Posted by: kidlatanvillage | September 5, 2008

Master Sergeant Manny Pacquiao are you running for Congress?

As a dreamer, I dreamed of myself being an army captain and boxer Manny Pacquiao was one of my enlisted personnel and a non-commissioned officer. In my dream it came to my knowledge that Manny was soon leaving the army to run as congressman for the Province of Saranggani. Being his immediate superior I have  know the real score. Here is the excerpt of my interview with Sergeant Manny Pacquiao. 

Sergeant Manny Pacquiao was at attention

KapitanKidlat: Sergeant Pacquiao, I heard that you’re quitting soon the Army to run for congress during the 2010 election, is that true? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: Yes sir KapitanKidlat sir. 

KapitanKidlat: Do you have a political party now? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: Yes sir, KapitanKidlat sir. 

KapitanKidlat: Hmmm, so you are running under the banner of the United Opposition? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: No sir, KapitanKidlat sir. 

KapitanKidlat: Is that so? May I know what is the name of your crazy party? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: I am running under Kampi, the political party of our commander-in-chief, sir. 

KapitanKidlat: I understand you ran for congressman in that party as a guest candidate but lost to Darlene Custodio, right? Are you running as a guest candidate of Kampi again? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: No sir KapitanKidlat sir. In fact I am already a party member having been inducted to the Kampi lately. Go over the news archive sir, Kapitan Kidlat sir. 

KapitanKidlat: I know, I know, but I just want to find it myself and hear it from your mouth sergeant? But help me on this Sergeant Pacquiao, why are you so interested with politics? Why don’t you just concentrate on boxing since you are giving honor and fame to our honorable land? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: Sir KapitanKidlat sir, I want to help our people. I want to return back to them the so many blessings I received from the Lord above. 

KapitanKidlat: Very well Sergeant Pacquiao, but can’t you help our people by setting up a foundation to finance livelihood programs for the poor, and what about setting up a foundation to help former boxers who are now living in poverty, or finance boxer’s development projects to elevate the standard of boxing in the Philippines? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: That’s a noble idea sir KapitanKidlat sir, but I am more of help to my people if I run for the congress. Besides sir KapitanKidlat sir, my politician friends are so supportive of my political ambition thus prodding me to run. 

KapitanKidlat: But what about your boxing career, you are a defending champion in four divisions. How in this world could you defend your crown if congress takes away your precious time to condition and prepare yourself to fight. Will this not be a hindrance to your boxing career? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: Negative sir, KapitanKidlat sir. Actually I will always have time to prepare for my fights. I’ll not be exhausted as what you think sir, since I’ll be sitting all the time in Congress. Congressmen have seats in the session hall, so there’s nothing to worry about me standing all the time sir, KapitanKidlat sir. 

KapitanKidlat: But aren’t you wasting your time and money running for an office where there is no assurance of winning? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: No sir, KapitanKidlat sir, I am not foolish enough not to spare something for my future and my family. And who among the politicians are not spending their own money sir? Everybody is spending for his political ambition sir, KapitanKidlat, sir. 

KapitanKidlat: Okay I understand your point sergeant, but the thing is that opposition said it’s a Kamikazi or suicidal in your part to run under the Arroyo’s party. Aren’t you scared of that? 

Sergeant Pacquiao: Negative sir, KapitanKidlat sir, being with the administration’s party you can always smell the scent of victory. Kami kasi lagi ang nangunguna sa Kampi, that’s why there is always that perception of losing once you are associated with the President . But sir, KapitanKidlat sir, it is not so. The people will always be the ultimate judge of who will win in 2010 election. 

KapitanKidlat: And that’s my worse fear for you sergeant, in boxing you only have yourself and your hands to blame if you lose in a fight. In politics it is a complex thing. But if it is the wish of your heart, who am I to say no sergeant. 

Sergeant Pacquiao: I understand your point sir, KapitanKidlat sir. But this time it will be a knock out victory for me in Saranggani. I have faith to myself and ability, God willing I’ll be soon called Congressman Manny Pacquio. 

KapitanKidlat: I admire your guts sergeant, but remember you lost once to Eric Morales in boxing, and you too lost to Darlene Custodio in politics. You don’t always have the Alas in your hands. 

Sergeant Pacquiao: I understand sir, KapitanKidlat sir. 

KapitanKidlat: That’s all sergeant, and good luck. 

Sergeant Pacquiao: Thank you sir. But may I ask permission to sing a portion of my battle song for your entertainment sir, KapitanKidlat sir? 

KapitanKidlat: Permission granted sergeant, you may sing. 

Sergeant Pacquiao: Thank you sir.

