Posted by: kidlatanvillage | July 7, 2008

Ang Pangarap ni Mang Bosyo (Dreams…)

If you could forgive my English, let us dream…

Mang Busyo is just an ordinary guy, he is a farmer turned to be a cab driver as he could no longer till his land because it was converted into a subdivision. Because he lives in the place Mang Busyo used the money they paid him for his farm to put up a little business. He started a sari-sari store but was bankrupt because of unpaid credits from his customers.

He quitted with his sari-sari store and tried his luck as operator/driver of a tricycle cab. Because there were only two of them in this business, he succeeded. More people came and transfered residence to the subdivision, the volume of passangers grow and so he has to buy another cab to fill up the needs for a transport service. Mang Busyo soon operate several units of tricycle in the area. 

But soon Mang Busyo suddenly faced a difficulty of coping with the ever increasing prices of gasoline. Now his concern main concern is how to save gas so his income shall not be depleted with weekly increase of the  prices of gasoline.

He consulted experts on how to economize on fuel cost and was told to go on bio-fuel. Others suggested that he will convert his motorcycle fuel into LPG. The cost of doing so is high so he abandoned the idea.

Now all he could do is to dream to find a stream full of gasoline so he could just get his fuel from there. But not for long, he suddenly stopped dreaming on that idea out of fear for wild fire. Again he dream of water as a fuel, it is safe and available anywhere. But he also stopped also dreaming on water fue because he could not make up his mind whether it is going to be from a salty water or a fresh water. Somebody suggested him  rain water, however rains occassionally come only since his place is as dry as Sahara desert even during wet season in the Philippines. And how about summer? So what is left for him to dream is a fuel-less motor vehicle; the summit of his dreams. A dream that may not come true anymore because his wife suggested instead to use bicycle instead.

Sa wika naman ni Rizal naman tayo:

Grabe ka talaga Mang Bosyo, ayaw mong gumasta, ayaw mung mapinsala ang iyong bulsa. E, pangarap lang iyan… Pero ganito talaga si mang Bosyo, pinaghahandaan ang hinaharap. Tutoo nga naman kapag mayroon kang naiipon na pera (makunat at barat ka), may magagamit ka sa mga panahon ng pangangailangan. Kaya ito na naman ang pinapangarap ni Mang Bosyo ang buhay na wala kang ginagasta, buhay na wala kang iniipon, at buhay na wala kang inaalala… Puwedi ba iyon? 



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