-generating activities and housing for the poor, as opposed to consumption.

    e) It was initiated as a challenge to the conventional banking which rejected the poor by classifying them to be “not creditworthy”. As a result it rejected the basic methodology of the conventional banking and created its own methodology.

    f) It provides service at the door-step of the poor based on the principle that the people should not go to the bank, bank should go to the people.

    Based on the foregoing, I was fortunate enough to be given a go-signal to embark on a micro-credit within a certain small town where I was assigned. Repayment on the first year of operation was a whooping 98% and that was a record. It could have been made into a prototype in small scale lending but a “political upheaval” at that time abruptly stopped the project.

    It could only mean, based on mutual trust and the will to succeed and by thinking positively, we can help ourselves from inadequacy.

  42. Pareng Joe,
    I agree. There are many ways to effect change and paramount importance in the selection of methodology and implementation of plans is the point of entry. Micro-lending is one of the effective point of entries in effecting social change and development. If all the areas of human transformation is addressed such as knowlede, values, and skills this can also be translated into a socially developed and productive communities. Again change is systemic, it deals in everything that exists in our environment, government, people, resources, technology, economics, education, culture, spirituality (religion?), etc. But then the ultimate test of development is when an people feel and realize that they have freedom and that they could meaningfully co-exist with other human organisms in the society productively as an indispensable unit in the conduct of government and all the other essential elements of the social system.

  43. Mga DAPers or DAP developed ba kayo Kap and Manong Joe. Hehe, what a small world. Ako kaya kasali diyan?

  44. Hi Second Lady!

    DAPers ka rin, i suppose! As you can read above, I was once a typer and was fortunate enough to have rubbed elbows with technocrats that time lalo na pag may pata-type or uutusan akong mag-xerox. Willie Nepomuceno, the popular impersonator was then a DAP Project Assistant at hanggang ngayon, kilala pa nya ako dahil inutangan nya ng P10 which hindi nya nakakalimutan tuwing magtatagpo ang aming landas.

  45. Magkakakilala yata kayo a. Pero ako Secondlady lam mo kung saan ako galing, sa school of experience hahahayyyyyyyy. Hirap naman tong naplibutan ka ng mga byutis. Lagi kang naiinlove,may pagasa ba ko?

  46. Salamat sa inyong lahat sa mga magagandang comment ninyo tungkol sa kahirapan.Maraming viewers and CD na mga studyante sa Universidad,Siguro namumulot sila ng Idea tungkol sa mga lesson nila sa Asian Studies.

  47. (Si Kap ito sa Admin)

    pareng Cocoy,
    You are welcome kumpadre. Sa totoo lang ay nag-enjoy din ako sa talakayan natin doon sa CD. Hinahanap ko rin si Mer Pints, pero wala siya sa kanyang bahay. Mukhang nagtanan na yata sila ni Banong.

  48. Knock! Knock!

  49. Yehey nandito na si Colegiala. Nagparamdam na siya. Love ko na uli siya.

  50. Hoy Banong huwag kang ganyan. Kararating lang at para kang tuta ng nagtatatalon sa tuwa. Wala pa si Kap? Kap nandito na po ang beautiful na kumare ni Britney at love ni Kimuchi, hehehehe.

  51. How is your duty, kala ka nagpunta kayo ng HongKong ni Banong. Hi Kapitan, there is going to be a celebration sa DAP this Oct. 5, can you attend?

  52. Not even in my dreams.

  53. Pambihira ka talaga Mer, nagsumbong ka pa kay doc.bobonyo. Whats cans I dows if I loves you? Nagseselos ka kay Lady Untouchable ano? You amin amin na lang na labs mo rin ako.

  54. Hahahahaha. Ano Banong pinagseselosan ko si Colegiala? Lang hiya kang Banong ka, bakit mo ako tinawag na White Lady? Bakit mukhang multo ba ako?

  55. College girl,
    Masyado kang selosa. Anong magagawa ko kung hinahabol ng mga beauties ang kapogihan ko. Pero I am dead serious to you. At saka alam nang lahat na love mo ako dahil you always make me as the leading man in all your stories. Bakit hindi si Kap, si Mang Cocoy, si Mang Joe, at Mang Greg ang gagawin mong leading man. That means you have me in your heart but the question is that you are only restraining your feelings towards me. Think of it girl coz I am waiting.

  56. Banong pasyalan mo ako sa aking bahay may regalo ako sa iyo na White Rabbit candies. Alam ko mahilig ka sa mga matatamis. Sabi ni Segundina, sa iyo na lahat iyon out of love, hehehe.

  57. Mer, Kimuchi, Segundina, Yhen,
    Pagpasensiyahan na lang ninyo si Banong, masyado lang malambing at mapagbiro iyan. Pero sana nga makatagpo na siya ng tunay na magmamahal sa kanya dahil apat na bises na iyang iniwan ng kanyang mga nakarelasyon, hehehe. Pagkatapos mailipat sa kanilang accounts ang kanyang mga naipon na pera. Hindi naman ito ipinagkakaila ni Banong. Kaya maingat na siya ngayon, itong mga biro niya ay outlet lang iyan, hahaha.