                                 Ang labang ito, ay para sa iyo,

                                 Ay para sa iyo. Ang labang ito… 

KapitanKidlat: Out of tune, but it’s a pleasure to hear it live from you sergeant. 

Sergeant Pacquiao:  Thank you sir. May I ask Permission to leave sir? 

KapitanKidlat: Permission granted, you are dismissed.     




  1. Hinatak ko lang sa CD, salamat ka joe for the permission to hatak.
    Kapitan Kidlat
    Heto na po. In * are my translation/version

    Ano ba itong nabalitaan ko
    Nagbibisekleta ng pabaliktad ang mga siklista
    Naglipana nga ba sa lipunan ang mga pidalista
    Na kasing galing noong decada sisenta
    Nina Jose Sumalde at Cornelio Padilla.

    *What’s this latest preoccupation that’s now circulating
    *Riding the bicycle going in reverse or back-pedalling
    *It’s the product of this administration, which makes the governance dwindling
    *They’re not in the mold of the 60s great riders who are worth remembering
    *The likes of Jose Sumalde and Cornelio Padilla, their names are still ringing

    on September 4, 2008 at 8:20 pm56 joeseg
    Noong araw pasulong ang takbo ng bisekleta
    Kahit umuulan at matinding sikat ng araw tinitiis nila
    Manalo lang sa Tour of Luzon at maging kampeon sila;
    Ngunit tila nagbago ang ihip naman ng hangin
    Mga pidalista pabaliktad ang takbo ng bisekleta.

    *Gone with the wind are the days when cycling was an event most awaited
    *Inspite of pelting rain or scorching heat of the sun their spirit never wilted
    *To be the Tour of Luzon Champion, it’s their goal to be fulfilled
    *Nagka windang-windang na the tournament, the participants are badly affected
    *The cyclists now go back-pedalling, ano ba yan, they’re so bothered and bewilderd.

    on September 4, 2008 at 8:22 pm57 joeseg
    Magmula Luzon Visayas at Mindanao
    Sa takbo ng buhay natin a pulitika
    Kung kailan lang isinusulong ang MOA-AD nila
    Nang kapayapaan sa Mindanao ay makamtan na,
    Ngunit ngayon hindi lang binawi, peace panel nilusaw pa!

    *From Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, from Appari to Jolo
    *Bad politics are running our lives not surprising for a pekeng panggulo
    *The latest is this MOA-AD which is talagang moro-moro
    *Instead of bringing peace and order, lalong nagka loko-loko
    *A clear example of back pedalling, the peace panel now in limbo!

    on September 4, 2008 at 8:24 pm58 joeseg
    Hindi malinaw kung saan ang tungo ng mga pidalista
    Dahil ang takbo ay paurong at hindi pasulong,
    Ito ba ay palabas moro-moro o pang carnaval yata,
    Dahil sa mga circus ka lang nakakakita
    Ng patalikud kung magbisekleta ang mga pidalista.

    *They’re now like a bunch of cylists thrown into complete confusion
    *To full speed ahead or back pedal, there’s no sense of direction
    *As if we’re witnessing a circus or carnival in Araneta coliseum
    *The seriousness of the matter might lead to civil war declaration
    *Which God forbid, will lead our country into nadir perdition.

    on September 4, 2008 at 8:26 pm59 joeseg
    At sa America sa labanang McCain at Obama,
    Maraming Democrats ang bumaliktad na
    Dahil ang paggiging pangulo ay hindi lang sa ngawa
    Higit sa lahat nakikita ito sa gawa,
    Dito pasulong ang takbo ng mga Republikano.

    *Vying for presidency in USA, the choice is between Obama and McCain
    *But how come as this early some Democrats are sommersaulting
    *They must have realized to become a president is not just good in talking
    *There must be a firm resolve to face the dangerous world we are now in
    *And here, the Republicans has its objectives never to go back-pedalling.

    on September 4, 2008 at 8:29 pm60 joeseg
    Ngunit kahit sino pa ang maging pangulo ng Amerika
    Wala pa rin magbabago sa takbo ng buhay ni Juan
    Hanggang pabalik at hindi pasulong ang takbo ng bayan,
    At habang panay ang cha-cha at urong-sulong ng mga pidalista
    Mapagiiwanan na tayo ng buong mundo, kung hindi man Asya.

    *But whoever wins and be America’s most powerful man
    *It will not change Pinas perspective nor the life of every Juan
    *As long as our country’ is graft ridden at si Gloria ay nandyan
    *And because her desire to perpetuate in power is her priority number one
    *We will remain always kulelat and even in Asia, joskoday, napag iiwanan.

