Posted by: kidlatanvillage | September 14, 2008

So What if President Arroyo Declares Martial Law (Gumigiling na ang Makinarya ng Pulitika para sa 2010)

So what if president Arroyo declares martial law; is there anything you can do about it? Does she have a strong control of the armed forces to rule this country devoid of democracy? Should she decide to declare Martial Law and bring back life the dark ages of the Marcos era, what will happen to her critics, to businessmen who never supported her, to politicians who participated in all the legal means to unseat her, and to the leftist organizations, etc. will they also experience solitary confinement in jails and abuse from their military captors? 

This is exactly what everybody fears now that the President’s term is coming to an end each day passing by. The president knows at the end of her term, she might be facing a lot of corruption related cases that may be filed by her opponents against her. And today her critics are closely watching every move she makes. There is always that fear and suspicion that she may use the armed conflict in Mindanao as the reason for declaring martial law before her term ends. 

In relation to this former defense secretary Avelino Cruz Jr. sounded his fear that President Arroyo might use the recent conflict in Mindanao for the declaration of emergency rule. He asks the public in his interview over the ABS-CBN News Channel to be extra vigilant and ward off any attempt to declare emergency rule. 

Former Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz resigned as the defense chief two years ago due to disagreement with the Arroyo’s administration on some issues particularly charter change. Since then nothing much was heard from him till his recent interview where he said:   

“There is always temptation that’s why we have to be vigilant that, that doesn’t happen because that is not going to be very good for the country.  It’s better to be on the extra side of caution in this matter.”   

But Malacanang, as usual, said that Cruz’s statement of fear and allegation of Arroyo’s declaration of emergency rule is baseless. 

On his part, Press Secretary Jesus Dureza believes that Cruz is out of touch with the Mindanao situation since he left the defense department two years ago. Cruz probably is not aware on the extent of influence and control of Malacanang to the situation in the south. Or he may be simply having sour grapes because of is departure from the defense department. Besides, Cruz is now supporting a presidential aspirant and that his statement may have something to do about it. 

Nevertheless, Cruz still believes that the Armed Forces of the Philippines may deny Arroyo’s administration support should the same declare emergency rule. “I don’t think the AFP [would] go along just in case somebody has the insane idea of trying to do that,” he said. 

Gumigiling na ang Makinarya ng Pulitika 

Ayaw ko mang isipin pero tila gumagana na yata ang makinarya ng pulitika sa 2010 election sa paglutang nitong si former defense chief Avelino Cruz upang pagsabihan ang publiko na mag-ingat at maging alerto sa mga nangyayaring kaguluhan ngayon sa Mindanao baka magamit pa ito ng Pangulong Arroyo upang magdeklara ng emergency rule. Kulang na lang sabihin niya na Martiaw law dahil ito naman ang tinutumbok ng kanyang pahayag. 

Bilang isang consultant ngayon ni Mr. Palengke (Senator Mar Roxas) na nagbabalak  tumakbo sa pagkapangulo ng Pilipinas sa 2010, hindi mo maiaalis na pamumulitika lamang ang mga ganitong pahayag upang mapansin ang kanyang pinaglilingkurang presidential aspirant, hindi kaya? Sabagay hanggang walang malinaw na batayan, puro pananaw lang naman ang lahat na ito. 

Pero may isang bagay na nakababahala sa mga naging pahayag ni dating defense secretary Avelino Cruz, ang pagkabigo ng pamahalaan na pondohan ang ating Hukbong Sandatahan para mabili ang mga kagamitang panggiyera na kailangan nito upang protektahan ang mga komonidad ng mga sibilyan sa Mindanao. Marahil ang tinutukoy ng dating hepe ng depensa ay ang pagkabigo ng military na protektahan ang mga sibilyan nang unang salantain sila ng mga rebeldeng MILF sa Lanao, Cotabato at Saranggani. 

Bagamat kinontra naman ito ng nakaupong hepe ng ating depensa nasyonal na si Ginoong Teodoro na may sapat naman daw na kagamitan ang ating hukbo, kitang kita pa rin ang pangangailangan ng AFP kagaya ng nasabi ni Avelino Cruz na 500 military trucks at medium-lift vessels. Lalo na ngayon na may bumagasak pang C-130 transport plane ang AFP, mas nadarama ng militar ang mga ganitong pangangailangan. 

