Posted by: kidlatanvillage | July 9, 2008

Thoughts…pero ayaw ko nang mag-isip pa

(There is always hope no matter what.. a thought to ponder upon

A man from Davao came to Manila to find work as a construction worker. He was hoping to provide his family a better lire when employed. Too bad he met a manloloko, a scammer, who promised him a job after paying him five thousand pesos. When he arrived in Manila, the scammer was gone. For several days the victim just went around Metro Manila without any definite direction. He was hungry and had not been eaten for several days.

Eventually he created a scene when he climbed a power line in an attempt to end his life. But before he could reach the high tension wire, TRANSCOM cut off the power. Some line men tried to help him come down but he shoved them away. Anyway he did a Tarzan by jumping to a rope provided by the line men and came down safely. His life was saved; but the police brought him to the station for questioning. They learned what happened to him and turned him over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development for further assistance.

By the way he has some money in his pocket, he said he did not spend them for his fare to go back to Davao. Later he even told the police he wanted to become a boxer. In front of a TV camera, he showed his boxing form. If given a chance, he could be another champion perhaps to the caliber of Manny Pacquiao. Why not, the guy comes from Mindanao, the land of promise.    

Thoughts.. pero ayaw kung mag-isip.

I have all my sympathy with the guy, but I don’t want to judge him why he thought of ending his life. Life is so precious just to waste away like that. What is five thousand pesos for your life? You can earn that in a given time… But being a loser to some is unacceptable. They would rather die than feeling the pains of their fate and embarrassment. But this is only temporary as when enlightened they’ll regret doing what they have done. That is if they are lucky to get another lease of life.

Pero ayaw kung mag-isip na baka nasisiraan siya ng bait kaya nagawa niya iyon. Ngunit may mga palatandaan naman na gusto kung isipin na kailangan siyang dalhin sa mga doktor upang suriin ang kalusugan ng kanyang pag-iisip.

Thoughts again…

Is it really true that there are times when we are out of our minds and even think of ending our own life? One Filipino love song (I don’t have the exact lyrics) has this line: mabuti pa ang mamatay kung mawawala ka lang sa akin (better I would die than bearing all the pains of losing you). Why do we need to die for only losing someone we love… Why don’t we choose to live instead and remember them always in our heart. Is this not suppose to be love?

Marami ngang nabubuwang sa pag-ibig. Kahit nga si Balagtas daw ay nabubuwang din sa pagibig sa pagsasabing, “O pagibig na makapangyarihan, hahamakin ang lahat makamtam ka lamang. (Even Balagtas the Filipino poet is also perceived by some to be crazy in love for saying: powerful love if you come by my heart, I will ignore everything just to get you by…)

Sa Wikang gamit ni Rizal kung si mang Gorio ang kausap (Tagalog)

Dumarating ang mga pagkakataon na hindi na tayo nakakapag-isip pa ng tama dahil litong-lito na tayo sa gulong dala at bigat nga ating mga problema. Tutoo iyan, dahil tao ay mayroon din tayong mga kahinaan minsan dinadaig tayo ng ating mga problema at bigat ng damdamin. Pero sa likuran ng lahat ng mga pagsubok na ito, mayroon tayong Diyos na masasandalan sa lahat ng mga panahon. At kung pipiliin natin ang manalig at manampalataya sa kanya–laging nababanaagan ang kinang ng pag-asa sa ating buhay.

Wish Ko Lang:

Let us close our eyes for a while and think of nothing but the goodness of God. Cast away the negative thoughts from your mind: hatred, hoplessness, frustrations, pains in your heart, etc. Feel the peace and joy of His supreme existence… now make your own wish… health, prosperity, peace, and happiness. Good luck and may God bless you.




  1. hi, nice place to make pasyal. It makes you think. kaso limited lang ang battery ng utak ko. thanks.

  2. poverty can cause mental illness. i don’t want to believe it but i can not also ignore facts. is it?

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