  2. Sergeant Pacquaio, please read this one sir.

  3. Attention! At ease gentlemen, hehehehe. Naku po ang sarap pakinggan ang pag-uusap ng kapitan at sarhento.
    Kap, ang galing nito, parang eksena sa sine. Parang naiimagine ko ang mukha ni Pacman habang sinasagot niya ang mga tanong ni Kap. Sa inyo po ako kap saludo.

  4. Speaking of 2010 election, baka makasungkit ng medalya sa congress si Pacman. Then we will have another sitting down congressman from Saranggani, hehehehe. I mean, uupo siya bilang Kongresista.

  5. Nagbibisekleta daw si Madam Pidalista doon sa kuwento ni tito Cocoy. Baka magawi dito ang mga back cyclists, puwedi ninyo silang buhusan ng tubig para lumamig ang katawan. Matindi ngayon ang sikat ng araw sabi ni Kuya Kim Atienza, hehehehe.

  6. Colegialagirl, iyong lapis mo gamit ngayon ni Banong, dinodrowing niya ang mga mukha nina Sarah Palin at Sergeant Manny Pacman hahaha.

  7. Hehehe! Malakasa ang loob ni Manny na kumandidato,sabagay nadagdagan na ang english niya kaya maluluma na si Apostol sa kanya.

  8. Nakana mo, Kapitan K!

    Pasingit nito, kunyari ako ay reporter and this was my interview with Manny Pacquiao last May 2007 elections:

    Me : Manny, I heard that you’re running to become a representative in your district.

    MP: Tama yan, but not as representative. Sinong may sabi sa iyo nyan? I am running for Congressman.

    Me: Hmmm.. Eh ano naman ang peace and order situation ngayon sa Gen. Santos?

    MP: Ano, well, I think the pis are plenty but the order, very few lang.

  9. Hehehehe. It makes me tawa tawa. Ano kaya ang gagawin nitong boxer sa Congress? Guess ko lang magpa-file siya ng panukalang batas na gawing national sport ang boxing. At gagawa rin siya ng panukalang batas na ang tuna ay siyang national fish.

    Fish be with you mga tito, magrereport lang muna ako sa work, hehehe.

  10. Miss Neri is rejoicing.The supreme court daw has spoken.Who’s Supreme court nga ba?This Idiot is a particular species of false dichotomy. Like all false dichotomies, the problem is that there is at least one more option than the two offered in the either/or choice. If He ba or She have nothing to hide, then She have nothing to fear.

  11. Hehehe! ano nga ang gagawin ni Manny sa Congress.Bell ringer.

  12. He/She has plenty of things to hide. She/he is afraid of the palace buwitre to pounce on him/her if he opens up his/her mouth. Pero may hope pa ang kanyang friend na magsasalita rin siya voluntarily in the future. Pero kailan pa, kung tepok na siya?

  13. boxer sa congress? aba aba aba… nu na ba nangyayari sa mga Pilipino? kung nagkataon eh baka mas lalo pang bumaba ang tingin ng mga karatig bansa sa atin. lahat ng nega na bagay pwedeng ibansag sa atin… pati ba naman ang congreso dadagdag pa?

    teka muna… baka kelangan ata ng mga spiritual enrichement ng mga taong ito para matauhan ah.. hehe

  14. Dagdag ko din, eggs scratching, hahahaha.

  15. Cocoy’s Delight talks about back pedalling among politicians in his post today. There is nothing wrong about it for as long as you pedal back to the truth. But to back pedal in order to fence off criticism does not clear one from his own dirt and stain. This is a highly pretentious act, a kind of hypocrisy that insults God. How could politicians clear themselves from the dirt and stain of corruption if evil has always prospered in their lives. There has been no respite from committing evil after evil. They even shrug it off when someone calls them evil bitch. They are emboldened with sinfulness their lies. And liars go to hell. Perhaps this makes Jun Lozada smile despite the so many troubles he is facing today, he is on the side of the truth

  16. There will be a time of reckoning, for those who fomented all those troubles in Mindanao, to those who killed innocent civilians, to those who connived in robbing the government’s coffer by the billions, and made life in this country miserable. Some sectors even attributed the rice shortage we experience lately to the fertilizer scam where farmers were robbed of their opportunities to reap bountiful harvest.

    We need spiritual enlightenment at this point in time when thousands of people in the Southern Philippines can not go back to their homes because of the armed conflict, when government failed to restore our economy, stop corruption, prevent those undermining our judicial processes, when there is a continues backpedalling of executive policies and decisions, when mediocrity is all that we see from the performance of our public servants, and when peace and order continue to deteriorate.