Sa tutoo lang, tama nga din naman itong mga ipinupunto ngayon ng dating National Defense Chief Avelino Cruz dahil napapanahon. Ngunit sa kanyang kalagayan ngayon bilang adviser ng isang presidentiable, lumalabas lamang na may political undertone nga ito, hindi kaya? 

Sa isang banda wala ring masama na maging maagap at mapagmatiyag tayong lahat. Sino nga ba naman ang nagnanais na ideklara ng Pangulong Arroyo ang state of emergency kung hindi man ay martial law dahil lamang sa maligalig ng kalagayan ng Mindanao?



  1. Atty. Avelino Cruz has his reason/s to come out with that statement for us on the look out for emergency rule. A topnotch lawyer will not be talking like that if he does not have the necessary arsenal to defend his side

    The mitigating factors for emergency rule or declaration of martial law are there. The string of typhoons coming our way; the fragmented nation created by the MOA-AD fiasco, with which to our mind, Mindanao will never be the same again; the long list of corruption charges against the incumbent and her cohorts; and of course, the nearing endgame of the twice stolen presidency which is scheduled 2010 barring any earlier toppling which could happen given the present scenario.

  2. Modernization of the AFP was the centerpiece of Avelino Cruz’ desire when took over DND. But it seems, while they were talking billions of pesos in appropriations, the funds were not released for the purpose. At dito, parang kapani-paniwala ang sinabi ng former DND Secretary which really caught my attention. It’s about his startling revelation that the Philippine Air Force has only two C-130, bumagsak pa yong isa!

    While the feared impending emergency rule was vehemently denied, having only one C-130 now in harness by PAF, was not denied.

  3. I’ve been reading a lot of blog site lately that have to do with one side or the other, of the Tongress is pushing again to start the engine of the Cha-Cha Train. And there was a very interesting thread about why people don’t like to dance very much right now. It got me to thinking. Do these include gun tooting just to push the hidden agenda?

    There is fast approaching a time in the not too distant future when your President will openly declare martial law. All of your civil liberties will officially be gone and you will be stripped of your rights as citizen.Those who resist or revolt will be placed in labor camps for “re-education”.You will all wake up one day from your collective coma with no more WOWOEEEE or Eat Bulaga being broadcast you will find yourself unprepared to deal with the reality laid before you. I’m not discounting the possiblity of a ‘Martial Law’ scenario–I have news for all of you who are interested. Martial law has already been declared. It just has not been officially announced. When it is officially announced it will already be in full force and fully operational.

    As far as immediate reactions to the declaration of martial law, it would depend entirely on the circumstances.

  4. Somebody up there by the Pasig River thinks all ways and possibilities to protect her skin upter 2010.While Martial law has its merits to people who are serious to achieve change and save the Republic from social and poltical decay, it becomes an avenue of exploitation, crime, human rights abuses, and curtailment of citizens’ rights freedom to one who has always pursued evil ways and deeds.

  5. Ano ang naging kabayaran sa pagasasabi ni Jun Lozada ng katotohanan? Ngayon na binalewala ng Court of Appeals ang kanyang petisyon para sa kanyang proteksiyon dahil hindi raw siya kinidnap at wala namang bantang matatawag sa kanyang buhay, na maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw, ano na ang mangyayari ngayon sa kanya? The pride of corruption in the Philippines, ikahihiya mo pa ba ang iyong pagiging corrupt?

  6. The whistle blowing of Jun Lozada’s suddenly find himself confounded and bewildered at the ability to make choices in an unconstrained manner.The CA don’t believe the attempt on his life is a clear sign that at least they see him as a threat for the domino effect.

  7. Former defense secretary Cruz is out to discredit Gloria, mislead public according to Palace allies. His warning on the declaration of emergency rule taking advantage of the armed conflict in Mindanao is nothing but a pigment of his imagination.

    What else do you expect to hear from Malacanang allies, hehehe.

  8. Dalawa lang ang pinagpipilian ng reyna para manatili sa trono ng arinola, sumayaw ng chacha o tawagin si ka martial, hahaha.

    Alin man sa dalawa ay hindi katanggap-tanggap sa ating bansa.

  9. Martial law, that is not remote. Emergency rule, why not. Charter change, the music has just been played. Malacanang may negate Cruz warning as mere pigment of his imagination but people can not be prevented from being suspicious of Malacanang on this. Before Marcos declared Martial Law, some people had been taling about it already. And it was so. But of course these are all mere perceptions.