  58. Manong Cocoy nakabalik na ako.Ayaw ko na sanang bumalik dahil nalaman ko na nakakulong na daw ang lahat ng tao dito sa United Purdos ni Reyna Elena dahil hindi sila nakakabayad ng amortization nila sa bahay.Binailout na pala kaya wala na akong utang sa iyo at sa bangko dahil binayaran na ni Congressman Humpty Dumpy ang mga utang ko.

    Kaya ipinambili ko ng Boy Bawang pasalubong ko kay Kuya Joeseg,,Mang Greg,Kapitan Kidlat,Doc.Bobonyo at sympre sa aking Leading Lady na si College Girl,Kay kimuchi panty ang binili ko sa divisoria kaya lang ayaw labhan ni misis ko,ibigay ko na raw at masaya siya dahil tested positive sa melamine.Kay Yhen rosario at stampita binili ko sa harapan ng Quiapo church kaya lang nalanta ang sampaguita na ireregalo ko kay Ate Chi at Segundina.Sinturon naman ang binili ko para kay kumander Pipi dahil masyadong matigas ang sinturon na ginagamit niyang pamalo sa puwit ko.Ito hindi masakit kahit paluin niya ako araw-araw dahil made in china.
    Natunaw ang magnolia ice cream na pasalubong ko kay Artsee mahirap maghanap ng dry ice sa probinsya,pero may dalawang supot akong white rabbit na dala tig-isa na lang sila ni Banong.Pinuntahan ko si Badong at babalik na raw ako uli doon sa kanya kapag malalaki na ang bunga ng mangga masyado raw akong maaga dahil bulaklak pa lang at iniisprehan pa niya ng pulidol.Kay Tongue may dala akong chicharon na gawa sa dila ng baka.

    iyung padala mong sapatos sa kumpare ni FPJ na tricycle driver isinuot ng bayaw ko papuntang manila para ibigay sa kanya, at suot pa rin pabalik ng probinsya.Kung gusto raw ng kumapre ni FPJ na kunin ang sapatos ay puntahan niya sa Alaminos.

    Sana pasado pa rin ako sa klase kahit marami na akong absent.

  59. Kutsaring
    Matagal na akong hindi nagsusuot ng panty para always redi.

  60. Welcome home Kutsara. Salamat sa Boy Bawang at masarap na pulutan iyan. Pinagpulutan namin ng mga tanod ko. Si Banong wala, nagwawala siya sa Ortigas ngayon dahil inaway siya ng mga babaeng nililigawan niya. Masyadong mapagmahal kasi si Banong, gusto lahat ay kanyang iibigin,hehehe.

  61. Kutsara,
    Maligayang pagdating. Magpahinga ka muna at hayaan mong masahiiin ka ni Kimuchi.

  62. What is the foundation of trust? When do we trust a person? What makes us vote for a candidate whom we do not even know? Pasyal lang kayo sa aming resort at paguusapan natin ito.

  63. Are are people in BFAD doing seriously their job to allay people’s fears and anxiety on melamine contaminated milk products from China?
    How does a health worker mature in public service amidst massive corruption in government service?

  64. Tanong ko lang Kap, how do you unlock positive values in public service? Pasyal lang sa aking Klinika at may sagot tayo diyan.

  65. Kap
    May bago akong tambayan para sa mga nalulumbay. Kung gusto ninyong magparaos doon kayo at pag-usapan natin ang tungkol sa sex at pag-ibig. Banong you are invited also.

  66. Kung gusto ninyong sumilip sa aking bahay dahil nakabikini lang ako doon ito ang link…

  67. We shouldn’t vote for a person with so many UNKNOWN motives, kailangan ay gamitin ang isip, diwa at ‘third eye’.

  68. Hi Manay Chi!

    Tama ka dyan, we should look and vote for the right person as president pero ang problema natin itong hidden motives. Higpit nang pagkakatago, hindi basta mahalukay.

    Kahit sa local government, marami ring disappointments dahil sa masamang influence ng nasa Malakanyang. Ibang klase talaga itong si gloria at kanyang alipores. Alam na alam nila ang weakness at kung paano kukunin ang suporta ng local execs at maging sa military. Ang makipag CASHunduan. Sa isang mahirap na municipio, kinakalimutan ang principio ng mga local leaders the moment there are cash dangling before them. Ditto with the military but they will always deny.

  69. Motibo, iyan ang isa sa mga dapat nating tignan. Ano ang motibo ng pagtakbo ng isang kandidato. Dito ko po namimis si Banong dahil marami siyang nasagap na ganyang theories nang nag-aaral pa sa Espanya,hehehe.

  70. Banong,
    Hindi mo kailangang humingi ng tawad sa akin dahil wala kang kasalanan.Kung tutuusin at sumahin pa natin ng one plus one ako ang may kasalanan sa iyo dahil sinusulsulan pa kita na ilabas mo kung ano ang nararamdaman ng puso mo at mamili ka sa kanila kung sino ang pinipintig ng puso mo.Hindi ko naman alam na silang lahat pala kaya d’yan tayo nagkaroon ng problem solving at wala akong maisip na formula at gusto mong dumede ka kanilang lahat.Mabuti na lang at hindi mo itinuloy ang binabalak mong Patria Adorada,kapag nagkataon mapipilitan akong bilhan ka ng pinakamagandang kabaong.Hehehehe!

  71. А чё, неплохо.

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