  17. Salamat Dok. Nice reminder for me and to the rests of Kap’s friends here. May we all have peace of mind this weekend.

  18. Dito natin kailangan si Pacquiao:

    Umaagos kagabi ang beer sa Ortigas Center. Parang hindi naghihirap ang Pilipinas. Nagkabuhol-buhol ang traffic. Mga iba excited, mga motoristang naabala galit. Gusto ata nilang magkamit ng world record sa pinakamaraming umiinom ng serbesa. Talagan nasa berrrr month na nga tayo.

    Napagtripan tuloy ng isang lasing ang matimtimang dalaga. Siguro nakalimutan niya ang ugaling Pinoy na no touch dahil nakainom. Kaya sa kabiglaan naman, nakatikim tuloy ito ng malakas na sampal sa mukha mula sa napahiyang dalaga. Malakas ang loob ng babae na nanampal dahil may kasama siyang lady gym instructor, hehehe.

    Hindi mo naman kakilala at kaano-ano bigla ka na lang aakbayan.Dalawa lang ang pakay niya, manghablot ng gamit o talagang nambabastos lang ng mga babae. Sayang di na-follow-up sa Yag-ba, tumakbo kasi sa takot na baka kuyugin siya ng mga taong naghihintay ng masasakyan at saka may naispatan na sikyu.

    Kapitan sana pina-iskwat mo si Pacquiao.

  20. Tinatanong ako ng mga anak ko,bakit daw ako umalis ng Pilipinas.

  21. Pareng Cocoy

    Ang mga nasa Pilipinas naman, tinatanong sila ng mga anak nila, kailan tayo pupunta ng America? Kailan tayo titira sa abroad?

  22. Sabi ni Pareng Cocoy sa kanyang mga anak: If I have a choice to give you a better lives and fullfil your dream in the Philippines I will not leave that beautiful country.”

    But why did he went to America? Why did most of the Filipinos in diaspora has America their favorite destination instead of any country in Europe or our neighboring countries in Asia? Sa sipag at tiyaga ng mga Pinoy, may oportunidad din naman sa ibang bansa bukod sa America.

    Ano ang magandang kadahilanan bakit America ang pinipili ng mas maraming Pinoy?

  23. Tito Joeseg sociologically speaking, napakalakas ang influence ng American ways sa buhay natin. Iyong konsepto ng freedom and democracy ang unang nakita ng mga Filipino na resistant na sa mga bagay na may kinalaman sa pagkaalipin. Iba ang diskarte ng mga Amerikano sa mga Filipino, idinikdik nila sa isipan ng mga Pilipino ang kahalagahan ng freedom at human rights, pero kakaiba din naman ito sa actual na pinaggagawa nila sa atin. Through education, nacontrol nila ang ating mga isipan, pinalabas nila na may utang na loob pa tayo sa kanila. Iyong hindi naibigay ng mga kastila na karangyaan naibigay nila. Magmula sa pagsisipilyo ng ngipin sa pagsasalita ng English, ang lakas ng dating ng mga kano sa atin. Mantakin mo naman na nagsusuot pa noon ang ating mga lolo ng Amerikan, mga lola ng mga gowns na hindi angkop sa klima ng Pilipinas. They capitalize on the gaya-gaya attitude of the Filipinos to inforce subconsiously on us their own culture. Pinalabas ng nilang sila ang ating mga heroes after Word War 2, Ayaw nilang sabihin na nadamay lang tayo sa kanilang away sa Japan. Nabola naman nila ng husto ang mga Filipino, kaya ng kanilang pinagsawaan ang ating bansa dahil mas malaki ang makukuha nila kung Japan mismo na siyang kanila kaaway ang kanilang tutulungan.
    Umalis sila sa Pilipinas pagkatapos na tayo’y pinalaya noong July 4, 1946. Hinahanap-hanap naman ng mga Pinoy sila. Samantala nagpatuloy ng ilan pang dekada and edukasyon ng Pilipinas na hango sa American Educational System. Kumakanta pa rin noon sina Mang Greg nang I love my Own ng Native Land, Land of the Morning, instead of Bayang Magiliw, Pepe and Pilar, Planting rice is Never Fun, at Negritoes of the Mountain what kind of Food do you eat… Ang lahat ng mga ito ay nagdulot naman ng diskriminasyon, preference of white collar job, at patronage sa mga imported products. When we speak of nationalism in the past decades, that sense of nationalism is on the shadow of love for Amerika.
    Ngayon lang na naghihigpit na ang Amerika na natutuhan ng mga Pilipino ang pumunta sa ibang mga bansang mauunlad. Kung hindi ka pa nakadapo sa Amerika noong araw, you are nothing kahit professional ka pa. Nandiyan pa rin kasi sa ating sistema ang American Standard. Ang Amerikan Dream.
    At tutoo naman na maraming, maramin sa ating mga kababayan ang nakinabang kay Uncle Sam. Mga lolo at Lola ko nakinabang silang lahat kay Uncle Sam.
    Mabuti naman ngayon, unti-unti nang namumulat ang karamihan sa mga Filipino tungkol sa ating relasyon sa Amerika. Nawala na iyong victory Joe mentality, napalitan na ng Balikatan. May perspective na tayo sa freedom. Ngunit dahil na rin sa ating ecomic difficulties na hinaharap, and threats to our National Security, hindi natin maaring iwan si Uncle Sam. The Filipinos will always be a faithful friend of Amerika. Kaya magtanong ka sa mga gustong mag-abroad, Amerika pa rin ang pipiliin. Its a complex thing. Parang si Kana-bitch na alam na niyang masama ang maging Kabit, pero hindi pa ;rin niya maiiwanan si Tongressman dahil sa kanyang pera at napamahal na rin ito sa kanya.