  10. Si Lacson ay may patutsada kay Villar, siya daw ang may pakana sa pagsingit ng 200 million pesos sa Anunual budget ng pamahalaan. Chicken lang daw iyon sabi ni Senator Cayetano para kay Villar. Inabsuwelto naman siya ng Malacanang sa pagsasabi na wala namang masama sa pagdadagdag ng budget ng pamahalaan. Sino ba talaga ang makikinabang sa budget insertion na iyon?

  11. Ay mabuti naman at Martial Law ang topic ni Manong Cocoy. Mabuti din naman at nakapasyal dito si brother Pacifico. Peace be with you brother Renato.

    Tao lang naman ang nagsasabi na bobo siya. Nakakalungkot marami sa atin na puro na lang mga bagay na negatibo ang ating tinitignan. Ako ay ilang beses na rin nakipag-away noon araw sa mga motorista sa kalye na walang disiplina. May naghamon pa nga ng suntukan ngunit hindi ko inurungan. Binago ng Panginoon ang aking buhay at dito ko nakita na may pag-asa pa pala. Kaya marami sa ating mga Pilipino ang walang disiplina dahil marami tayong nakikitang mga pasaway at lumalabag sa ating mga batas ngunit hindi napaparusahan. Kaya nakikigaya na rin ang mga iba. Ewan ko kung tama ako sa aking pananaw, mawalang galang na sa mga socio-behaviorists na makakabasa nito, sa Pilipinas kasi Karamihan sa mga Pilipino ay mahilig magpalusot. Kung makakalusot di panalo siya. Kung makapaglalagay, e di maglagay siya. After all follow the leader kung mag-isip ang marami sa ating mga Filipino. Kung ano ang ginagawa ng presidente, e di sundin mo.

    Change must come from within. Sabi nga ng isang lady blogger intrinsic change lasts longer than the extrinsic change. Maaring baguhin ka ng bago mong invironment dahil ayaw mong maparusahan, sumusunod ka dahil ito ang kalakaran sa bago mong environment (example sa Saudi Arabia kung saan takot ang mga Pilipino ng gumawa ng mga kalokohan doon). But it does not necessarily mean na sang-ayon ka sa iyong ginagawa. Nabago ang panglabas mong anyo ngunit hindi ang pangloob. Pagbalik mo sa Pilipinas, dating gawi. Walang nagbago. Kung may mga nagbago man at nagkaroon ng disiplina sa kanilang mga sarili na nagpunta sa abroad, natitiyak ko na mas nakakarami ang hindi. Kaya hindi sulosyon ang pagpunta ng abroad na iminumungkahi ni brother Pacifico.

    Dito sa ating bansa tayo magbago, ang pagbabago ay mag-umpisa mismo sa ating mga sarili sa pamamagitan ng paggabay sa atin ng Panginoong Diyos. Mababaw na paraan ang pagpuntang abroad upang magbago ka sa iyong paguugali. Change must come from within, hindi iyong ini-impose sa iyo kagaya ng mga ginagawa ni Bayani Fernando, kuwersibong pamamaraan upang disiplinahin ang mga tao. Sa totoo lang kailangan din natin ang ganitong puwersahang pamamaraan pero not all the time. Wala pa ring tatalo sa mahusay ng pakikipag-usap, edukasyon (for life), values formation, at pagbibigay ng magandang halimbawa. Salamat po.

  12. Ang mga sinusulat ni Cocoy ay pang masterpiece,kaya join na si renato pacifico sa kanya.

    Pero ginawa niya ng pang comedy dahil seryoso ang mga tanod mo dito.Ano sa palagay mo Kapitan?

  13. May bagong topic ako ngayon related dito sa poste ni Manong Cocoy. Dito ay aking hinahapan ng katugunan, saan ba talaga nanggagaling ang pagbabago. Kailangan ba talagang mag-abroad katulad nang sinabi ni brother Renato Pacifico para maka experience lang ang isang Pilipino ng pagbabago at disiplina sa sarili.

    Ang buong mundo ngayon ay may dinaranas na crisis, economic, social, spiritual, at moral. Tanging Diyos lamang ang nakakalutas ang lahat.

  14. Dahil related itong topic namin ni pareng Cocoy, gusto ko ring ibahagi dito ang aking naging comment doon.
    Nang ako’y nag-abroad at napadpad sa mayamang bansa ng Amerika, ang tanong sa akin ng aking pamilya nang ako’y umuwi ay bakit ka pa umuwi? Nanghihinayang sila na oportunidad ko na sanang mamalagi sa Amerika ngunit hindi umuwi pa rin ako. Nagbalik uli ako, kaya nang ako’y umuwi akala ko hindi na ito tatanungin pa, pero hindi, tanong uli nila bakit ka pa umuwi ang ganda-ganda ng buhay sa Amerika.

    In short gusto nila akong maging TNT at umaasa na magkakaroon ng amnesty at magka-green card ako kagaya ng tito ni Banong Sikretario. At later ako ang maging tulay nila na makatuntong ng Amerika. Hindi nila maintindihan na kaya ako umuwi dahil isa akong turista at hindi napadpad doon para magtrabaho. Ayaw nilang tanggapin ang aking paliwanag na kalabisan para sa katulad kung pinagkalooban ng 10 years multiple entry visa ang lokohin ang pamahalaan ng America.

    Ako’y natutuwa sa comment ni doc. bobonyo na ang pagbabago ay nanggagaling sa puso hindi sa mga nagdidikta nito. Noong nas Amerika ako, naging law abiding alien ako dahil ayaw kung magkaroon ng masamang record doon. May mga nagaalok ng under the table na trabaho pero kabado ako. Ngunit may mga napansin din ako, maraming mga Pilipino ang gumagawa din ng katarantaduhan sa America. Kung minsan sila pa nga ang nangunguna. One classic example, may nagpaputok pa ng baril na Filipino sa New year’s eve celebration.
    Naniniwala ako na wala sa pagbabago ng lugar ang pagbabago na isang tao para maging mabuti siyang mamayan, wala sa pangingibang-bansa ang pagbabago ng ating social at spiritual life, nasa panghahangad mismo ng isang tao mula sa kanyang kaloob-looban. Kahit dito lang tayo sa Pilipinas ay maari pa ring magbago ang takbo ng ating buhay kung nanaisin, maari din tayong umunlad dito kung nanaisin; at maging isang uliran, mabait, disiplinado, at kapakipakinabang sa ating lipunan kung nanaisin. Of course, sa awa at pagpapala ng Diyos.

  15. Kimuchi, okay lang itong style ni Pareng Cocoy, may pagkaseryoso katulad ni Pareng Pacifico at may pagka kengkoy kagaya ni Wowowie.

  16. Martial Law, malapit na namang gunitain ang pagdidiklara noon araw ni lolo Ferdie ng Martial Law. Ewan ko lang kung nasa Pilipinas noon si Lolo Atong Pacifico o nasa abroad.

    Nakakawa naman itong si Lolo Atong, wala na siyang nakikita pang maganda pa sa Pilipinas. In a way may punto din naman itong si lolo dahil ano pa ba ang ating aasahan sa bangkaroteng pamahalaang ito?

    Pero ayaw kung isipin na ito na ang katapusan ng lahat, I still believe that time comes when our country be great again. For as long as there are people, specially the youth, who wish and act for the best interest of this country, there is still hope.

  17. From the “victim ako” concept, I would like to believe that the Filipinos are mere victims of the evil of colonialization, victims of massive fraud and corruption in the government, victims of negative values and practices (borrowed or devised) and victims of their own making such as abuse of authority and freedom, and lack of unity and discipline. There are three demons of darkness that has possessed the country long ago; foreign capitalism, politics, and oligarchy. Philippine poverty has six pillars, overpopulation, exploitation, injustices, corruption, ignorance, and lack of opportunities. To save this country we need the three saviors, Tiyaga at kakayahan, Pagkakaisa, at Pakikibaka. Two main avenues of change in the Philippines; complication and simplification. But whatever we say if Filipinos do not trust each other, always fight each other, and talk more than act–sorry ka na lang bayan.

  18. Aayusin muna ni Nognog ang chacha, kung sumablay sa senado at pipol ay martial law na. This will happen before 2010. Anything basta forever si Gloria!

  19. The apparatus for democratic processes to provide the necessary checks and balances are already there: including your free media, extra-vigilant in monitoring possible abuses in the democracy, an exchange of thoughts through the congress which has the power to revoke the martial law through vote.

    Now, given these apparatus, we should not be afraid of a martial law declaration just simply because of the bad stigma attached to it, and that people will simply not allow what happened during the time of Marcos to surface again.

    There are so many apparatuses for checks and balance, and it is impossible for the President to have her work throughs here in the current provisions of the constitution.

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