  24. Juan, gising na at bangon na…
    isabay mo sa iyong pagbangon ang kapwa nating Pilipino…
    masyado ng mahaba ang mahimbing mong tulog
    at oras para ikaw ay kumilos muli…
    kumilos at mangarap
    kumilos at magsikap
    para makamit mo ang iyong pinakamimithing pangarap…
    gumising na para matapos na
    ang bangungot na iyong tinatakasan. ..
    gising na!!!
    gising na!!!
    oras pa para itayo muli ang Bandera ng mahal nating bansa…

    ayan isang panata…
    huwag nang magmaktol pa…
    tumayo ka’t manindigan
    sa buhay na kinagisnan.

  25. Mer

    Swak na swak ang mga isinulat mo sa itaas. Yan ang gusto kong mabasa na naaayon sa topic sa CD.

    No. 1 na kadahilanan ay sa larangan ng education na kung paano ang mga Thomasites ay dumating sa ating kapuluan upang magturo. At naging epektibo sila kung kaya’t tumimo sa isipan ng mga Pinoy na basta America, OK na OK at ang pagpunta sa America ang pangarap ng mga nakapag-aral para more opportunities.

  26. Subalit bago pa naman dumating ang pananakop ng mga Amerikano sa ating bansa, may mga Filipino na ring nakasama sa Galleon Trade at yong iba ay nagpaiwan sa Louisiana, sa New Orleans. Nagpagusapan na natin yan sa topic sa CD, the Filipino Diaspora. Naging bukambibig din ang trabahong naghihintay sa Hawaii kung saan maraming Pinoy ang nakipagsapalaran.

  27. Matindi ang dinalang impluwensiya ng edukasyon na hatid ng mga Americano. Sa isang forum na nadaluhan ko noon, namulat sa aking mga kaisipan na napakahusay ng marketing efforts na nagawa sa atin kung kaya’t halos lahat na sa Pilipinas ay America ang huwaran, simula sa porma ng gobyerno.

    Ngunit ang isang nakatawag pansin sa akin ay masyadong subservient din ang ating mga pinuno noon. Pinabayaan na maghari ang mga kagustuhan ng mga Americano at kahit sa pananamit, ipinapakita na hindi tayo dapat mag-astang edukado. Sa aking website, nailathala ko ang kasaysayan ng Barong Tagalog bilang isang show of rebellion ng mga Pinoy. Naging tatak ng ating lahi ay huwag paalipin kung kaya lahat ng klaseng rebelyon ay umiral noong panahon ng Kasstila at mga Kano.

  28. Pasingit lang dahil mainit init pa:

    Gallup Poll: McCain moves ahead of Obama

    PRINCETON, N.J. (UPI) — U.S. Republican presidential nominee John McCain has moved ahead of Democratic rival Barack Obama by 48 percent to 45 percent, a Gallup Poll indicated.

    The poll, released Sunday, is based on interviews conducted Thursday through Saturday, Gallup said.

    The poll indicates McCain earned a bounce following the Republican National Convention, much as Obama did after the Democratic convention the week before. However, Gallup said McCain’s bounce happened more quickly.

    The results are based on a telephone sampling of 2,765 registered voters. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 2 percentage points.

  29. Ka Joe, Mer,
    May probabilidad na baka Republican uli ang mananalo. Sa akin lang naman ay okay lang dahil hindi pa natatapos ang gulo sa gitnang silangan. A compromising president is a real problem to this.

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